“H&M Grand Re-Opening 1025 F Street” Thursday 8am

by Prince Of Petworth November 2, 2016 at 10:32 pm 28 Comments

1025 F Street, NW

Today in what are those giant lines about? Thanks to a reader for sending. From H&M Washington:

“Join us on November 3rd at 8 AM for the grand re-opening of our store at 1025 F Street in Washington, DC!

If you’re one of the first 200 shoppers in line, you’ll receive an all-access fashion pass with a mystery amount of store credit up to $300!* Treat yourself to something during opening day, on us.

This is a can’t-miss event! Come at 8 AM sharp and be one of the first to shop our exclusive KENZOxHM collection!

Bring in old garments to be recycled before the store opens at noon for 15% off your next purchase and the chance to win an H&M gift card valued between $50 and $250!

Get ready to do some serious shopping to our in-store DJ spinning all the latest hits!”


  • Anon

    People still shop at H & M? Aren’t they one of the worst offenders in terms of child labor and sweatshop employment?

  • bizzinger

    I went by around 9 last night and there were about 20 people lined up outside. This makes sense now.

    • skj84

      I saw the first 3 people lined up as I walked past around 5:30 in the evening. They had already camped out before the barriers were up! Thats some commitment.

    • maxwell smart

      Had they come from Ohio? With their children?

  • SWChick

    H&M is life. I’m partial to the Farragut North Location but I might visit this one today. Yay!

    • skj84

      That H&M was my jam when I worked near Metro Center. I especially liked going there on Black Friday, they never had a line.

      • FridayGirl

        Same! They seemed understaffed the last time I went (long line) but the store itself is never crowded and always really well stocked. Far superior to the Georgetown location, imo.

    • blue peter

      fast fashion is the pits – and it’s totally possible to purchase made-in-america goods that aren’t made in our very own sweatshops (AA anyone?). and purchasing products at a higher pp due to their provenance and quality is a mindset that extends well beyond clothing…it’s up to you to make the choice…

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Yeah but for anyone who doesn’t want to look like a 1980s whore, AA is pretty much out as an affordable alternative.

        • Blue Peter

          sorry, I meant that aa’s factories are not a great deal better than what we call sweatshops elsewhere…certainly not supporting aa

          • LittleBluePenguin

            ah, ok, I misunderstood. (I personally can’t stand American Apparel and their insufferable attitude and revolting clothing lines!)

  • Tom

    Ah, OK, the store credit explains the lines. For a second, I was wondering if no one had told them about the other H&Ms in the area.

  • illinoisandjefferson

    there’s also supposed to be a an h&m x kenzo collab dropping today, so that might explain the hype

    • SWchick

      I went during lunch and everyone was crowding around the Kenzo merch. The store has some slight changes; great new lighting and an expanded men’s/ dressing room area.

      • illinoisandjefferson

        i stopped by last night as well and noticed the same. reminded me of the h&m at the outlets by national harbor. just wish they had more variety for men business casual wise, and got rid of the horrific bing print graphic tees. i can’t say i’ve ever seen anyone in any of them

  • blue peter

    does anyone in dc even know who kenzo is…anyone?

    and to the folks that justify buying it because it’s cheap…how long do those blouses last versus a more expensive (assuming better quality) blouse?? are you really saving money…

    • LittleBluePenguin

      I’ve had several H&M t-shirts since 2004, so……Not saying that anyone should blindly throw money at this place or collection, but if you’re asking about longevity, sometimes – just sometimes – cheap shit lasts as long as more expensive shit.

      • Blue Peter

        You might be right “just sometimes” and longevity depends on a lot of factors…once in a blue moon and all that. Still, the response says nothing about the ethical reasons not to buy fast fashion…

    • Anon

      I’ve been using the same two $35 H&M handbags for four years and they’re still in great shape! I have old H&M pumps that have held up well over the years as well (with the occasional heel tip replacement). Some of the stuff is great quality, you just have to be selective. And it fits a lot better than the more expensive brands that run bigger.

  • Comment Artist

    They have the best t-shirts.


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