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  • Does anybody know if it is common for squirrels to migrate, and so far relative to their puny leg size? My yard was briefly graced by the presence of a grey squirrel, Craig aka “Cray Cray”, best known for a signature evasion technique of running in a circle, kick flipping off a tree, then returning to the same spot. I’ve told myself since his disappearance that he has moved on to greener pastures and not fallen prey to his poor life skills.

    • Ha! I saw a squirrel acting like that once. A man walked past me, looked at the squirrel, and said “he’s on that squirrel-nip.”

  • Maybe with Safetrack going on he’s given up on the commute to/from Brookland.

  • His name is Kleenex, according to Princess Sparkle Pony.

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