MCA and Chuck Brown (again) Murals (mostly) Gone from Columbia Heights


RIP x2

Ed. Note: You can see the original Chuck Brown mural here.

This is from the alley at 11th and Columbia Road, NW.


I believe this old mechanic/garage space was slated for demo so there was always an end date but still…


You can see the murals intact after the jump.



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  • Too bad. I like the cubist take on chuck brown.

  • Shame on whoever graffiti’d over the existing murals.

  • i wish tehy would do this over the Barry mural on 14th and Randolph

  • That’s a shame, they have been here for quite a while now. I lived in a row house that backed up to the Chuck Brown mural a few years. The garage’s former owner used to offer the wall space up for kids to practice and develop their graffiti/art. It was always a respectful affair, no one painted over the few longs standing pieces, or the neighboring buildings (and luckily my car that was also parked in the alley). Bummer this happened, but this building is doomed anyhow. Seems this is just how it goes

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