Serious Allegations, “wanted to share my experience to ensure this doesn’t happen to any one else’s pet.”

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“Dear PoPville,

My pup’s day care accidentally closed the car door on his tail and broke it (pretty bad break with bone exposed). They immediately took him to Petworth Animal Hospital around 5:55pm on a Wednesday evening. They admitted him and promptly closed at regular business hours at 6pm. At 6:20p after speaking to the van driver by phone, he said I will get my dog back from the vet on Friday (2 days later), which I found unacceptable and immediately called the vet.

To my incredible shock, their phone was unavailable and I wasn’t even able to leave a message because the mailbox was full! At that point I had no idea whether my pup received any care or what state he was in. I also called my regular vet in Dupont and asked if anyone had requested his records, they had not. Note, this was Wednesday evening and Petworth Animal Hospital does NOT have hours on Thursday. I spent all night agonizing about the state of my pup and drove first thing in the morning to see if I could retrieve him. I spent 4hrs in the rain waiting for someone to show up at NOON at which point

(after some rude words) I was able to get them to release him. My pup was in so much pain he was barely able to stand! When we walked into the street, he peed for an incredibly long time, indicating to me that over the previous 18 HOURS he had no bathroom breaks. His tail was not bandaged, he wasn’t wearing a cone and was likely tending to his wound over that period. No one contacted for his regular vet for medical records or me to explain the medical situation. So these people admitted an incredibly hurt dog, did not have his medical history, and did not administer any care allowing him to suffer for 18 hours. It was not only irresponsible for him to have been admitted in the first place, it was was downright cruel to abandon him the way they did!”

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  • That would make me angry, hope he is doing better and recovering in loving care

  • Poor, poor boy! He must have been so happy to see you!

  • HaileUnlikely

    I personally have no experience with Petworth Animal Hospital, but from what I have read in publicly-available reviews, I would be afraid to bring my pet there. FWIW I haile recommend District Vet Brookland. They are fantastic.

  • Holy sh*t I would be LIVID. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m not a litigious person, but if in fact the animal hospital did admit your dog in that condition and leave him without any care for an entire day, I’d say that’s grounds for suing them. That is egregious. Why didn’t the daycare take him to Friendship, which is open 24/7? That is also a serious question I would have for them.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed. More likely I would have done something rash and gotten myself sued instead, but yes, I agree with this.

    • I’m getting pretty livid just reading this. There would be absolute hell to pay if this was my pup.

      • To add: absolutely sue. These people need to learn a serious lesson. If you can’t run a serious business, you shouldn’t be running a serious business. This is such an egregious mistake – wtf? I simply cannot imagine any rational explanation for something like this to happen.

        • Petworth Animal Hospital does have someone taking care of the animals when they are not open. I’ve been going there for over 20 years and have had to leave pets there for the Thursday – day off. They explained how the process works, as I imagine they explained to the doggy day care. If anything, you can sue the doggy day care for not relaying this information to you.

    • I would be livid, too. This is completely unacceptable. Before you waste time and money on a lawyer, though, please read the City Paper article from a few years ago about a pet death allegedly caused by Friendship Animal Hospital and the owner’s experience trying to hold them accountable. The fact of the matter is that, under the current law, damages for animal pain/suffering/death are very, very different for damages for a human in the same situation. I am not saying you should not sue, but please do not expect to recover a sum of money that will teach them a lesson or adequately compensate for the suffering your pup went through. You will not.

      My unsolicited advice would be to take the time, money, and energy you would spend on a lawyer and spend it showering your pup with love, attention, toys, treats, and a new doggie day care that takes better care of the animals in their charge.

    • Ally

      +1. Friendship Animal Hospital is the place to go for serious-injury care (and I believe the only emergency facility at all, particularly after hours). For general vet services, even though it’s on the other side of town for you, HIGHLY recommend Atlas Vet on H St. They are always wonderful with our pets. Hope your puppy heals up soon and so sorry you had to go through that!

      • I have always had wonderful (well, that’s sometimes relative, given the circumstances) experiences with Friendship Animal Hospital, with both routine and emergency care for our cats.

        • Yeah, DOG goes to Friendship and they have been nothing but great. It’s pricey, but when I walk in the door I can see what my money is being spent on. And I can call then 24/7 with questions.

      • I second the thumb’s up for Atlas Vet. They are, without question, the best outfit I’ve visited in 20 years. I love that the vets get down on the floor with my cat, instead of standing them on a table, which stresses them out.

  • binntp

    First, I hope your poor pup is okay and doing better! Second, did the doggy day care not have something when you signed up for service indicating where they would take the pup in an emergency? I know when I used a pet-sitting service, that was one of the key forms they required (I even had to sign a release for Friendship Animal Hospital to leave with them in the event they needed to take my kitty there in an emergency.)

    I used Petworth Animal Hospital once but my cranky kitty was not happy with the brusque nature of the vet–then again, she’s not happy with even the kindest vet, so I cannot attest for their service beyond that. I do know that they are an affordable option for people who cannot pay high prices for vet care elsewhere.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Why didn’t the daycare send your dog to your normal vet? Seems strange to me. Also, Petworth AH has a strange operation. I took my dog there once and decided I didn’t want to again – I much prefer District Animal Hospital.

  • Are you faulting the day care, Petworth Animal Hospital, or both? (It seems that you’re pretty upset with Petworth Animal Hospital, but not upset at all with the day care — which you don’t name.)
    IMO, your day care should’ve taken your pup to a 24-hour place like Friendship Animal Hospital, especially since they knew that Petworth Animal Hospital wasn’t open on Thursdays.
    This doesn’t excuse Petworth Animal Hospital’s not tending properly to your pet… but my impression had always been that despite the name, Petworth Animal Hospital is basically a veterinarian’s office, not a hospital per se. IMO, Petworth Animal Hospital shouldn’t have accepted your pup and should’ve told the day care to take him elsewhere.

    • Seriously, both the day care and vet are at fault here. The day care should have a standard policy of taking dogs to a 24/7 place like Friendship in case of medical emergencies, not dropping of a dog at vet’s office that is about to close for the day. Petworth Animal Hospital should have referred the dog to Friendship. What a terrible experience, OP. I hope your pup is feeling better.

    • If Petworth Animal Hospital was going to be closed the next day and was unable to offer immediate care, they should not have accepted the dog and should have instead referred the daycare staff to Friendship. Sure, it might have been smart for the daycare staff to bring straight to a 24-hr place, but after admitting a dog as a patient the responsibility is 100% on the animal hospital.

      • I agree that Petworth Animal Hospital shouldn’t have admitted the pup if they weren’t going to attend to his injury right away. But I also don’t think it was responsible of the day care to take the pup on a Wednesday evening to a place they knew wouldn’t be open on Thursdays.

      • Daycare is definitely has some blame. Should have contacted owner immediately and given the heads up. Not at 620p after the place had closed. Completely irresponsible and I would question their dedication to the safety of the dogs they have in their care.

    • That’s a fair point about the day care. I do absolutely fault them for the accident and it’s gross mishandling. The small day care business owned by Hermes Yanes, which has split from Dog Pal DC, responded quickly and has since covered the medical bills for my pup. While they certainly made bad decisions and failed to effectively communicate with me, I feel the vet is responsible for communicating their ability to provide medical care and should have referred them to a 24/7 facility like Friendship. This was gross negligence on their part, at best!

      As an aside, the pup is on the mend and recovering quickly. Thanks for everyone’s well-wishes.

      • I would strongly encourage you to contact Washington Humane to report this to cruelty enforcement. I am so glad your pup is okay, but if this happened to him, it likely isn’t the first time an animal in their care has been mistreated. The problem is that pet owners may have no idea and it is really important to bring this to the attention of people to protect pets who can’t speak for themselves.

      • Thank goodness your pup is on the mend. SO sorry this happened.

    • +1000. What kind of day care hurts an animal to this degree and then just dumps it somewhere with no supervision? I’d be over the top angry at the day care.

  • It’s stories like these that make me re-think ever wanting to move from where I am now, where I am lucky enough to be able to go walk my pup during lunch.

  • This is so sad I can’t!!

  • That is egregious — please file a complaint. PAH shouldn’t be in business if that’s how they treat dogs (and humans). DOH has to re-inspect clinics following a complaint.

    To file a complaint or schedule an inspection, call (202) 535-2323.

  • I work for a reputable pet sitting company, and I get that you’re mad about the situation and Petworth Animal Hospital, but I find it incredible that (if that’s the case), you allowed your pet to be taken care of a company/sitter without a.) having your preferred vet on file, b.) having signed a form giving the company permission to seek veterinary care in an emergency (with clarification on whether your permission must be obtained first), and c.) specifying the maximum amount that can be spent on your behalf.

    • You are assuming everything you posted about. There is nothing in the original post that implies any of what you find “incredible.”

    • I assume that the agreement said “any animal sick or injured in our care will be taken to Petworth AH” or words to that effect. I doubt anyone would dispute that because they don’t expect their animal to get sick or injured, and they don’t know enough to protest the vet of choice.

  • Thanks for sharing. I was just considering whether to try to Petworth Animal Hospital for my cats. After hearing this, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  • I have a problem with the Day Care too. Who is the Day Care so we can avoid them as well?

  • Oh wow. I don’t tend to go right to the legal angle, but I would file a lawsuit within the next few days against both the daycare and the Petworth vet. If it accomplishes nothing else, it will force the truth to come out as to why the dog was taken there, what the daycare did (or didn’t do) to ensure the dog had proper care, and what the vet did (or didn’t do) with the dog once they received it. If nothing else, it may cause the vet to lose it’s animal boarding license, which it sounds like might be a good thing, and it will put the entire thing in the public record. Please, please, PLEASE name the daycare company so I know which one to stay away from!

    • +1. This might be a far-flug idea but you may also want to call the Washington Humane Society and see if you can speak to someone about animal cruelty laws. I would be very surprised to hear that neglecting to treat an injured animal was not animal cruelty.

      • +1 I would recommend calling Washington Humane. They enforce the cruelty laws and taking action will ensure that if there was wrongdoing, it doesn’t happen to someone else’s pets.

  • This is awful, and I hope you and your pup are doing much better now. I know I was surprised to learn that many veterinarian’s offices routinely leave pets overnight without any supervision whatsoever. They just close the office and turn out the lights. The animals are all alone in cages. This includes animals that have recently had surgery. I was aghast that my pet would be left totally alone after surgery, and I expressed that I was uncomfortable with this. Although I liked and trusted the vet, and her services were much less expensive than Friendship for bladder stone surgery, I moved my pet from the vet’s office to Friendship for observation overnight rather than having her recover from surgery with no one around to give care in the event of an emergency.

    • That’s ridiculous. We would never leave people in a hospital alone with no one on staff at night, pets should not be left that way either.

      • I think this is common in non-urban areas where you do not have animal hospitals, per se, but just a vet’s office and nowhere else in a 30+ mile radius. It really just depends on the animal’s situation. If it’s a life threatening surgery where the animal needs constant attention after, obviously that would not be something that should happen. But if the animal is given medication and otherwise will just be sleeping, I think this happens pretty much in any non-hospital setting. My vet isn’t a 24 hour operation and any time I’ve needed constant care, they send me to an animal hospital.

        Obviously the biggest issue here is the vet took the animal and never contacted the owner before locking up for the night, in my opinion. I’m not sure how that even occurs to a vet’s office to do that. I would have been absolutely furious with the daycare and the vet’s office, but mostly the daycare. The daycare had the obligation to OP. How do they do something so stupid really as to take an animal to a place and leave it knowing the owner cannot get the animal or without permission. It’s mindblowing really. I do hope OP posts the name of the petsitting service.

      • Except that a dog is not people.

    • I should clarify that my experience was not at Petworth Animal Hospital. I learned that New Jersey recently passed a law requiring veterinarians and animal hospitals to post signs clearly indicating if they do not have overnight supervision. Apparently, about 90 percent of veterinarian’s offices and animal hospitals in New Jersey do not have 24-hour care, and I imagine that’s probably true nationwide. It doesn’t help now in the OP’s situation, but pet owners should definitely ask whether there is overnight supervision at their vet’s office. I’d love to see a law like the one in New Jersey passed throughout the country. It never occurred to me that my pet would be left totally alone for many hours after surgery until I read some things online and knew to ask. My guess is most pet owners would object to the common practice of leaving animals, especially sick ones, unsupervised from 7 pm until 7 am.

  • This place is AWFUL ! Took my dog there once for an eye problem…waited over 2 hours in a cramped, dirty, smelly waiting area just to be told “I think its glaucoma but you should go to an eye specialist….it will be really expensive”. Lazy and unknowledgeable “vet”.

  • I have mixed feelings about Petworth Animal Hospital. I went there having read on PoPville that the vet’s manner was on the brusque side. I found him not particularly friendly… but not as brusque as I would’ve expected given the reviews.
    The appearance of the place doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. The waiting room is pretty dingy-looking.
    In PAH’s favor: I was able to get a dental done there for my cat for $165, which was MUCH cheaper than anywhere else in the D.C. area. (I had been thinking about taking her to a place in Stafford, VA that offered dentals for a similar price.) And since my cat doesn’t like being in the car — or being in the carrier outdoors, period — the proximity was also a real plus.
    Negative: Not long after I brought her home from the dental, my cat developed a skin condition around her mouth/nose. I took her back to PAH and the vet said that it was ringworm. I was peeved, because she’s an indoor-only cat and it’s very unlikely that she would have picked up ringworm from anywhere other than the vet’s office. (This doesn’t necessarily mean that PAH was filthy — apparently ringworm is a very resilient little fungus and only a bleach solution with a certain percentage of bleach can kill it. But I’d expect a vet’s office to be more vigilant about cleaning to that level.)
    Positive: I took my cat back to PAH when she seemed to have ringworm again and it wasn’t responding to the antifungal cream. The vet diagnosed her with chin acne, gave her a shot of antibiotics, and it cleared up within a week.
    I wouldn’t take my cat to PAH for an injury (especially after having read this horror story), but they seemed OK for minor issues.

    • If cat dental work is anything like dogs, dental cleaning means anesthesia. I WOULD NOT go with a bargain deal for anesthesia, personally. This all sounds like negatives to me.

  • Gosh, that’s terrible. One of my cats recently had a serious medical condition, and our regular vet, City Paws, made it clear that he should spend the night in a 24-hour staffed facility. I don’t think City Paws would have kept him overnight even if we’d wanted them to. They suggested either Friendship or someplace in Virginia. We wound up transferring him to Friendship, and I feel like he got very good care there.

    • I’ll second the many positive reviews of Friendship. As the puppy-daddy of two different dogs that have sadly died there in the past ten years, I still believe they provide the highest possible level of care and have an incredibly compassionate staff that understands the dog/human bond very well. In both of my cases, the issue was fairly sudden – the first was a condition that was misdiagnosed the day before by my regular vet, and by the time we got to Friendship, the options were very limited. They still did everything possible until it was obvious that nothing would be successful, and they were incredibly patient with me while I made the decision to end his suffering. The second, years later, was a very rapid (less than two hours) deterioration of a longer-term condition they had been treating him for over several months. He died on his own within half an hour of us getting there.
      If you’re looking for a vet recommendation, talk to the people who lost a pet at that facility. If they STILL recommend them after that, you know you’ve found the right one. And even after two dogs who died there, I still take my current dog there for everything – even routine care. I stopped going to the regular vet altogether. They’re more expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for, and I think they are worth every cent.

  • I took a cat to Petworth Animal Hospital about 13 years ago and I have never gone back. I do think they provide a service to low income residents who otherwise could not afford care for their pets. But I was very unhappy with how they treated my cat and because I have the means to go elsewhere I have done so every since, despite their very convenient location.

  • Poor guy! I hope he is feeling better soon. I’m sorry for what both you and your dog had to go through. I hope he gets lots of treats and snuggle time with you over the next few days. 🙁

  • Wow- how can it even be called a hospital? You’d think someone would have to be on staff always??

    For vets, I love love love Dr. Dan at Dupont Vet Clinic. And I love Dupont Vet Clinic. City Paws was always a mad house and it showed in the care of our cat. We saw three different vets at CP because the original vet we were “assigned” was never available. Dupont is on top of their stuff and you can see the staffs’ interactions with animals are WAY different than my experiences at CP.

    Also, I am looking for a pet sitting service today! Will be reading this thread more for recommendations…

    • We have gone DVC for the past several years and have always been satisfied but last time I went recently I noticed their entire vet staff had turned over. Everything with the visit went fine and they had all our dog’s records, but I was just surprised by the change (also received no notice that I can recall, which might have been nice for a long-time client). Any insight on the change?

      • I don’t know why vets left (we are pretty new to DVC), but I do know that at the very least Dr. Dan came from WARL and intentionally brought along his star staff from WARL with him. So I know he wanted to surround himself with the his best techs, etc., which is maybe why there is a lot of new staff.

        I do think it shows too that a lot of them came from the shelter world. From the very first visit there was a palpable difference in care and attention. For some reason, CP seemed like a money mill to me…it felt as if vets contract out to spaces to practice there, show up when they can and try to get the highest bill for the least amount of time with you possible. But, you know, just one person’s experience.

    • I had the exact opposite experience, though my experience at DVC was four years ago. Took my dog to DVC in extreme pain, the doc didn’t give a diagnosis but saw he responded to pain meds so shrugged it off and sent us on our way. My dog was in so much pain still that he didn’t eat, sleep, or walk into the next day. Went back on a weekend morning. After waiting for 2+ hours with my dog shaking in pain, the DVC vet had a receptionist tell me that she wouldn’t see us and that we should go to Friendship. I was irate and devastated and made it known. While still waiting in the zoo of the Friendship lobby (we waited several more hours to be seen), that abominable vet called and yelled AT ME for making her look bad. Truly. DVC management later apologized and gave me a refeund, but I told them I couldn’t take my dog there while they employed such a reckless and heartless vet. Have never been back there since.

      City Paws, on the other hand, has always been wonderful to my dogs. Years later, despite seeing several specialists, a quick visit to City Paws was actually what helped us figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately he couldn’t be saved, but City Paws did better for him than anyone else.

      • And I had an AWFUL experience at City Paws. My cat was a regular patient there since they opened, so when she had a sudden and frightening issue, I took her in. I was told that there were no appointments available, and we should get back in a cab and go to Friendship.
        Nevermind that I had waited almost an hour past my appointment time on previous occasions because “the doctor was tied up with an emergency”. I assumed my waiting patiently for someone else’s emergency meant that someone else would wait for MY emergency if necessary. Guess not. The receptionist didn’t budge, and didn’t even seem to care. We haven’t returned.

      • That is awful! We are new to DVC, so I have no idea what they used to be like or if management changed, but we really are beyond thrilled with DVC now and Dr. Dan (can everyone tell by now? I don’t Yelp, so it’s my equivalent of 5 star rating.) City Paws didn’t have a plan for our cat and kept ordering expensive tests (and would never call with any result, which is annoying after dropping hundreds of dollars) and we kept having to bring the cat back in, never seeing the same vet twice (not to mention the cat developed lesions the day after our first CP visit, but no way to know why.) At DVC, they devised a plan to figure out what is wrong. It was clear, we knew why we were doing what we were doing, we knew our options and we knew the road map going forward. I think I threw my hands up at CP when they suggested the cat get allergy tested after many other expensive tests and no road map in mind. I have never felt so in control of my cat’s health and it’s a good feeling.

      • District Vet wasn’t open four years ago.

  • Have you considered reaching out to the mayor or your councilmember (assume Brandon Todd) to see if this hospital has all of their paperwork and inspections up to date? I’d do everything I could to bombard that place with Dept of Professional Regulation and DCRA and Dept of Health. If this happened, my guesss is that they are just as lax with their documentation. Shut. Them. Down.

  • Petworth Animal Hospital is a disgrace. It’s disgusting and dirty, with virtually no customer service and above all, poor animal care. I’ve had to wait there for over 2 hours just to pick up RX food. The last time I ever took my cat there for a routine vaccination, the vet jabbed the needle into my cat with a quick motion INTO his carrier. It’s just luck that my cat wasn’t stabbed in the eye. Who does that?! It happened so fast that I couldn’t tell what he was doing until he did it. Awful, awful place.

  • I would lose my mind if I could not get to my injured dog who was left in a unmanned animal hospital overnight.
    And go thru the hassle of a lawsuit just so businesses know they cannot do this ever again.

    Hope your pup is healing well OP.

  • OMG, I’m so sorry for you and your pup. I think I would have snapped. What kind of animal hospital leaves a severly hurt animal untreated and alone for 18hrs! I hope you file a complaint with the appropriate authorities. They should not be able to treat animals if this is what they consider to be care.

  • So is the dog ok or not? What a bunch of babies. I brought my dog here for years and they were always fine to her and very nice to me. I enjoyed talking with other neighborhood people in the waiting room, which is not dirty. The price is low and the care is totally competent. You have to learn their hours and when to come to avoid long waits, and the vet may be a conspiracy theorist, but I always saw it as entertainment. Now you yuppies come in expecting a vet’s office to be the damn Mayo clinic, ridiculous. Toughen up or go elsewhere, and quit whining about it anonymously on the internet. These people have been providing good service to this area for years. Don’t shut them down, shut your mouth instead.

    • So you’re comfortable with your dog being left unattended and severely injured for 18 hrs? I mean if you’re going to shill for the clinic at least have it make sense.

      • +1. Even the “damn Mayo clinic” would have been grossly negligent to leave a living being injured for 18 hours unattended.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Are you m*f* serious? Who the f*cking hell would deposit their pet anywhere with the understanding that it would simply be left attended for 18 hours before being seen by the vet? I would bet a small fortune that anybody who understood that would either bring their pet somewhere else or else simply bring them home and return the next day when they opened. Other details aside, I find it incomprehensible that they just took an obviously-injured dog 5 minutes before closing time and locked him up for 18 hours. They should have simply refused to take the dog in at that time and told them to go elsewhere or come back tomorrow.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      The price really isn’t all that low – an exam at District Vet was only about ten dollars higher than here.

    • If you are ok with how the OP’s dog was treated by the vet clinic, then you really should never have any pets.

  • Yep, they’re trained pros, so if they took my dog in and told me that I could pick up on Friday, that’s what I’d do, and I’d be thankful that they took her in at all.
    We still haven’t heard if the pup in question is ok or not, which would make a big difference to me, but I trust this vet so I’m betting the dog was treated and is totally fine. And of course it would be negligent for a person to be left unattended at the Mayo clinic or any other HUMAN hospital, that’s just irrelevant to this conversation. I’m not shilling for the vet, they’d have to pay me for that. I just don’t believe this is animal cruelty or negligence and I don’t think they did anything wrong. I think people who have no vet training should opine that their dog needs something when they really don’t know their canines from their grundle, with all due respect to the OG OP

    • So animals experiencing pain are not deserving of care? Wow. You and waah are really a piece of work. I hope neither of you ever own animals again.

      • Also, here is a relevant passage from DC animal cruelty laws regarding veterinary care:
        Ҥ 22-1001. Definition and penalty.
        … and whoever, having the charge or custody of any animal, either as owner or otherwise, knowingly inflicts unnecessary cruelty upon the same, or unnecessarily fails to provide the same with proper food, drink, air, light, space, veterinary care, shelter, or protection from the weather, shall for every such offense be punished by imprisonment in jail not exceeding 180 days, or by fine not exceeding $250, or by both.”

      • I’m pretty sure those two posters are one in the same. Clearly this person is either an extremely negligent pet owner or they work for the “animal hospital” in question.

        • +1 for company shill

        • I bet you’re right.

        • I suspect neither is true (although maybe I’m being overly optimistic here). My guess is that this person is annoyed with gentrifier pet owners in general AND didn’t read the original post carefully enough to discern that — at least according to the post — Petworth Animal Hospital erred by accepting an emergency case that they were not planning to treat on an emergency basis.
          I don’t think PAH cares enough about its reputation in the blogosphere to be shilling. They seem to get plenty of business from non-gentrifiers.

    • Maybe you didn’t read the whole original post. The OP clearly stated that when he picked up the dog from PAH, the dog’s “tail was not bandaged, he wasn’t wearing a cone and was likely tending to his wound over that period.”
      I don’t think it was right for PAH to accept the dog when they were about to close if they weren’t planning to treat his emergency until they resumed business hours. They should have told the daycare to take the dog to Friendship Animal Hospital. (And honestly, given the end-of-the-day situation and the emergency factor, I don’t understand why the daycare would take the dog anywhere _other_ than Friendship.)

    • “if they took my dog in and told me that I could pick up on Friday, that’s what I’d do, and I’d be thankful that they took her in at all.” — Part of the problem here is that the OP didn’t make the decision to take his dog here. Someone else — his daycare company — did. (Exercising remarkably bad judgment, IMO.)

      • Agreed. And in my opinion, it seems pretty clear that both the daycare and the vet “failed to provide… proper… veterinary care.” I strongly agree with anon and wdc above that these posts are by someone affiliated with the vet. And frankly, their comments aren’t helping their case.

    • Do you need Vet training to determine a wound should be bandaged and pet given a cone to stop them munching on the area? Vetting takes some skill but that much isn’t rocket science.
      There are far too many vets in dc to be thankful for subpar service.

  • You should file a complaint with the licensing and/or accrediting agency for veterinary care.

  • Gah… where to start. First off, bandaging a tail isn’t necessarily the appropriate treatment. I’m not sure why OP had that expectation, but perhaps actually talking to a vet would help before leaping ahead to the conclusion that the care was inappropriate. Likewise, the mere fact of peeing for a long time could mean a lot of things. Did you even talk to the vet? Honestly, I can sympathize with the distress of having an injured pet, but to come on a forum and just wildly speculate on the circumstances without ever getting any information from ANYONE involved is just irresponsible.

  • Can you tell us what Day Care you were using – because I wouldn’t want to send my dog to either this vet or that day care.

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