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  • I have heard that it is NOT an actual hostel, but a brothel.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I’ve always wondered about this place. It’s been here, with the “Tourist Hostel” sign, since I first moved here in 2004, and probably longer. Without comment on this specific house/hostel, this was not a block where a tourist would have wanted to stay back then. I looked it up just for the hell of it and was surprised to see that they actually have a Rooming House BBL (there was a long gap where it was expired and not renewed but they have one now).

  • Looks more like a horror movie setting than the Halloween house in the post above.

  • This place just screams “human centipede.”

  • This place definitely rents rooms by the hour … walk past it early in the morning and you’ll see women wearing next to nothing going in and out with their “clients.” There’s a heavily used back door in the alley, too.

  • I live a block a way. Definitely closer to a brothel than a hostel

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