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  • I Dont Get It

    That’s awesome!

  • C

    Yeah this is always my favorite Halloween decorated house. Definitely check it out at night it’s awesome!!

  • Elizathreat!

    This house for President!

  • Angry Parakeet

    Where in the dell do they store all that the rest of the year?

    • textdoc


  • samanda_bynes

    oooh! between that one, and the one on Sherman Circle, the neighborhood is festive as funk this year.

  • Glover Park

    There’s a house on 28th or so in Georgetown that has some KILLER (ha!) decorations up right now. I think around 28th and Q.

  • jdegg

    I know these folks and they do Halloween right. One year they glued rubber spiders onto those tiny, radio-controlled cars, and then they had the spiders scuttling around on the sidewalk in front of the house.

    • textdoc

      LOL! Brilliant.

  • v

    This is fantastic…. kids will be so psyched

  • Twick O Tweet

    I wonder if this is the same Petworth/Brightwood Park house that goes all out for Christmas as well?

    • C

      No just Halloween

  • dcroam

    this place is on my bike route. i always say, ‘Arg, matey’ as i crank by. you can do it too.


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