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A reader reports:

“You recently ran a post on the “great” new signage along the Anacostia Riverwalk. DDOT has also put in some not so great signage…”

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  • Perfect timing, when you’re climbing…

  • LOL! Great typo and headline!

  • Just another reminder of the general level of “fail” of DC government, from its procurement through construction and Project management rigor.

    I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was nothing more that a printing error by the overpriced CBE that got the job, but this got by two people at DDOT. One was the inspector during installation and the second was his boss.

    Just embarrassing…

  • This is hilarious. Face-palming in its incompetence, but still hilarious.

  • As long as it’s been relabeled a “boasthouse,” I’d just like to point out that my crew, which rows out of it, performed brilliant for the size of our clubs at the Masters National’s last August (including multiple medals for moi) and that our women’s 8 just took fourth in their even at the Head of the Charles — pretty amazing considering the quality of the competition in that race.
    Fingers crossed that we can live up to the sign next year.
    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  • A few years back a big new “MAIN AVENUE” sign was installed at that 14th street exit. It lasted a week or so…

  • As someone who is currently dealing with signage on a large 2 million square foot construction project – this stuff happens. On our project all the documentation spells the word correctly, but it was still printed incorrectly and subsequently installed. The installers don’t necessarily know that the sign shouldn’t say “Boasthouse” and are trying to check this sign off their list as being installed. It’ll potentially be caught in punchlist, but will take awhile for the sign to be replaced. Perhaps DC just figured we’d prefer to have a sign rather than no sign and roll with the punches on the spelling.

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