• navyard

    Love the trail.
    Favorite route is a 4 mile loop. Start at Yards Park, follow the footpath behind Nats Park, cross Douglas Bridge, follow the trail through the park, cross over the rail tracks, continue north past the E. Capitol crossing to the Benning Road crossing. Cross the Anacostia over Kingman Island, then follow the trail southbound all the way back to the Navy Yard and back to Yards Park. Very nice ride.

  • Anonymous

    The link to the Anacostia Tributary System is going to be great too.

    There have been plenty of photos from the new portion from Benning to the City/State line and, yes, the trail looks nearly done. The very last potion they’re going to finish is underneath benning and biking by last week it looks like they’re making steady progress there.

    • Trinidad gal

      The last portion under Benning Rd. is complete! Although not all of the “under construction”/ “do not enter” signs have been taken down. (They been pushed aside, not by me!). I bike past every morning on my way to work. This weekend I biked from REI in College Park (the NOMA location can’t open soon enough!) back to my home in Trinidad– it’s a gorgeous ride :)

      • Trinidad gal

        I did decide to walk my bike through Kingman Island at the end of my ride (in lieu of riding over Benning Rd.). I said hello to a few youth who were walking in the opposite direction EOTR and they said hello back, but warned me to be careful and said I shouldn’t be out alone because it was dangerous. Their comments surprised me because it was a bright Sunday evening around 6pm (I smiled at a number of folks throughout my ride and no one else made such comments). I’ve heard of a few robberies/ assaults on the Trail (including those posted here on Popville). Any suggestions for maintaining safety along the Trail?

        • E in Rosedale

          Ya, I decided to run up to Bladensburg on the uncompleted trail last spring, and had a rock thrown at me by a pack of kids just north of Benning behind the old power plant. It wasn’t even close, but I was ready to sprint back to Benning if I had to. Unfortunately, I think we’re going to see some of the same safety issues on this trail that the Met Branch Trail has experienced. My recommendation is run/ride with a partner, and if you’re going to go alone, carry some mace.

  • Petworth Landlord

    The path UNDER Route 50 is a godsend. It allows you to do a full loop around DC this side of the Anacostia using trails or protected bikeways 75% of the trip.

    Starting and ending in Petworth, this is 45 miles:
    Catch Sligo Creek Pkwy east in Takoma. (take the path or use parkway itself which is light on cars)
    Proceed to NW Branch trail south
    Pass through Crossroads (wide shoulder) to Bladensburg Waterfront Park
    Boardwalks and paths to Anacostia Riverwalk
    Under Rt 50 <—-best part of ride
    Through the woods a bit, then pop out on Jay Street.
    Protected bike lane to Benning Road
    Cross thru Kingman Island <—2nd best part of ride
    South along river from RFK to Navy Yard to Nats Park
    Through Buzzard Point to SW Waterfront, up Main Ave
    Under the Whitehurst through Georgetown
    Up Capitol Crescent and complete the circle in Takoma.

    Before the path under Rt 50, I'd cross Rt 50 at Cheverly then cut back on Sheriff.

    –bike nerd

    • JD

      Is that really capitol crescent to complete the loop? How do you get from Bethesda back to Takoma? Did you mean rock creek? (Serious question – would love to use this route)

  • Rich

    Hope its as good on the W side of the river–easy to get lost near the Sousa Bridge

    • SassyinDC

      to Rich– I saw at least one new sign near the Souza, but I was in my car returning from a dog walk at Congressional Cemetery. I live East of the River (EOTR) in Hillcrest, so anything like new signage certainly catches my eye.

  • Lindsey jones-Renaud

    The signs are great, but at least two of them near RFK are pointing in the wrong directions

    • Linc Park SE

      They are pointing to the bridges that will take you in the correct direction.


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