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  • I’ll just assume they intentionally took the picture precisely when the topless woman was riding by on her bike lol. I guess that sums up burning man, eh?

    • Um…not exactly.

    • I’ll assure you that the overwhelming amount of nudity present at Burning Man isn’t something that most people seek out as a hobby.

      • Agreed. Not only that, but once you’ve seen the thousand or so nudies on the Naked Bike Ride it kind of waters itself down and out. Really not a big deal, and not particularly interesting. Far more fun to view the participants’ artful get-ups.

      • Not to mention, it’s not exactly a beauty pageant. Some friends went a few years ago and were pretty underwhelmed that it was mostly just a haze of drugs and nudity, not the gathering of enlightenment that they’d heard it once had been. I guess your experience might vary.

  • Need to change the neighborhood to #blackrockcity 😉

  • I bet this guy isn’t even wearing underwear! /feigned outrage

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