Sweet City Ride – Raising the bar edition

sweet ride

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Very nice looking ride in the Adams Morgan area. Jaguar E-Type, 4.2. Beautiful interior.”

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  • Wow, could be worth 100k in good nick.

    • Hagerty shows $74K for a No. 2 (“Excellent”) and $39K for No. 3 “Good” for 1969 Series 2 coupe. Add 10% for factory A/C. I’ve seen this very car in Dupont on a 95 degree day with the windows up. A/C is definitely working!

  • Jaguar designers: “Let’s make the bonnet long enough, just in case that 24-cylinder engine reaches production.”

  • It looks like Ace and Gary’s car.

  • jburka

    The e-type convertible is one of my favorite cars of all time — but I just loathe the coupe’s bubble-butt. Harold had absolutely the right idea when he chopped it off and created the hearse…

  • Ok, what we have here is one of 5,326 “2+2” Series 2 Jaguar E-Types made between 1968 and 1971. While the 2+2 coupes (the higher roofline indicates that its not the fixed-head coupe) don’t fetch the same kind of money as the convertibles, there’s still no denying that ones in good condition can command prices between $60k and $80k, while show worthy examples might top $100k. The convertible version usually adds at least another $30k on top of that. However, if you do have the money to buy one make sure you also have the money to own one – service costs can be prohibitive.
    My view is that the 2+2 doesn’t quite work in terms of style. The E-Type was all about its looks and the raised roofline of the 2+2 subtracts from that look, however compared to most of today’s cars it’s still a stunner!

  • When the E type was first introduced Enzo Ferrari called it “The most beautiful car ever made.” (I think he was speaking directly about the roadster but I think he would like this as well.)

    • It’s extraordinarily beautiful if you’re into large metal phallices. I do appreciate the head-turning design, but I can’t quite bring myself to think that this is aesthetically pleasing with its blatant ME ME ME ME ME proportions.

  • While I feel one should drive their classic car I do not believe a rare car such as this worth that amount should be parked on the streets of DC. Beyond that I walked past it the other day and it is stunning.

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