Fast Casual Ethiopian Still Coming to Columbia Heights

3100 14th St NW entrance on Park Rd, NW

I’ve been getting a number of emails and tweets asking about LeTena, the “fast casual Ethiopian restaurant” coming to the former Senor Chicken space in Columbia Heights. Happy to share that work on the buildout has finally started so standby for an opening date as they make progress:


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  • Thanks for the update – I hope this opens soon (wishful thinking?)!

  • This is a pretty neat block in terms of food options: Dominican, Cuban, Peruvian (sort of), Vietnamese, and now Ethiopian. Hopefully this place is good.

  • Gonna miss the old Senor Chicken sign a little bit, as it always gave me a laugh. That poor chicken is just so clueless – all dressed up, but clearly has no idea what actually goes on inside the establishment.

  • Is Ethiopian cuisine ever anything other than “casual”?

    • Zed’s in Georgetown was a white tablecloth Ethiopian restaurant. Definitely not casual.
      Great food and service, sad to see it close a few years ago.

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