“two arrests in the 700 block of 11th St NE for Distribution of Heroin and Possession of Heroin”

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From MPD Monday night:

“In reference to ongoing complaints of drug distribution and use in the area around 11th and H St NE, the First District’s Crime Suppression Team has been conducting operations the area. Tonight, the Crime Suppression Team’s efforts yielded two arrests in the 700 block of 11th St NE for Distribution of Heroin and Possession of Heroin, respectively. The Distribution of Heroin defendant has a significant criminal history which includes prior drug and robbery convictions. The Crime Suppression Team members will continue to aggressively pursue the prosecution of these individuals to positively impact the the quality of life of PSA 104 residents and stakeholders.”

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  • Did this have anything to do with the high-speed chase through Hill East last night around 830pm? Police helicopter and 6 police cars chasing a silver vehicle about 50-70mph around 15th & D SE.

    • No – that was a stolen car.

    • Let me know if you hear anything – I have been scouring local news and Twitter for any info on this and haven’t seen anything. Three cop cars passed me at about 70 mph down 15th St as I was walking home but I didn’t see where they were headed. And, of course, the helicopter circle for at least 30 min.

  • Every.Single.Day.All.Day they are out there selling drugs and overdosing on drugs in broad daylight. I’ve called for ambulances twice while walking by with my kids and seeing someone unconscious laying on the sidewalk. There is a memorial already there for someone who died (by the bike rack next to 1101 Market) and I’m sure there will be more unless something changes.

  • Good, I hope the arrests keep coming. This corner at 11th and H NE is a mess.

  • I don’t understand why it takes the crime suppression team to make an impact on this. Why can’t regular patrols address this issue? Are they afraid of being too effective and being accused of needlessly harassing supposed upstanding citizens?This corner is a hot mess. As long as you implicitly tolerate open drug sales and use, this will continue to fester.

  • I walk by this corner regularly and there is constant drug selling and use, not to mention the public drinking, urination, and littering. I have called the cops myself several times, and I’m glad some action is finally being taken. MPD could honestly just post up on that block in an unmarked car for a couple of hours on any given day and make multiple drug arrests based on what they would observe.

    I hope prosecutors do their part and keep the dealer MPD arrested off the streets for a least a little while.

  • I try to avoid this area of H Street as much as I can, up to Benning Rd. All you have to do is pull up to a red light and sit there to wait for it to turn green, and you can see everything that is going on in a short amount of time.. it’s pretty obvious. There are no law enforcement in this area, why wouldn’t they at least put some patrols on the ground in the area? It’s not like you can’t see in plain sight what is going on.

  • But…but….but the street cars will change everything, right?

    • Well, the cops taking action in response to repeated citizen complaints about it actually is a significant change (instead of everyone just tolerating it)

  • I didn’t realize there was heroin distribution going on there, just assumed it was synthetic marijuana and weed. I’m glad the police are doing something there, but I agree those benches in that area need to go. Additionally it would be good if some businesses (non-liquor stores) went in on that corner.

    The liquor store there is also complicit and basically provides amenities to the drug users/alcoholics who hang out in that area. I’ve never seen a liquor store with a table and chairs and them seem to tolerate people drink out of brown bags in the store. Its absurd.

    • Sadly the idea that removing the park bench or posting up a cop car will solve this is so very quaint. I have been traveling and living on H st for more than decade. The guys that hang out by 1101 Mart use to hang out in front of what is now Cusbah when it was a vacant property. If you get them out 11th an Hst they will just move to another area where they can hang out without anyone caring, probably Hst Connection since it is now shuttered.

      This is a societal problem. Part of it is policing, part of it is business that won’t stand for loitering that disrupts their business, part of it is neighbors watching out for neighbors, and part of it is also good intervention services.

  • While some but not all of the people who spend time at 11+H may be suffering from addictions, I find them to be great people who keep an eye on the neighborhood, have tight community, and self regulate against bad behavior. I encourage other residents to introduce yourselves, pull up a chair, and get to know them. The benches don’t need to go, and I personally appreciate them as members of the neighborhood same as those of us who live in houses here

    • Self regulate against bad behavior? I walk by that corner 2x a day. Without fail, there is some combination of public drinking, public intoxication, drug use, drug dealing, gambling, littering, and/or public urination. On nights and weekends, they’ve even started putting up cones to save/block parking spaces and then demand payment to park there. I’m as welcoming and open-minded as they come, but I fail to see how this activity is anything but a net negative. No amount of personal communication/engagement would change any of these activities.

      • The cones thing is infuriating. They steal the cones from nearby construction sites and use them to extort money from people to park on a public street! Also, not sure what the standard is for “bad behavior” if DEALING HEROIN doesn’t qualify.

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