“I don’t imagine it traveled too far from home!”


“Dear PoPville,

Last evening I found a very cute orange bunny that is clearly an escaped pet. It was hiding under a car on the 700 block of Shepherd street NW, near New Hampshire Ave in Petworth. It is not wearing tags but is very friendly towards people. Since we have a very curious dog in our home the rabbit is currently being cared for by friend who works at City Paws. Would love to reunite this bunny with his/her family! I don’t imagine it traveled too far from home!”

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  • “Nobody knows….” “I didn’t know the Bunny was a base….”
    Sorry not helpful, but couldn’t stop myself

  • Super cute!

  • OP, have you reported the bunny to the Washington Humane Society (in case someone has reported to them that they’ve lost their bunny)?

  • Also might’ve been dumped. I understand that happens a lot a few months after Easter, when they hit sexual maturity.

    • Also bunnies can be really mean and smelly. So if a recent grad left home, maybe the parents dumped it.

    • Nooo, I really hope that’s not the case. It always amazes me how people can find new and impressive ways to be awful.

  • WDC is likely right that the poor thing is a post Easter dump. Many people buy baby bunnies for their kids thinking that they are an easy “starter” pet and when they reach adolescence and start to spray/lose litter box habits/exhibit sexual behavior, they decide to “set them free” to live in the wild.

    And to counter what Cassie said – most rabbits I have met (I have four and volunteer with a rabbit rescue) – are neither mean nor smelly. All pet rabbit should be spayed or neutered in order to help them to live a long cancer-free life and to cut down on undesirable habits such as spraying.


  • Props to you for rescuing it from under the car. Poor thing was probably scared and not sure where to go to be safe. I probably would have seen it, assumed it was wild, and kept moving.

  • If you do need to eventually take the bun to a shelter, there are actually several specialized bunny organizations that can help. The House Rabbit Society, and also Friends of Rabbits & House Rabbit Sanctuary, among others.

    I agree the poor thing may have been dumped. Rabbits can actually become very aggressive and they can injure people with the claws and teeth. People sometimes don’t realize this when they buy a cute baby rabbit for the kids.

    • Given how much power they have in their back legs, those claws are not messing around. If an angry rabbit decides to kick you, you’re going to lose some blood.
      That face, though….

  • Me and my spouse volunteer directly with Friends of Rabbits, and we are house rabbit owners in DC (Logan) as well. We will be happy to put the rescuer of this bunny directly in touch with an expert on rabbit rescues and reuniting them with their owners. We can also temporariy foster and care for this rabbit in our home which is a much better alternative than sending it to a shelter. We are more than happy to help out!

    I can be reached via email at bunnyguys at steve-and-jd dot com.

  • If this poor bun doesn’t find a home. I am a lover of rabbits and my 5 year old bunny could use a companion.

    • Watson has found a home thanks to Popville and several wonderfully kind people who rallied to rescue this bunny from a terrible situation. His health has been evaluated, and we are now focussing on stabilizing him and his environment. It’s heartwarming that so many stepped in to help.

      We could all use a happy ending right about now.

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