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  • Linc Park SE

    Cava Grill on 8th SE – wine and tasty bar food
    Pusuit – Heavy Pour Monday night

  • Some Place Else, pictured above, has a secret to keeping prices so low: having a shabby kitchen full of holes, rust, and taped-together freezers! http://dc.healthinspections.us/webadmin/DHD_431/lib/mod/inspection/paper/_paper_food_inspection_report.cfm?inspectionID=825115&wguid=1367&wgunm=sysact&wgdmn=431

    • Jerry Grundle

      That place has been gross for years. I’m not eating or drinking anything from that place that doesn’t come in a sealed container.

    • So don’t eat the food and just drink the alcohol? Say no more fam…

    • You say “shabby” and as someone who’s worked in DC kitchens for several years, par for the course. And not just at dive bars but upscale places too.

    • “Mold was observed on the ice maker’s ice chute.”
      Ugh this is the worst. Ice makers are NEVER cleaned out at these kinds of places and that’s where it gets gross, fast.

  • Granville for Thursday’s half priced bottles and Vendetta downstairs* for the prosecco on tap

  • justinbc

    I’m pretty sure nowhere serving $1 beer is going to be serving anything for that price I actually want, so for my purposes cheap probably can’t go any lower than $3 per pint, and the best in town for that is still at Black Jack. Especially so if you go on Sunday when the happy hour runs the entire time they’re open.

    • Wait really? I had no idea they did Sunday happy hour! Their beer options are usually pretty amazing. Thanks for the tip! I love this thread!

      • justinbc

        Yes, and there are usually about half a dozen different food specials each day too. Their burger is legit.

        • This is what you’re talkin’ about: 1/2 Price Draft Beers, Pizzas, and Addie’s Mussels, 2 for 1 Happy Hour Oysters, $5 Red, White, Sparkling Wine, $7 Dive Burgers

          I take the whole family especially during football season when they used to open at 1p.m.

    • Really? It’s hard to believe you don’t like PBR, especially at $1.

      • justinbc

        PBR is gross, whether it’s priced $5 or $0. I switched to anything but piss-flavored beer (PBR, Coors, Bud, Miller, etc) I think during my sophomore year, and I would absolutely drink water or nothing at all rather than one of those awful tasting products. It’s not even about the “beer snobbery” of it that I want something superior, I just hate the way they specifically taste.

        • binntp

          +1. Agree on all points. Would rather pay $6 for something drinkable than those water-downed beverages.

        • Accountering

          I will +1 here, with the exception of when I am at the lake, floating on the water. Then Bud Light is just fine, mostly because it does taste just like water 🙂

        • +1
          Something about the way that Bud/Miller/Coors is made (probably the corn and not actual malts?) makes me physically sick after drinking it. All through college I thought beer just made me sick. I finally tried good beer when I first moved here about 6-7 years ago and my whole world changed.

          • +1. I have nothing against these beers but they make my stomach hurt, and other beers don’t for some reason.

        • Will I drink PBR, Bud Light, or Miller Light if offered to me free of charge? Of course, cause free beer is great tasting beer! Will I willfully pay my own actual hard earn money for any of these beers? Of course not. Actually I lied, I’ll sometimes buy PBR if its really cheap. Like under $3 and really the only other thing availible.

        • I can’t drink those cheap beers anymore. I feel I deserve better. I get up each day and wear a suit to work and earn a salary, surely i can spring the extra $2 for a decent beer.

          If it was a free beer at a cookout or BBQ or something so be it but I’m definitely not seeking out these watered down beers.

          • justinbc

            Even free I can’t do it. It would be no different if someone asked me “would you like this free old water that’s been sitting inside this tire?” The taste is rancid, and I don’t drink for the buzz (not that it’s an unwanted side effect, just not something I pursue, partly because my tolerance is annoyingly high). For some reason, the crappy import beers don’t have quite as off-putting of a flavor (Heineken for example). I still wouldn’t pay for them, but I might take a free one just to hold something at a party to not be all “handsy-talky”.

          • samanda_bynes

            psh, i’m gonna give every nerd in this thread a wedgie

          • You first @Samanda_bynes

          • I just figure why waste the calories on something less than great?! Even if it was free and I don’t have to pay with money, I’m still going to be paying for it in terms of essentially empty calories. No thanks! If I’m going to “spend” my calories, I want it to be for something delicious and that won’t make me feel sick!

        • +1. PBR is disgusting. I’ve never understood the hipster obsession with it. I won’t drink it at any price.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I wish Genesee Cream Ale was more widely available around here. The only place I have encountered it is at Acre 121, where it is still $4, which is their low end, but that’s not the point. It’s by no means my favorite beer, but it is my favorite cheap beer by a wide margin. In upstate NY it is typically sold for about the same price as PBR, and in my opinion it actually tastes like beer.

          • They have it at Wonderland too.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Good to know, thanks. What I really meant was that I wish it was available more widely in stores; so I could have a reliable option vastly superior to Yuengling or PBR at about that price point.

          • justinbc

            Do you have a local go-to beer shop? Maybe ask them if they can bring it in, most places will gladly accommodate since they basically get $2-3 off the top for doing nothing.

          • HaileUnlikely

            My go-to is Morris Miller at Georgia/Alaska/Eastern. Good thought. I should ask them. There are a couple of other stores near me that sell Genny Ice, so there is obviously no reason that they should be unable to get it.

          • Wonderland offers a ginny cream and beam combo for $6. It is incredible.

          • Genesee is breaking thorough. It was my go to at the Fringe Festival last year. Cheap and tasty!

          • dcgator

            Pretty sure that Desperado’s does, too, which by the way, is an extremely awesome bar that I love.

          • Lyman’s has it. Don’t know how much it is there though.

          • Granted it might be a bit of a trek, but I would surmise that Total Wine and Beer in VA has it. They tend to have almost every beer you could ever imagine.

          • Genny Screamers are great. They have them at Desperados and at Duke’s. Pretty sure I’ve seen them a couple other places too.

    • +1
      Best happy hour in DC, bar none. Cheap good quality beers ($3-4), $6 pizzas, half price mussels.

    • El Chucho’s Monday Happy Hour is pretty good. 1/2 priced margaritas, $3 Mexican beers, $3 tacos and $2 elote all night.

    • This discussion is making me hungry for pizza. 🙁

  • Chads Friendship heights
    They have a great outdoor patio and awesome bar.

    $2.95 rails
    $2 domestic beers
    1/2 off apps

    This last from 4-7pm.

    • Correction on the beer. Domestic long necks:$2.95… So, that covers your Yuengling, bud, coors….

  • Two words: Red Derby

    • Combined with 1/2 price burger night. Burger, fries, and a tall boy for $7? Yes please.

      • If I want a cash only bar offering cheap beer I will go to the far Superior Raven. Where Natty Boh is $2 all day every day until 8pm and $3 after that.

        • there’s literally nothing superior about The Raven. Smaller, only indoor, no food except for chips, unhappy people surrounding the bar. No sir, Bryan.

          • As someone else mentioned somewhere…..chances are high you do not go to a bar with super cheap drinks for the food. You go because the drinks are super cheap.

            That said, I always thought the staff at the Raven were really nice and funny.

          • “[T]tere’s literally nothing superior about The Raven. Smaller, only indoor, no food except for chips, unhappy people surrounding the bar.”
            Plus people trying to play backgammon without purchasing anything.

  • Mandu has $4 happy hour rail drinks, and their rail is good (e.g. Bulleit bourbon, etc.), and $3 drafts (I think). Their mandu (dumplings) special is also really good and only $4 for 6 pieces.

    • I generally like Mandu’s happy hour, too. Not the cheapest, but not PBR-style either. They usually have a solid small draft selection, friendly bartenders, not crowded, and good music playing. From their website (K St location): happy hour (4PM – 7PM everyday) $4 Mandu (dumplings x6), $4 Drafts, $4 Sojutinis, $4 Rails, $4 House Wine

  • Safeway

  • DC Reynolds – BOGO drinks! 5-9, so plenty long too

  • DC Reynolds. The days of me trekking some place for crappy $1 beers are long gone. I’ll take my Bogo and awesome food a bus ride from home!

  • Not exactly my favorite, but I do enjoy happy hour at Whole Foods P Street. I think its $1 off some already well priced beers. Somewhat of a routine to stop in there for a beer and pickup stuff to grill/cook for the weekend.

    • I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. I do like when they do $5 beers outside on their patio area in the summer (not too bad a price for a weekend afternoon, imo).

    • +1

      The Salmon entree is like $10 and its an entire meal with sides and veggies and not one of those deals where you have to order 3 appetizers to get full. The mixed drinks are typically in the $5 range and are very heavy handed. Walk out satisfied for $20 bucks and there are pool tables, karaoke to boot…

    • Do they still have the giant beers?

  • Red Derby has $1 Natty Boh’s & Stroh’s during Happy Hour. And a roof. And 1/2 priced food specials 4 nights a week.

  • Rebellion. They have a standard happy hour ($3 can beers, $5 rail & wine) that goes from 3:30 to 8 and also a daily special that goes all night. I like their half price wine bottle Tuesdays, 25% off whiskey Wednesdays and $3 local craft beer Thursdays.

  • Bravo Bar on GA Ave.

    BOGO 5-8. Every day.
    beer, shot, and hot dog combo for $5.

    • jim_ed

      Bravo Bar is the best. Better Hot Wings than Duffy’s too. Not only the best happy hour, but my favorite bar in town.

    • Beer, shot and hot dog?! Man, I’ve been out of the loop. I need to do this.

    • I might try this place today after work. Kinda sold on that beer, shot thing lol

      • Please don’t lower yourself to having a beer of the common man you little snot. I mean after all you did say “I can’t drink those cheap beers anymore. I feel I deserve better.”

          • +1. I feel bad I saw this so late. This is possibly one of the largest overreactions on PoPville in recent memory…

        • Bruh..Chill. It’s beer. Stop what you’re doing and grab one right now, cause it sounds like you need to mellow.

        • There are decent beers at dive bars. I am not anti dive bar by any means just anti nasty beers. I was going to ask what beers they have but id rather just stop by and see for myself.

          A lot of trouble making a screen name and all just to reply to this….

    • Egad

      Bravo Bar is fantastic for a cheap, delicious, no frills good time. My kind of place!

  • Chaplins…1/2 off almost all drinks (some cocktails excluded) 4-7

  • Hamilton’s on 2nd NW and Independence. PBRs for a buck. Come in a bucket. And good beers too for more. Plus it’s a Badger bar. On Wisconsin!

  • Accountering

    Andie and I have enjoyed Red Light Tavern at 14th and R recently. $5 big beers until 9pm, and $5 bacon wrapped dates. Great spot for a HH beer.

    • I tried to go here once but they said they were out of both the appetizers my friend and I tried to order. On a Saturday afternoon, no less. Yeesh!

  • Crisp Kitchen + Bar does $5 everything behind the bar from 5-8 everyday of the week including weekends! Also in Bloomingdale Showtime does $5 combos all the time.

  • penn commons!

  • I dislike sports, but Walter’s (Walters?) (between D.C Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge) has some good happy hour items. And their cocktails (or at least the one I keep having) pack a punch without tasting overly strong.

    • Forgot to mention (for anyone not familiar with it) that Walter’s is a sports bar. I didn’t think I’d ever have a reason to voluntarily set foot in a sports bar.

    • YES! Those were some tasty, STRONG cocktails for a great price!

  • Bravo Bar on GA Ave — two for one drafts . . . Beer, shot, and hotdog for $5.

  • Any recommendations in NE (I just moved to Woodridge) around Rhode Island Ave?

  • Bier Baron: $10 Burger & Beer; $4 Shorts; $1 Off Drafts. The basement is where it’s at.

  • Another vote for Bravo, but my fave little known fave is Pete’s Pizza – half off already cheap pints/wine!

  • Recessions $5 King Kongs

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