• Is this going to be a permanent change, or just a promotion?

  • C_petworth

    are the community tables back outside? I use too love this space for summer HH but last year they switched to tables out back with you could only sit in if you were ordering dinner and it totally changed the vib of the place

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the last time I was on the patio that’s how it was, but that was a while ago. Even with the community tables I just can’t get into their patio. It’s too enclosed, it’s technically outside but kind of feels like inside. I’ll give it another shot this summer though.

      • Plants

        I agree that it’s too enclosed. They need to sacrifice some space and get some big plants if they haven’t. I always felt like I was in someone’s garage there.

    • Fox

      Hey guys, I’m an employee. The metallic tables from last year are (thankfully, in my opinion) gone! From what I remember, they are going to be replaced by smaller high top style tables and stools. Dont’ quote me on that being the final product, but I know for a fact the bulky tables are gone.

      • tables

        Hooray! Thanks for letting everyone know. Do you know which beers will be on the $1 special or will it be all beer on tap?

        • Fox

          I can’t speak to that info yet, but I’m sure management is working hard on figuring all that out. I can tell you that the patio definitely feels more inviting than it did with those bulky tables.

          • Ben

            So does that start now?

          • Mgmt

            It is for all beers we have on tap. The specials will go through the Fall. We are also going to make the space more airy and add some greenery. Baby steps… The patio will also be smoke free. A downer for some but a plus for most.

          • on tap

            That is great, great news. So… what’s on tap?

          • LittleBluePenguin

            YES! Thank you for making it smoke-free!

  • Ben

    When does this start now? Any food specials?

    • Mgmt

      It starts today. The bar food menu is available (and upgraded) and the prices are very reasonable.

      • Ben

        Excellent – see you in a few hours!

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Very nice! Compared to what they usually charge for a beer, those prices are almost too good to be true.

  • textdoc

    Ooh… $4 wine and cocktail specials too.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      let me know if/when you wanna check out the $4 wine and cocktail specials!

      • +1

        • callmeB


      • skj84

        Unofficial PoPville Happy Hour?

        • FridayGirl

          Yes please! I should actually be able to come this time because no more classes.

  • Eric Luntz

    Maybe they can use some of the money they make from this promotion to fix their fire alarm system. I live right behind Chez Billy and their fire alarm rings for hours in the middle of the night at least once a month.

    • Anon

      Must be because of the hot hot specials?

      • Bmack

        You win the day

    • M

      Hey neighbor, any idea what that buzzing sound is that currently goes off every 3-4 minutes all hours of the day for the past few weeks? Not sure which building it’s coming from but damn is it annoying.

  • Garper

    Hope the pworth mommy mafia doesn’t take it over, a la the Citizen.

    • Mommy Mafia

      Too late. There are scores of us waiting in line for Chez Billy to open right now. Will fill up the entire patio tonight and every night!

      • Grownup

        Was there Friday night and it looks like ^MommyMafia wasn’t joking. I got wet-sneezed on by a baby and my table flooded by a toddler wielding a full glass of juice. A curse upon your houses.

  • Abdc

    The patio is closed tonight :/ not sure what’s going on. But just tried to hit up the hh right when it opened and the bartender said its closed.

  • textdoc

    I just phoned (after seeing Abdc’s post) to try to get some clarification. Apparently they had some kind of emergency and had to close the kitchen and patio. However, they’re honoring the happy hour specials at the bar.

    • Mgmt

      Yep, we had an emergency of biblical proportions that we are dealing with. Let’s just say it involved wasps. Anyhow, we are moving the party inside tonight but will have the patio running properly tomorrow. All specials will be honored. Sorry for inconvenience.

      Drink up!

  • Erin

    This is awesome. We’ve been wanting to try Chez Billy for a while, but it seemed just…not our style. This helps ease the concern about potential snootiness (sometimes I just wanna grab a beer in my comfy clothes!); double points for employees and management being on this thread and communicative!

  • Hopper

    Dollar dollar beerz y’all

  • HH

    FYI I went yesterday, and the happy hour was good for one beer variety only, and cocktails were $5. I’m still planning to come back for future happy hours, just be aware the specials are not quite as advertised.


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