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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Dad’s health issues. He starts radiation on Monday.
    Rave: At least I haven’t started stress eating. Yet.
    Rave: Long weekend. I so need this.
    Rave: This weather. Last night at Youngest Zelda’s baseball game, it was so gorgeous. 85 with a light breeze is so perfect for me.

  • I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend. Take care all :).

  • Rave: By the end of the day, I will be the proud owner of a shiny new HVAC system!
    Rant: Living the last few days without an air conditioner has been a bit uncomfortable… as is the bill.
    Rave: Parents and nephew will be arriving in a couple of days. I can’t wait to see them!

  • I live in Brookland and found what appeared to be a stolen and ditched folding bike in the alley behind my house on 10th and Kearny ST NE yesterday. I reported it to DCPD and Officer J.M. Blasting responded to the call and took the bike to be stored until the rightful owner claims it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Homeboy Johnny “Circle” Logan founded Memorial Day in 1868.
    Rant: Losted Holidays.
    Rave: Looking forward to a quiet three day weekend around town. If you are taking a trip, leave NOW so I can take your parking space!

  • Revel: Three Day Weekend! Yaaaassssssssss!
    Rant: To be kicked off with finishing the move from BF’s house to the new house and cleaning the old house… womp, womp, womp.
    Rave: But I get to spend the rest of the weekend setting up my new house!

  • Rave: Contra dancing at Glen Echo tonight! My favorite thing ever! 🙂 My water bottle is already in the freezer in preparation.
    Rave: Working today, then Tuesday, then VACATION!
    Rant: Thinking the wedding might happen around November, which means I need to start growing my hair out. Booo.
    Rave: Boss is out today. When the cat is away…the mice will be on Facebook.

    • It is going to be SO HOT at Glen Echo tonight! Jealous I can’t make it, but it is officially ‘pack extra t-shirt season’ for contra.

    • That One Guy

      Sorry, not trying to jack your post, but I saw the word Contra and my mind automatically went to to up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a.

  • Rave? First date tonight. I met him on Tinder (ugh, I know, but…). If he’s as great in person as the texting has been, it will be fun. Trying not to get my hopes up or over-anticipate.
    Rave: It’s the weekend, and I do pet sitting on the side. Last minute sits = convenience fees so I’m racking in some cash.
    Rant: It won’t really be a long weekend for me, but I enjoy what I’m doing
    Rave: I’m doing a volunteer program for Metro and got to speak to Wiedefeld last night who, to his credit, made the time to come talk to us.

  • binntp

    Rant: Damn, there were a lot of roaches out on the street this morning!
    Rave: While I hate the summer heat & humidity, I am pleased to see the return of the sun.

  • Rave: Beach bound this evening.

    Rant: The storm system that’s coming in this weekend. Why can’t I have nice things? At least the condo has an indoor pool.

  • Rant: Looks like denim blouses are back in style.
    Rave: I bet my paisley brocade vest, circa 1992, is still at my parents’ house. One less thing to buy when that trend inevitably comes back around this fall!

    • Ah, yes, known as ‘chambray’ now. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I see them on younger women and I think, oh that’s cute. Then I look at them in stores and I just can’t.

      • You’re nicer than I. I see them on younger women and think “Why can’t you learn from our mistakes??”
        I admit, though, I’m looking forward to the return of grunge. Hope I didn’t miss it…

        • I vaguely remember grunge (or at least plaid shirts) coming back a couple of years ago.

          • Oh yes, plaid flannel was back a few years ago, though much more fitted. However, I do see JNCO jeans trying to make a come back. Those contraptions truly should remain in the 90s along with frosted tips on men.

          • That One Guy

            Wait, is the grunge look different than the hipster look? I feel like the hipster and urban industrial looks were the reinterpretation of the 90s grunge.

          • I feel like the hipster look is a refined version of grunge. Grunge was over-sized flannels with raggedy tshirts under neath. Hipster is super-fitted flannel with a fitted retro tee. Grunge was also cheaper.

          • Exactly. All those videos of women making sexy strapless dresses out of oversized flannel? That’s hipster. Grunge did not GAF about sexy.

          • Ugh, my BF keeps saying he’s going to get a pair of JNCOs… I can’t decide if he actually wants them or if he’s just trolling me.

          • Anonamom nailed it. Hipster is the organic, free-range version of grunge.

          • SKT, for your sake, I hope he is trolling you! We saw a couple last week and the woman was wearing JNCOs with leg openings bigger than her waist. Hell, the opening was probably wider than the inseam of the pants! I felt bad for the man with her.

          • See, I dunno, JNCOs might be a nice change of pace from the overabundance of bulges in super-tight skinny jeans everywhere! (I kid! But surely there’s a happy medium somewhere)

          • The name “JNCO” didn’t ring any bells for me, but I googled it and saw that you’re talking about flared rave-type jeans.
            I was never into enormous flares, but I much prefer boot-cut trousers to the “skinny” ones.

          • dcgator

            Wait, so the bulges of skinny jeans is not acceptable/appreciated? Hmmm….gotta rethink some wardrobe choices, if so. (also, thanks for sending me on a chambray-internet-shopping-rabbit-hole

          • That One Guy

            Aren’t boyfriend jeans the “happy medium”?

          • dcgator

            Dunno, I’m a guy, and have never worn boyfriend jeans (but I do like em skinny).

          • As a person with blipster tendancies. I do own a red plaid shirt. I actually purchased it for my ZomBeyonce costume for Halloween, but become my go to for tech events and beer tastings.

      • Isn’t the revived chambray already a little passe? I think it got trendy about 5 years ago. Back then it triggered 90’s flashbacks, then for a couple years I thought it was ok and considered giving it a try. But now enough time has passed that I think I’ll just skip this one. The fashion bloggers wear it well but it would probably be unflattering on me.

        • This is entirely possible. I suppose once you become mainstream at Target and Old Navy, you are passe. This is why, I’m finding, most moms are quite passe; we shop where we shop for the kids. Or at least this is my excuse 😉

    • My backup sunglasses (large lenses) have been out of style so long that they’re back in again. I still don’t like the way they look, though.

      • I am currently in a sunglasses conundrum; I am usually a wayfarer girl, and tried to branch out into a slightly new style only to find that it is just way too big for my face. So now I’m trying to decide whether to continue the search or just stay with the tried and true.

        • I’m loving the aviators. Yes, the middle aged mom in aviators and a quilted vest (totally practical, don’t make fun) is a painful cliche, but they provide just the right amount of face coverage for me.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Vivid dream this morning involving someone from the past. Why subconscious are you putting yourself through this??? Someone wiser than me once said that hope is perhaps the worst evil as it’s the last thing to try and escape from Pandora’s box. I need to remind myself that this interpretation is applicable to the dream.
    Rave: I’m doing well exploring colors this week: purple shoes, red sneakers, yellow messenger bag, multicolored shirt, etc. (all worn on different days because I’m scared too much color would scare people).
    Rave: Finding out Sherlock started to air again. I like Masterpiece Theater when it airs cool shows like this one.

  • Rant: Can’t find my sunglasses or my (hardcopy) calendar. (Yes, I keep a hardcopy calendar. No, I don’t have a smartphone.) I don’t typically lose things.
    Rave: It’s Friday! And a three-day weekend is coming up! And we get early dismissal this afternoon!

    • binntp

      I also keep a hard copy calendar. I find it so much easier to get a handle on all of my tasks/appointments for the week and month ahead than having to scroll through the one on my phone or Outlook. Hope you find yours!

    • I also have a hard copy calendar… well, a few of them (one at work, a planner in my purse, and then of course one in the kitchen). I find that sometimes I really do just need to put pen to paper to get my thoughts organized.

    • I’ve been meaning to purchase a new hardcopy calendar. My work calendar and personal calendar won’t sync up on my phone.

    • I am heartened to hear that so many other people have hardcopy calendars.
      I just hope I haven’t lost mine permanently — I couldn’t find it at home and thought it must be at the office… but it’s not at the office either.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: grumpy this morning. Why can’t people just do what they are told and not argue about it?
    Rave: long weekend then a couple of day til Sweden!

  • Rave: Being home is making me realize how much I really have settled in DC even if I don’t always feel like it.
    Rave: It’s totally wonderful being home, but being back in DC will be nice, too.
    Have a great long weekend everyone!

  • Rave: We did a short road trip to Detroit and it was a lot of fun! It’s a cool city and we also had an awesome dinner at Wright & Co.
    Rant: Made the mistake of looking at real estate on redfin. So, so cheap! I found my dream home in an awesome neighborhood for $300k.
    Rave: The weather has been nothing short of amazing up here, which means we hit the beaches Sunday and Monday. And we doing date night on the islands tonight!

  • Rave: holy crap how is it already 10:30?! Soooo close to the long weekend I can taste it!
    Rant: Really dislike humidity. yes, my hair looks great today, but I am really having a hard time breathing. Not sure it’s a fair trade off.
    Rant: a METRO EMPLOYEE (station manager or something similar) lighting up his cigarette barely out of the gate and proceeding to smoke as casually rode up the escalator at Columbia Heights. C’mon! what is wrong with people that they just don’t think the rules apply to them?!
    Rave/Rant: Got the letter from the IRS explaining the holdup in processing my tax return – apparently I’m missing a 1095-A form from the Healthcare Marketplace – I forgot, I had a Marketplace for 3 or 4 weeks at the very beginning of 2015, before my new job plan kicked in. Guess I’m gonna have to tear apart my house looking for this form, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it – or maybe I threw it away? Ack. Anyway, seems like it won’t be too terrible to remedy, but now I’m worried that my refund amount is going to go down… 🙁 Also, wtf TurboTax?! Why didn’t you catch that?!

    • that doesn’t seem right, because there is a three month grace period for being uninsured. If you had employer health insurance Feb-Dec of 15 it shouldn’t matter whether or not you can prove that you had marketplace insurance in January. And it definitely won’t affect your refund because as long as you had minimum essential coverage (employer health coverage would qualify) from Feb-Dec you shouldn’t have any penalty. google “shared responsibility payment” and the first link that comes up is the IRS overview of how it works. in any case, if you do need to come up with the 1095-A and you can’t find it, you should (SHOULD) be able to get a duplicate from DC Health Link.

      • This shouldn’t be a penalty issue. There are credits associated with the marketplace with the necessary info coming from the 1095a.

        • only if she was getting help from the government paying for the 3-4 weeks she had marketplace insurance. if she paid full price for the marketplace insurance the only purpose of the 1095-A is to prove that she had it.

          • Actually – let me backtack, because I shouldn’t be talking about hypothetical tax return situations without knowing the full facts. I am PRETTY SURE you don’t have a credit issue that would be relevant to your tax return if you were paying full price back in January. In any case, LBP – good luck and again I would try DC HealthLink to get the dupe 1095-A.

      • also I should note that this isn’t tax advice and if you want tax advice you should talk to a lawyer or an accountant.

    • Turbo tax didn’t ask if you bought insurance in the marketplace or did you forget you did and answered no? If the former, I’d get a new program.

      • They may have asked me and I completely forgot that I had, because I didn’t have the 1095-A form in front of my face. And I was getting a ‘discounted” plan or whatever, had some form of help from the gov’t because at the time I was making 35K less than I do now. oh god….I’m so nervous! I mean, It was literally only 1 month or less, but still, if I have to watch the money I thought I was getting back dry up, I’m going to cry.

        • still, even if you have to pay it back, it’s just one month of premium and presumably you paid some part out of pocket. your refund may go down by whatever amount the government paid on your behalf if they determine that you no longer qualified for it due to the job you started in Feb. so, yeah, it is a bummer, but hopefully you’ll still be getting a refund even if it’s a bit smaller. the one other thing you might want to check into — you may have to file an amended return (1040X) to reflect your true health insurance situation for 2015 (i.e. that you had marketplace for January, with help from the government, and then employer health coverage the rest of the year). I think you can do a 1040X on Turbo Tax but then you have to actually print it out, sign it, and mail it in (you can’t file it electronically).

          • ok, thanks for the info, I’ll keep this in mind. Blerg, I just want this to be over with!

        • Yea, the programs are great only if you exactly know your tax situation. Easy enough to forget about 1 month of insurance.
          Worst case scenario: you have to pay back whatever subsidy you received in January. Ideally that shouldn’t eat up your whole refund. I THINK it just becomes income, but I didn’t do many returns that didn’t involve medicaid/care.

          • Thanks, Anon Spock. I feel like such an idiot right now, but I swear I thought I did everything right.

    • Did you ever get your DC refund? (I can’t remember if you were waiting on that one too.) I am STILL waiting and so sick of the DC government at this point. I called to confirm they received our documents to “verify our identity” and the did receive them on May 10. The lady on the phone said she has no idea when we’ll get our refund b/c they receive “thousands of these a day.” WTF. Not to mention I waited on hold for an hour. They seem to be way over their head with processing these.

      • oh motherf*cker. No, I haven’t received it yet, and I don’t have any idea who to call in order to confirm that they received my supporting identity documents. 🙁 I know that it was delivered a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy with other stuff that I haven’t had a chance – or known how – to follow up.

        • 202-741-8629 is the number you want. This is so ridiculous. There has to be a better way.

          • oh, thanks! I’m honestly almost afraid to call it, though! If I have to hear the same BS you’ve been dealing with, I might have a stroke!

  • Rant : more fcking testing
    Revel : looking forward to the weekend even though I don’t have any real plans

  • Rave: The Object Lesson at the Studio Theater. I need to see it again.
    Rant: Quantum mechanics is back to haunt me.
    Rave 2: Petworth Jazz starts up again this weekend!
    Rave 3: Central AC, i’m so grateful.

  • Rant: bloody cat vomit forces a change in plans. Now I’ll be taking both kids and both cats to the vet. Wish me luck!
    Rave: vet’s office had an opening this morning so we can get the cats checked out right away.
    Rave: both cats acting normally.
    Rant: that’s even more perplexing….

    • Oh no! I hope both mtpcats are OK!

    • Like “damn cat vomit” or “cat vomit containing blood?” And are you sure it’s blood? My cat will eat anything– beets, tomato sauce…
      Good luck!

    • Looked like blood though both cats checked out fine. So we’ll see if there is a repeat. Vet said it could have been dirt? Either way, glad both cats seem fine for now. Bummer to have to skip strawberry picking but such is life. Thanks!

      And yup, one of my cats also eats everything though we try not to let him. At least we haven’t had a raisin incident in awhile!

  • Rave: Pineapples and Pearls tonight!
    Rave: Made it to the second round of the mysterious process that may lead to kind of a dream-ish job. Even the headhunter doesn’t know how this one is going to go down, but she at least put me in the small batch whose writing samples are being sent along.
    Rave: The whole rowing thing going unusually well.
    Rave: Short but explosive tiff with girlfriend officially buried, with lessons learned, apologies all around and no toxic waste.
    Rave: Sunny day and early dismissal.
    Rant: Clearly, it can only go downhill from here.

  • Rant: Some minor annoying health issues have me stressed out. A reminder that I need to make self-care a better priority.
    Rave: Chill weekend with family ahead.

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