Behold the “El Diablo Upwich” from Uprising Muffins

UFR_6956 b

From an email:

“Uprising Muffin Company in Shaw is launching the “El Diablo Upwich” today….just in time for Cinco de Mayo!!

“Two spicy Mexican chocolate muffin tops with Trickling Springs organic vanilla bean ice cream “sandwiched” between them.”

All of Uprising’s Muffins have 10 ingredients or less. One of those ten in the “El Diabo” is Cayenne Pepper that is mixed into the chocolate batter giving it a little bit of heat, with the vanilla ice cream to cool!

The El Diablo is here through summer as well as the original Upwich: chocolate chip muffin tops with vanilla ice cream.”

1817 7th Street, NW

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  • I LOVE Uprising. And can’t wait to try these Mexican chocolate ice cream sandwiches — deliciosos, I’m sure!

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