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  • Is waiting in line for an hour really worth saving 6-7 dollars on a sandwich? Only if you’re broke.

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    • I don’t think it’s about how much money they save, it’s probably more about whether they’ve got something more useful to do with the time. At any given time in the downtown DC office world, there’s plenty of people who don’t. (Personally, I always have something ‘more useful’ to do than wait in line for cheap food.)

    • government productivity summarized in one picture here


    • My guess is most of these people thought: “It’s just Jimmy Johns, no one’s going to wait in a long line for it, plus I’m here early to avoid the rush, so might as well save a few bucks.”
      Then they get there and see a long line and rationalize: “It will be nice to be out in this lovely weather and I don’t have anything to rush back to the office for.”
      Twenty minutes later they’re like “Wellll I’ve invested all this time now so I’ll just tough it out. Maybe some of the people ahead will drop out.”
      I recently went through a similar thought process when I took my dogs in for reduced-price rabies shots at the WHS clinic. They money I saved wasn’t worth all the time I invested but I had a poor understanding of how long it would take.

  • cue the judgemental folks criticizing how others choose to spend their time.

  • Opportunity. Cost.

  • Jimmy John’s founder is responsible for killing the las female black rhino in Mangetti National Park. Hunting is African national parks is his hubby

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Not sure a Jimmy Johns sandwich is even worth a dollar…

  • Love how all these artisanal this and ethically-sourced that places have opened in DC and people cannot get enough of them. You’d think the whole ‘better food’ phenomenon would translate to something legitimate (ie: eat better, everyday), but I guess lining up for dollar sandwiches at Jimmy John’s is a testament to how much BS the whole movement actually is… but shhh, the weekly Union Market Instagram post should cover the it all up!

  • The sandwiches are OK but in no way worth standing in that line for.

  • Sorry but I’m not supporting a big game hunter who slaughters animals… Pass

  • These people in line are probably the same closeted conservatives who tell all their friends “I’m a liberal,” but they also stand in line at the Chick-fil-A truck, despite the fact that the money they hand over in exchange for those chicken sandwiches end up in the coffers of those who have helped fund conservative hate groups.

    • HaileUnlikely

      At $1/sandwich, JJ’s ain’t making any money today. Each sandwich, however you feel about it’s quality, obviously has at least $1 worth of ingredients, and the staff get their hourly pay, thus, they invariably lose money when running this sort of promo, which they hope will be recouped by getting happy customers to go back. If you really want to hit them in the wallet, go there *only* when they are offering $1 sandwiches. Heck, if you don’t want to eat it, give a dollar to a homeless person on the street and tell him to go get himself a sandwich at JJ’s.

  • First time I was ever going to have one of your sandwiches and you cut people off I can’t believe that so many people are upset that you guys why would you do something like that ? and then being rude to them and I still haven’t had one of your sandwiches!!

  • I wouldn’t support this business even if the food was free. Jimmy John uses his customers’ money to poach endangered animals.

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