“Whiskey, tango, fox trot” at the Tidal Basin

fox trot

Thanks to Reana for sending Sunday:

“Whiskey, tango, fox trot. We caught him mid rodent snack!”

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  • Awesome shots. But why does that poor fox look so scruffy? Do they shed hard in spring? Or is she sick?

    • Looks like mange – a very uncomfortable, and sad fate for these foxes 🙁

      • Was thinking the same thing. 🙁

        • I have a neighbor who gets free medicine from animal control in Northern VA and doses the foxes who frequent her backyard. She has healed many a mangy fox. Maybe this is an option in DC too? If not it’s maybe only because nobody’s brought it up yet.

  • This looks like the fox that hangs out around State Department (which makes sense, given the location of these photos). He definitely looks like he’s had mange for a month or so…

  • That may be a Coyote!

  • Looks like “the strange tale of the crack fox” from Dalston!

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