Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2016 at 9:26 am 77 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Yucky McYuckerson

    rant: thought I just had allergies. turns out it’s allergies AND a really bad cold.
    rave: new colleagues who say “you sound awful. you should go home soon.” and really mean it. colleagues at my old job would have just said “you sound awful.” and then would have judged me for not powering through if I left work early.

  • UDPie

    Rave: Lots of fun this weekend – saw La Tosca performed by incredible singers in a warehouse in Bushwick, got yummy ramen and Milk Bar desserts (crack pie) with old elementary school friends, caught up on some House of Cards and Broad City, and wandered around some awesome neighborhoods.
    Rant: Long, hard, emotional talks about stresses, travel, living across two cities, and what’s next in terms of jobs, family, home buying, etc..
    Rave: These talks are with someone I love and respect, who loves and respects me, and we’re sitting across the table from one each other, in person, making decisions together.
    Rave: Bought a new bike and am in love. I get to pick it up Thursday and on my PTO day on Friday I’ll be zipping around the city with it.

    • womp

      what bike did you end up getting?

      • UDPie

        I was so torn about getting a cyclocross bike or a touring bike as that the type of bike I have in DC (8 years old and I LOVE it). But seeing as how we live on the 3rd floor and have to carry our bikes up and down, I went for lightness (20 pounds) with the option to add a rack in the future if I want. Got a new Jamis Ventura Comp from my LBS and seeing as how it was an past model, I got a great price on it.

        • womp

          it’s really pretty! in your situation, lightness would have won out for me too. i’m glad you decided and got a great price. congrats!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: The kitties decided that 2 am was the perfect time to have a spat. On my bed. Natually, Mr. Puppy Sheriff decided he needed to know what was going on. Too much noise for 2 am.
    Rave: Dreamt that Mr. Zelda and I went back to Isla Mujeres.
    Rant: I am at work this morning and not actually on Isla Mujeres.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Obvs, that first Rave should be a Rant.

  • wdc

    Hey cyclists, I saw someone using a hand signal I hadn’t seen before. Like he was the next leg on a relay race and waiting for the baton: hand out behind him, palm up, at waist level. What’s that mean?

    • Kukki Bakemono

      I’ll put my hand down low with my palm facing backwards if I’m slowing or stopping so he could’ve been doing that. Putting the hand with open palm on your butt is also accepted as “I’m slowing/stopping”.

    • elbeech

      Yeah, probably “I’m slowing/stopping.” I do it with my palm out and fingers down

  • Debra

    RANT: after months of jumping thorough hoops to adopt a dog from a rescue group with little luck I gave up ever getting a dog from them.
    RAVE: adopted Lucy, a sweet 4 mo old redbone coonhound mix puppy from WARL.
    RANT: housebreaking is never fun nor is the play biting, and constant jumping up on things.
    RAVE: Lucy is getting the hang of it…small steps forward every day. WE ARE IN LOVE!!!, and once again happy to have a pup once again in my home. For me a home is not complete without one.

    • Congrats! Which rescue group did you struggle with?

      • anon

        Let me guess…Lucky Dog?

  • Anon Spock

    Rave: Full of chai and loving it
    Rave: Getting much needed items off the building to do list.
    Rave: Fun weekend coming up.
    Rant: But I had to bail on someone to make that work.

  • Anonamom

    Rave: took the plunge and went RED this weekend and got the long bob I’ve been considering for a while. I absolutely adore the color, but I’m not sure it’s really “me” if that makes sense. Still, I’m going to have fun with it for a while at least!
    Rant: We totally procrastinated on Easter. I need to find a cute dress for me and have had no luck at the usual place I shop. Any thoughts for something online that has fast delivery?

  • PoPOverWork

    Rant/Question: I saw someone leave their dog outside of Flying Fish for an hour+ on Saturday. It was so cold, and the dog was crying, finally a nice person brought it a towel. How long is it acceptable to leave a dog tied up alone? It also had a barbed choke collar, I thought those had gone out of style?

    • FridayGirl

      Imho, that’s not okay. Clearly every dog is different but with this weekend’s temperatures, I personally wouldn’t have left my dog out for more than 15 minutes.

      • FridayGirl

        and to cover my bases, i also personally would not ever leave my dog outside a store unattended like those below. But hypothetically speaking, since people obviously do….

    • As a new city dog owner (grew up with dogs in the suburbs), I’m still not comfortable with the idea of tying my dog up outside even while I run a quick errand in a store. Too worried about the Whole Foods Molly situation…

    • Philippe Lecheval

      In my opinion, it is never acceptable to leave a dog tied up outside a store. Maybe it was OK to do it in the idyllic little town you grew up in, but this is DC, where people will routinely steal, disfigure and destroy nearly anything for no clear reason. If you care about your dog, you will not let it out of your sight.

    • Accountering

      I would argue that it is acceptable to leave your dog outside of a store for zero minutes, at any time, ever.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: having my purse, and two of my friends’, stolen Friday night at Rock and Roll Hotel.
    Rave: how fast and nice the DMV was on Saturday trying to replace my ID
    Rant: the cops that didn’t help much, because the location of the stolen phone and purse was in an area where people got shot
    Rave: the nice lady who bought me cookies at Subway on Saturday so I could use the restroom, since I didn’t have any money to do so

    • Ed. Note: More details (seperate post) on the stolen purses coming later.

  • Herewegoagain

    Rave- I went to the Opera on Tap last night at the Pinch. That was fantastic!!! So glad I went. Thanks for the note about that, PoP!
    Rave- my peas are tall enough to reach their trellis.

  • Irving Streete

    Rave: First cassoulet since my wife died was somehow significant plus delicious as the centerpiece of a smashing dinner party. Even the girlfriend was a little amazed at the whole thing.
    Rant: Shoved my breakfast-at-my-desk remnants and a hand of bananas into a cabinet last Thursday and forgot about them before Friday at telework and the weekend, so came back to a bowl crusted with dried, furry yogurt and granola and six almost inedible bananas. That’s how you get ants.
    Leftover cassoulet for lunch.

  • Rave: Craziest opening weekend of the NCAA tournament that I can recall, so many great games, upsets, last second shots, etc.
    Rave: Somehow in first place in my bracket pool after all the madness.
    Rave: No snow, despite predictions, over the weekend, which means hopefully peak bloom continues as predicted last week.

    • Anon Spock

      It definitely snowed yesterday and Saturday. Too warm to stick but lots of flakes in short bursts.

      • FridayGirl

        Huh, I was outdoors/had my blinds open for most of the day both days and didn’t see any in the air. Just rain. Was it overnight?

        • wdc

          I only saw a minute’s worth of flurries twice all weekend. Very brief, very light. Bowser’s full plow deployment must have been working fast, to clear it all away before I even saw any! Awesome use of resources.

          • FridayGirl


        • Philippe Lecheval

          No, it was just pretty intermittent and scattered. Friends across town reported pretty heavy flakes falling at times, while I saw nothing five miles away.

        • Anonymous

          There was a mix of rain and snow for about 25 minutes on Saturday evening in Bethesda around 630pm.

      • Last night when taking the garbage out I felt the faintest flecks of crystallized precipitation in the air, that’s about it. Nothing of note.

    • HaileUnlikely

      It’s a good thing they deployed the Snow Team. I saw snowflakes fall. Multiple snowflakes. Dozens of snowflakes. Possibly more than one hundred snowflakes!

      • wdc

        Would you say almost a quarter of a thousand snowflakes??

  • RabbitRabbitRabbit

    Rave: Taxes are done! This is the earliest we’ve ever done them… we’re usually the people who are struggling to get them in before midnight on Tax Day.
    Rave: Waffles with vanilla-coconut quark and toasted almonds for breakfast.
    Rant: Had a pretty emotional weekend and today isn’t started out any better. It sucks knowing there is nothing you can do but try to keep moving forward.
    Rave: It’s almost carrot cake time and I’m so excited.

    • My returns seemed to both come back in record times this year, hooray for efficient government folks in action.

      • RabbitRabbitRabbit

        I was shocked that our Federal return was accepted on the same day we submitted. It looks like things are going smoothly with their system this year (fingers crossed).

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Rave: fun, relaxing weekend. Got a new suitcase in prep for vacation next week, along with some cute dresses and some other stuff.
    Rant: weather was pretty gross and miserable, which made my walking around Old Town rather less enjoyable than I had hoped.
    Rave: Brunch with Spite Cupcakes was excellent -and I was so full I didn’t eat dinner yesterday!
    Rant: kitty having a relapse or something with one of her foods? May need to shell out for Rx food…grrrr….
    Rant: excited for vacation but feeling stricken with anxiety over getting everything done I need to beforehand.

  • domrep

    Rave: Binged watched the first season of Daredevil, and now I’m onto season 2. Such a great show.
    Rave: Was on H Street this past weekend, I’ve only been in that area maybe twice in the last four years. It reminds me so much of 14th street in the 90s. It’s gritty, somewhat seedy, but you could definitely tell it’s coming up.
    Rave: Following Obama’s trip to Cuba, really hope in the next year or two regular tourism can open up. I’ve had a few friends go over there for educational purposes and they’ve told me the country is nowhere near ready to handle the demand.

    • wdc

      Speaking of binge watching, I finished Mozart in the Jungle, and am now regretting not pacing myself. It was so very entertaining. And they haven’t even started production on the 3rd season yet.
      But I think Outlander is coming back soon! So that’s something to look forward to.
      Does anyone else get the feeling that the streaming services are the best thing to happen to TV ever? I don’t know if I was watching the wrong stuff all these years, or if Netflix/ Amazon series really are THAT much better than anything we ever had before. Well, a few HBO series were quite good. But the networks have been mediocre at best.

      • BRP

        April 9 for Outlander!

      • skj84

        Streaming services certainly are game changers. I think of so many great “gone too soon” shows that would’ve benefited from the model: “Happy Endings, “Don’t Trust the B” and “Pushing Daisies” come to mind. I try to pace myself when binging. Only one or two episodes per day if I can help it. I still need to finish HoC, I haven’t really been in the mood. I spent this weekend binging “Younger” it’s cute, like “Sex and the City” lite. Which is another show I’ve been rewatching.

        • wdc

          I wonder if the movement to revive Firefly is still kicking?

        • houseintherear

          Ughhhh I miss Happy Endings so badly!!

        • CHGal

          I wanted to like “Younger” but I just couldn’t believe everyone would not question her age. She’s not that young looking.

          • anon

            I wish it were possible to pull a Younger in real life (and still get paid on the books like she does.) Then maybe I could get a job (as I do look younger than I am according to everyone, and I’m not even trying to). But I have the apparently-worse-than-a-felony-conviction condition of “too much experience.” I never thought my shelf-life would be so short.

      • domrep

        I still prefer one episode a week television. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows tho, maybe that’s why. Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Homeland…Flash, Legends of Tomorrow are probably the only TV shows that I watch. I just heard good things about Daredevil and Jessica Jones that I decided to give the free trial a shot again. I’ll see if I can run through House of Cards (last 3 seasons at least) and Narcos.

        • msus

          Jessica Jones is really good, but got too depressing at times to completely binge watch.

          • skj84

            Agreed. One of the best series last year,but I definitely had to take it slow.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: couldn’t fall asleep last night and the cat was annoying in the morning, so now I’m sleepy and mildly grumpy.
    Rant: had to get my winter coat back out this morning.
    Rant: too many questions from AO first thing this am. take my coat off before the questions start. sheesh!
    Rant: too many rants.
    Rave: have some dill seeds to try to grow.

  • ke

    Inspired the weather (rave!) and all of these bike-related posts today – does anyone bike to a work situation where they don’t have a shower available? I’ve done a little city biking for fun, but never used it for commuting and would have to get a new bike. (Commute is between Petworth and Tenleytown.) I’m not sure I want to make the investment in a new bike only to find out that the route or the lack of shower options makes commuting a problem. Any suggestions?

    • rss

      I think it depends on how much you sweat & how casual your work place is. I used to commute by bike from Columbia Heights to Tenleytown when I was in school at American. There is a major hill (both ways!!!!) up Porter into Cleveland Park. But I’m blessed with relatively inactive sweat glands, especially during winter, obviously, and since I wasn’t actually going to a job I just wore comfortable bike clothes (spandex/sweats) all day. now I bike from Columbia Heights to downtown, and even though I have access to a shower here, I typically don’t bother because my ride is all downhill, and even though I do change out of spandex, it’s just into jeans/casual attire. Also – I’ve found that having deodorant & dry shampoo at work even on a sweaty-ish day is more than enough for me.

      • ke

        Thanks! It’s a pretty casual office, so I figured I could change from cycling stuff to my usual jeans/business casual. Having deodorant & dry shampoo are good ideas, and probably wet wipes too. What kind of bike do you use? I was thinking about a cyclocross or touring bike. I think I’ll need something somewhat substantial with our DC roads, and would want to have the option of a rack and panniers.

        • rss

          I have a road bike – a Windsor clockwork that I bought on bikesdirect dot com a few years ago for $329, which was super affordable and also perfect for my 6 mi/day roundtrip commute up and down 11th street. The bike I used to commute to Tenleytown was actually a 1970s era Schwinn 10 speed that I bought on craigslist. You might consider starting with the bike you have (or a loaner as Honey Badger suggested below), see if it’s doable, and then upgrade once you are comfortable with your route and lack of shower. Another thing I used to occasionally do when commuting to Tenleytown was take the crosstown bus (H3 or H4) part of the way – like, up Porter – on the mornings when I was feeling lazy. I’m not sure if there would be a better route from Petworth, but while you are experimenting, you might consider taking a bus part of the way. That can also probably alleviate some of the sweat issues if you can take a bus for the part of your ride that’s up a steep hill!

      • Honey Badger

        I agree with this. I used to bike commute and my ride to work was always downhill or flat, so I didn’t sweat enough to be bothered (even in 100 degree heat in the summer). I had a shower at work, but always showered at home. When I got to work I would just change into business casual attire and reapply deodorant. I might be a little sweaty, but the sweat would dry and I didn’t smell, so I didn’t care.
        Do you have someone you could borrow a bike from to try out the commute? I loved bike commuting and miss it now that I live too far away from work to make it an option.

        • ke

          Thanks for your thoughts! I’m not sure that I know anyone with a suitable loaner bike, but I like the idea. I’ll look into the Windsor model too! Everyone I’ve talked to who has commuted by bike really loves it, so I’m definitely going to explore this further.

  • mtpresident

    Rave: Test driving was so much more low-key than I expected and went quite smoothly, except for
    Rant: forgetting pump parts so I could pump while we were out. Oops.
    Rave: I think we’ve settled on a car
    Rant: My wife is a bit grumpy about practical winning out over more fun to drive
    Rave: Had fun making hamentaschen with friends & kiddo, and we have plenty of leftovers!
    Rave: great trip to dentist to check on some eroding bonding on a tooth. Was very impressed; I think I’ll switch practices for my cleanings as well.
    Rant: The waffle place in the bottom of the office building smelled SO GOOD but I don’t think I can eat anything there right now. I’m going to make a date for breakfast there for my first post-weaning cleaning :)

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rant: Slept like crap, so I am super exhausted.
    Rave: My garage is CLEAN and has essentially doubled in size!! It only took 4 trips to Goodwill, 10+ trash bags, plus numerous boxes for recycling, but our garage now only has items that belong to my husband and myself. I finally feel free and the house is finally starting to feel like OURS! Both my parents are deceased, and having to store all the items others deemed important (but yet left in boxes for 5 years) added unnecessary sadness and stress, and reminded me of events I’d rather not dwell on. So relieved that this chapter can finally be closed.
    Rave: Nearing the end of de-cluttering the house. KonMarie has been a life-saver.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: don’t know what happened after the let’s be friends and subsequent ghosting (on both sides) but I received a call from my uncle/aunt last night (who live half a world away) telling me the girl’s mom is going to visit her in Boston and that she may reach out to meet me. Don’t like the implied heads up/being put on notice like it’s something I’m obligated to do. I’m screwed, aren’t I?

    • FridayGirl

      That’s… awkward. I’m sorry about that situation! I honestly wouldn’t feel obligated, but you know the situation best. Any chance of politely telling them that things didn’t work out on either side and that you don’t feel it’s appropriate to meet her mom? I’d rather be lectured by my relatives than end up in an odd position with someone else’s…

      • That One Guy

        Awkward in ways you don’t know. As I mentioned to a friend I feel like I’m about to step into a big pile of Korean TV drama. At least for the time being I’m just going to try and ignore things. The mom may come to her senses and not contact me.

        • FridayGirl

          Hahaha…. dramas are fun to watch but not fun to be in. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

  • skj84

    Rant: sick. I didn’t really get to relax this weekend, and my tiredness/anxiety caught up with me. I feel achy, can barely move. Stayed home to rest. Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet by tomorrow.

    Rant: According to my mom Grandma is fading. She is my last grand parent. No word on if I need to go up there, but I have a horrible feeling I may need to make plans this week.

  • thismoi

    Rave: I know I mentioned wanting to give my info to one of the regulars I see at work, and I finally did that last week after we got to hang out chatting for about a half hour before starting my shift. Was very proud of myself for not wanting to beat around the bush anymore. But…
    Rant: I haven’t heard from said fellow at all, and it’s been a week. He has my info, but never even reached out with a message so that I would have his. What gives?

    • FridayGirl

      As much as it sucks I would safely assume the fellow isn’t interested. At least not at the moment. But props on making the move!

      • thismoi

        Yep, that’s totally my thinking. It’s just perplexing to me that he was the one who was clearly showing interest. Then again, I’m the one who ended up calling a spade a spade, so he likely had no intent to do something about that interest.

  • wdc

    PSA for jobseekers: If the company to which you are applying has specified wording for the subject line of your application email, USE IT. Use EXACTLY what they tell you to. We use filters to make sure that applications go to the right person, and if the subject line doesn’t match the filter, your app might fall through the cracks.

  • Knocked up

    RAVE: I’m pregnant! Holy moly…it happened a LOT faster than we were expecting. A little shell shocked at the moment. Does anyone ever feel ready for this?
    Rant: Super human smell. I’d heard about it, now I have it. It’s not my favorite thing.

  • Tall E

    Rave: Thanks to the G&G group for a bunch of new seeds!
    Rant: Wicked migraine this weekend.
    Rant2: An unpleasant confrontation with a mentally ill client on how he needed to pick the mug to make sure it didn’t tell him to hurt me. I let him choose. It was a little scary.
    Rave2: delicious steak and eggs.

    Query-Any one have an estate lawyer they would recommend? I’m told to not assume that in DC my stuff will automatically go to next of kin so I should get something written up.

    • elbeech

      Is Bowie too far for you?

  • Revel: Got good feedback from my principal on Friday – she’s heard good things about me and that I’m making great progress.
    Revel: Had a wonderful brunch with LittleBluePenguin yesterday at Urbana.
    Revel: 2.5 more days until Spring break!
    Revel: Purim is coming up. It’s like a Jewish Halloween.
    Rant: Can’t think of any!

  • MPinDC

    Rave: Gin & Gardening gathering was fun and I have a few new things to try growing this year
    Rave: DC Impact self-defense workshop on Saturday. I’ve taken the workshop before but wanted to have a refresher. It was useful to review both verbal and physical self defense strategies and techniques.
    PoPville PSA: The workshop is scheduled again for May (14th) and then other dates later in the year

  • Missy

    Rant: having the most Monday of all Monday’s. Overly tired, day full of meetings, a big project I’ve been working on just got yanked from underneath me because of politics, a bird pooped on me, and I’m cold.

    Rave: the taco food truck is outside so I’m gonna eat tacos for lunch. There’s sunshine.

  • ET

    Google’s Doodle4 winner is Akilah Johnson from Washington, DC! https://www.google.com/doodle4google/


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