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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: My family dog suffered a bad back injury yesterday. It looks like we might have to make some tough decisions soon. I can’t stop thinking about it.
    Rant: So far from home. Can’t be with my pup or say goodbye if I need to.
    Rave: Beautiful day this morning. Helping me try to be in the moment and not worry too much.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I am stressed and dropping the ball on things lately. I tend to pride myself (probably too much) on being über competent and having it all together, so slipping like this is hard on me.
    Rant: Because of this and some other issues, my anxiety is at a pretty high level.
    Rave: Thank god for benzos and sunshine.

  • Rant: I’m like Michael Bolton in Office Space and the no talent a$$clown with my name is wearing on me. If I have to hear one more comment when I use my credit card, make a doctor’s appointment, get carded, etc. I think I’ll just lose it. Even TSA made a “joke” once. They’re never funny!!!!
    Rave: the weather is amazing!
    Rave: stopped for a latte at my fave place this morning…
    Rant three shots might have been overkill
    Rave: hanging with all my friends, my dog, and my dog’s friend tonight!

  • Rave: One orchid in bloom, another about to bloom
    Rave: Lacto-fermentation – inspired by NYT article, I’m trying to make a sourdough starter by catching some wild yeast. Also, started another batch of kimchi
    Rave: Spring weather!

    • Yay for the orchid! We had months of what I deemed the stick and root phase. Began to wonder if we’d ever see its lovely blooms again but a few months later we have 4 bloomed with another 3 on the way!

  • Rant: Gangs of young idiots on quads, dirt bikes and motorcycles who are going to kill themselves or someone else. On my way to the grocery store last night I watched this huge pack of them tearing up Georgia Ave popping wheelies and doing crazy stunts while drivers attempted to not hit / not get hit by them. It was terrifying. You know what, dudes? If you wanna do stupid sh!t, then fine, but I really really do not want to witness your brain getting smattered across the pavement. Seriously scary.
    Rave: Good session with my counselor last night. Hopefully this will help me develop new / better skills for handling anxiety and other issues.
    Rave: Great talk with the bestie last night, plotting and planning our time together out in CA….
    Rant: Until past midnight, which meant sleep didn’t come until about 1 a.m. I feel like a zombie.
    Rant: I feel like I’m developing the Metro equivalent of road rage. I almost screamed at a mom this morning, as she was getting on the escalator with her huge stroller – with kid – precariously balanced across a several step span, blocking the way of anyone trying to pass. THAT”S WHAT THE EFFING ELEVATOR IS FOR!!!! I realize I don’t have a kid and don’t have to lug them and all their sh!t around town, and that the elevator is probably more time-consuming for the parent, but c’mon.

    • Or the elevator is out of order. So the parent is left with the option of riding to another stop then walking back to where they need to be, or removing the kid and all the gear to carry it and the stroller up the escalator. Or… saying f*ck it and getting on with their day escalator and all.

      • Right, I get that. I get that it’s inconvenient. But by riding the escalator up/down, you’re thereby inconveniencing everyone you share the escalator with. And as others have pointed out, it really seems like it could be dangerous. Have you ever been on the escalator when it suddenly stops? If you’re heading down, you’re gonna be lucky to retain your balance as an unencumbered human, and if you’re a human riding with a stroller, hopefully your kid is buckled in!

        • +1. Elevators out of order, totally understandable. Elevators not out of order, seems inconsiderate, like it’s cool to inconvenience others so that you may be convenienced. And dangerous. But my annoyance to this is highly proportional to the length of the escalator. And, it’s one of those internal annoyances that wouldn’t necessarily rise to the level of saying anything other than ranting on a blog.

          • Right. Hence today’s mini-rant. Which is actually smaller, rant-wise, to me than my first rant about the crazy wanna-be stuntmen riding up and down the stress!

          • Streets. That’s supposed to be streets! But it is stressful!

        • “But by riding the escalator up/down, you’re thereby inconveniencing everyone you share the escalator with.” It’s like a 30 second inconvenience – 90 seconds if the escalator is exceptionally long. As opposed to the 20 minutes or so it would take to get to an alternative stop. It’s not ideal from a safety standpoint, but with proper precautions it’ll be fine.

          • You so often beat me to the sensible comment I was composing in my head. 🙂

          • But 30-90 sec could actually mean missing a train, which could turn into much longer. But, again, this is more a situation about when there is a *working* elevator. Sure, I get it, seems like everyone understands that sometimes the elevator doesn’t work, and I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to go to a different stop in those situations. It’s the “I don’t want to wait 30-90 sec for the elevator myself but I don’t care if those behind me have to wait 30-90 sec” that bothers me.”

          • Thank you, kanon, yes, that is what really bothers me – that, and I genuinely get concerned for the safety of those kids, depending on how the stroller is balanced!

          • HaileUnlikely

            I basically agree with this. Yeah, I wish I could pass more easily. But heck, when not impeded by others, I walk up stairs and escalators a whole lot faster than the vast majority of people. People who are actively walking up the escalator usually register as obstacles to me, to nearly the same degree as somebody who is just standing there. If I can get over healthy-looking young me who are obviously just to m*f* lazy to walk up the escalator as fast as I think they should be willing and able to do, I can certainly get over somebody who has an infant in their care forcing me to slow down once in a while.

      • This. There are definitely inconsiderate people out there, but I have been in this exact situation that wdc described, with my toddler asleep in the stroller. Granted mine wasn’t at rush hour, but I was still between a rock and a hard place. It was a less than 30 second ride on the escalator, and everyone went on with their day just fine.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I agree with this. If the elevator was out of order, I’m fine with it. It is not reasonable to expect somebody to go an extra stop and then walk or bus back for the sole purpose of avoiding having to bring a child in a stroller on an escalator. The elevator at my station (Takoma) is out of service long-term for seemingly-extensive rehabilitation. Nobody who lives a couple blocks from Takoma should be expected to walk or bus or cab to Silver Spring or Fort Totten for the sole purpose of being able to get up to the platform without using the escalator.

        • If the elevator is out of order, that’s a whole other matter, and I don’t mind as long as the parent at least makes an effort, or even pretends to make an effort, at keeping the stroller to one side.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I hate that. Besides blocking the escalator, it seems so, so dangerous to me. When Youngest Zelda was still in a stroller, I took it on the Metro escalator once before I came to my senses and realized what a moron I was being.

    • I gently pointed out to a mother that strollers are not allowed on the escalator for safety reasons once and got a nasty response.

      • Didn’t we learn yesterday that speaking to parents for any reason at any time is strictly forbidden? I’m afraid to even make eye contact with them!

        • I too find some parents to take their martyrdom to a pretty silly level, but in their defense, I think you underestimate just how many weird strangers think our children are public domain, and our parenting is performance art for their viewing/ critiquing pleasure. Assume that she has already heard from six people today about her baby’s lack of socks, or her breastfeeding, or her bottle feeding, or…
          I once had an old lady chide me at the grocery store because I wasn’t actively talking to my infant in the two minutes she observed us in line. She lectured me about how if I ignored my baby all the time she would grow up “retarded”.

          • lol… I absolutely HATE going to the Petworth Safeway because I inevitably get the stank eye from some hipster in a man bun because I have three creatons.

          • Oh my god. I would have had to have worked really hard at not punching the old lady in the face.

          • “I think you underestimate just how many weird strangers think our children are public domain, and our parenting is performance art for their viewing/ critiquing pleasure.” YES. And the people who try to touch strangers’ infants deserve a special place in hell.

      • I saw a woman leave her kid in her shopping cart on the TARGET CART ESCALATOR(!!1!!1!!) and she gave the Target employees an earful when they yelled at her. Some people just don’t give a damn about rules, safety, their own kid’s health, etc and you can’t help them.

      • I know I always loved it when people pointed out rules for me ostensibly for the “safety of the child” ™, when in reality it was just a disguised “GTF out of my way” comment. Always elicited a warm response from me.

    • I always took the escalator. Elevators are a pain and I’m pretty sure most people are competent not to let go of the stroller for a few seconds. On the other hand, I favored the $15 fold-up types, instead of these $500 mobile-nursery things you see around these days, so there was always plenty of room to get by.

      • So you just ignored all the “no stroller” notices?

        • I’ve seen some smart parents hold their kid(s) and fold up the stroller and carry them onto the escalator. I think that’s fine. I just generally don’t think it’s very smart for kids to be *in* the stroller while on the escalator. But then again I’m not a parent so I can’t judge…

          • I disagree with this sentiment. I can judge. Just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion about things that involve kids. It doesn’t mean that I’m right, or that you have to listen to me, but I am certainly allowed to have my own opinions, and judge you if I want to.

          • I also disagree. You don’t have to be a parent to know somebody is behaving dangerously.

          • You are free to judge, absolutely. But do not be surprised when that judginess is met with a response. We are all free to be assholes, that doesn’t mean we have to be.

          • Fair points, but I also know I pay no attention to escalator outages, etc.

          • Holding the kid in one arm, the folded-up stroller in the other, on a moving escalator… this is *smart* parenting?? no. it is not. Kid is safer buckled into the stroller, with the parent holding on to both handrail and stroller.
            (Again always assuming the elevator is out of order. People who choose the escalator with a stroller get no defense from me.)

          • I suppose the operative word is parentS. A lot easier with two people than one. I realize that’s not nearly always the case.

          • We used to joke that two parents was ok for one kid, but you really need to add a parent each time you add a child. The best strategy is to outnumber the opposition. 😉

          • Depends on the age of the kid, perhaps. I’ve taken my daughter out of her stroller and held her hand in one hand, the stroller in the other, with her brother in the carrier because I didn’t want to go down the escalator with her in the stroller. But we’ve all got to make our own risk calculations. (Agreed, absolutely, though, that if the elevator is in service, there really is no excuse to take the kid in stroller on the escalator)

          • I am always outnumbered. My strategy when they were young was to run a dictatorship to keep the plebes in line. Now, I have enlisted the oldest as my commandant. It helps. However, I fear at time thats the middle one is going to launch a revolution….

          • @anomamom: You also have spares. It’s a lot easier to let be easygoing about kids when you have an extra or two floating around in case one gets broken.
            KIDDING! (Mostly. I do think there is a little extra fear involved when you have an only.)

          • LOL @dcd – have you heard the term “heir and a spare?”

        • “So you just ignored all the “no stroller” notices?”

      • +1

        I always took the escalator as well. Either turn the stroller around so it can rest between two steps or have the kid standup and carry the stroller. Waiting for the elevator takes too long and the elderly generally need it

      • For the most part while taking Metro, I wore my kids (soooooo much easier, however, I also recognize this isn’t an option for every parent/every child). However, if I was in the position of wearing one, strollering another, I would ride the escalator if and only if the elevator was not available. I quickly abandoned strollers when I found out I would have to fold them up on buses.

        • That makes sense. Look, I don’t envy parents having to lug around a ton of crap in addition to their kids, and it seems like most folks here are fairly responsible. If the elevator is out of order, then by all means, get where you have to go via the escalator. I just get annoyed by people with kids in strollers take up the entirety of the escalator, either because the stroller is so huge, or because they don’t seem to care. I realize in the grand scheme of things, me being stuck behind a stroller and losing 30-60 seconds of commuting time isn’t a huge deal. But I also think it’s unsafe, and I don’t like spending those 30-60 seconds hoping I’m not going to see a child go plummeting down the escalator steps!

          • I get that it’s annoying and inconveniencing, and as a parent, I am completely, utterly opposed to some of the HUGE ASS strollers that I see in this city that carry enough stuff to take the Oregon Trail for three months. However, I also recognize that most parents are not trying to inconvenience everyone around them, it just happens.

          • I know 🙂 I’m way too selfish to have – or want to have – kids.

        • Lol, I’m with you! I was so bummed when we had to switch from ergo to stroller for my daughter last summer. And now, don’t get me started on the hassle of commuting with both of them on the bus! But it’s easier than the metro for this particular destination, and it’s become routine. I’m regularly grateful for understanding & helpful bus passengers (and drivers!) and try to take up as little space as possible.

          • Middle Anonachild was skinny and lazy, so she was still in a sling at 3. It was heaven. There’s even a picture somewhere of me wearing her on my back and the youngest on my front. I’m a good multi-tasker 😉

          • That’s impressive! Around when my daughter turned 2, I was too pregnant for the ergo to be comfortable & she started really fighting getting into it, so we decided it was time to switch to a stroller for the bus commute. (She can walk far enough, but not reliably at a reasonable pace to get to school/home at a reasonable time)
            My most recent favorite multitasking feat was feeding the baby in the ergo & dishing up/heating dinner at the same time. Usually he’s too distracted to eat effectively like that, but fortunately he was especially hungry & motivated to eat that evening 🙂

          • Tandem babywearing and feeding in the Ergo = next level parenting. I aspire to join your ranks!

          • lol… I once fed my son in the ergo while walking around Target. My mother was absolutely HORRIFIED when she realized, it was hilarious!

          • Ha! I nursed while walking around the Philly flower show and also at synagogue. Totally legit in my book 🙂

    • Your Rant is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t mind it if the stroller is on right, but most of the time they are the SUV style and block everyone from passing. Granted I have a dislike for anyone and anything that prevents passing on the elevator. People who park their luggage on the left side? My enemy. Blocks of tourist? I will ask you to move. Bikes? Super side eye, because that is really dangerous. I do realize it can be inconvenient to find the elevator, but honestly? It isn’t fair to block the escalator either.

      • Escalefters are the WORST! I have no problem telling people to move to the right. I know it can be tough if the elevators are out of service or if you’re in a station where the elevators leave you super far from where you need to be. At the very least, wait until the rush-hour crowds have dissipated before you wrangle your stroller-SUV onto the escalators.

    • In sum, this and yesterday’s discussion of baby feeding are making me SO glad my children are out of the larval stage.

      • + (If I could figure out how to make an infinity symbol, I would here)

      • (weeps inconsolably)
        Not really. But honestly, reading stuff like this is a big reason why I barely ever go out these days. I’m convinced that I ever had a legit need to do something like take the BART during rush hour with my babies, that there would be people out there who felt completely justified being a-holes to me because my kids and I dared to take up “their” space.

        I don’t mind defending myself and even being confrontational if needed, but sometimes it can become a matter of personal safety. Especially when you’re dealing with people who have these attitudes *and* mental illness or aggression issues.

        • An example: There was a women here who posted on a local mom’s board about her experience in a fast casual restaurant. She was checking out with her kids and let one of them swipe her credit card. The guy behind her started shouting and cursing at her, calling her a c-nt and a b-tch in front of her kids, for taking too long to check out even though there was no line behind him. Who wants to deal with that?

          • Eww. Though I’d chalk that up to that guy being a d-ck & would have found something to pick with anything and everything. Hopefully isn’t a common experience in the SF area!

      • Shawess–I don’t want to read too much into your comments about not going out, but I hope you’re getting out of the house! You sound reasonably upbeat from your recent posts, but I know that I can tend to get mopey & depressed if I’m stuck in the house too much, especially on my own/with a baby (let alone two!). So I hope you’re at least getting out for some fresh air and hopefully some kind of interaction with others, whether it’s a mom-date with another mom (or moms) and baby/babies or some kind of library story time/music class/whatever. Not because the babies need these things (they’ll be stimulated by anything and everything since it’s all new), but because it’s good for you.

        • To be honest, I really have been way too cooped up, but I’m actively looking for ways to get out more. I was hoping to do more babywearing, but it’s tough to wear both outside when they’re so small. I really think that having a stroller will help, but reading the comments here today have sort of set me back on that front 🙁
          On the bright side, I’ve been downright cheerful, all things considered. It helps that the babies are ridiculously cute and surprisingly mellow.

          • Oh no! My intention in ranting was not to shame or scare everyone with small children into staying in their houses! I was really just ranting about an inconvenience first thing in my morning that irked me. I hope you get out and do whatever you want and say to hell with it to grumpy people like me!

          • A friend of mine used some kind of double carrier for her twins when they were tiny. I’m not sure whether that’s useful long enough for it to be a worthwhile investment at this stage, but something to consider? Honestly, do what you gotta do when it comes to getting out. Any reasonable human will understand the necessity of you having a larger stroller & taking up more space with infant twins. If nothing else, get out for walks and easy trips to coffeeshops and the like. Trips out of the house are the sort of things that are incredibly hard at first, but get easier with time and experience. I could not figure out for the life of me how to get to anything with my first (though she was admittedly a much more challenging baby), but was out and about to Target and the like within the first few weeks with my second. Baby steps help the larger adventures feasible.

  • Rave: Back from vacation! It was much-needed, and a great little escape from the daily grind.
    Rant: I’ve found myself googling, “When to cut off parents” or something similar more and more recently. Whenever I call, they just go on and on about themselves and never ask about me or my siblings. If I try to mention what’s going on in my life, they cut me off to talk about themselves. My mother, who knows I’m not religious, asked me if I was going to mass for Easter, and when I told her she knew the answer already and shouldn’t ask questions she knows she won’t like the answer to, so told me that one should be grateful on Easter. I said I was grateful, I was excited for Easter dinner with them, but going to mass wasn’t how I wanted to show my thanks. It kind of erupted from there and turned into her hanging up on me. I just feel that for the past five years or so I’ve been trying and trying to maintain the relationship, but unless I prove I’m willing to be Catholic again, they’ll just be disappointed in me. The relationship feels exhaustively conditional and I’m not sure how much longer I can attempt to maintain it.
    Rave: Overnight oats.

      • I posted in a hurry, I should add, good luck, I can’t imagine how challenging and sad it is to contemplate ceasing communications with those who are supposed care about you.

    • My mom and I go through phases kind of like this, where she’s just in a mood to pick at me. I stop calling for a few weeks, and she starts missing me, and things are good for a while.
      Her selfishness means that she rarely calls me. So it’s easy to get my distance. Can you just not reach out for a while?

    • I think my only option for now is to slowly ghost for the next few months. I know I’ll get the inevitable, “We never hear from you!!!” voicemails, but I need the space. I’m thankful for my siblings, at least, who are going through this with me.

    • I have similar issues with my mom. Basically, it boils down to that I will never be the daughter she wanted. She is judgemental or guilt-tripping in every single conversation we have. In order to protect my mental health, I keep her at arms length.
      For me, the hardest thing was letting go of the guilt of this. Especially when I have close friends who have lost parents and would give me the “I wish I could argue with my mom/dad” line from time to time. The fact is, not every parent is a good parent. One can also love their parents and not speak to them every day.
      Hang in there, you’re not alone.

  • Rant: I wish my agency would hurry up and implement the mostly full-time telework scheme they keep talking about. I hate days like this when there’s no reason for me to physically be here.
    Rant: I’m sick so pretty cranky anyway.
    Rave: I’m moving to a different office soon! I’m hoping it will be more fast paced.
    Rave: A friend from grad school is visiting me this weekend and I can’t wait to see her.

  • Rant: The newly signed-into-law anti-LGBT legislation in North Carolina. I proudly called Asheville, NC my home for over 5 years and this makes me incredibly sad. It looks like we might be cancelling our plans to visit our friends down there this summer.
    Rave: Knowing lots of my friends from across the state are actively working to repeal it.
    Rave: The salted chocolate chip cookies with toasted almonds I baked yesterday may be one of my favorite baked treats of all time.

    • Wait, what happened in NC? I’ve been actively avoiding the news for a few days….

      • State removed all local protections for lgbt folks & made it so only the state could implement them again & said trans people have to use the bathroom of their birth gender.
        Basically they can flat out tell you you’re not being served because you’re gay, and there is nothing you could do about it.

      • Gov. McCory signed in HB 2 that they pushed through during a one day special session. It prohibits localities from enacting their own anti-discrimination policies; limits the state anti-discrimination policies to race, color, country of origin, religion, age or “biological sex” (removing all protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people); pre-empts local employment ordinances governing wages, benefits, employee protections and leave policies; prevents schools from allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

        • This seems destined for judicial review. Definitely sucks in the interim, but I can’t see how that law can withstand judicial challenges. I’m not well-versed in these issues, though, so this could be more wishful thinking than a knowledgeable comment.
          I hope there is a commensurate backlash, with companies threatening to move or withdraw, etc.

    • Ugh, I didn’t know NC just signed an anti-LGBT law, that’s awful, but not entirely surprising given the state of state politics there. I have been following the GA law that just passed, but is awaiting signature. I have lived in both of these states, have family still living in each, and visit both several times a year. I too find it so disturbing and sad. GA is doing some especially crazy stuff lately, in addition to the open carry gun laws and anti-LGBT laws. In the past few days they’ve gotten yoga and namaste removed from a school and Emory kids are setting off alarms over Trump chalkings. Yeesh.

    • I also used to live in NC, and between that and the horrible way they treat their public teachers (seriously, the number of teachers leaving NC to work in another state is in the 1000s now according to a recent report) makes me incredibly sad. I remember canvassing for Obama in 2008 and feeling like even people who weren’t voting for him were open to discussing issues. I can’t tell if things have changed a lot since then, or if I was just in a liberal educated bubble, being in the Triangle area. Probably both.
      But yeah, I understand the sadness and frustrating and feeling like it’s not completely feasible to do anything about it from here beyond signing petitions or posting about it on the internet.

    • Ugh on your rant. On top of that, the law has consequences elsewhere as well. A friend of mine has a disabled son who will likely need help toileting for many years, if not forever, and the law does not include exceptions that legally allow her to bring her son into the women’s restroom to assist him past a certain age. It sucks when hatred makes its way into public policy.

    • I am so sick of this shit. There are real problems in the world and being who you are is not one of them. Feel for the people who have to deal with this in NC.

  • Revel: Students are gone; it’s a teacher grading day, and almost all the big important grades are in!
    Revel: I went to an auto body shop to get my bumper re-attached (I drive an old car so getting it painted/replaced isn’t worth it to me) and he just tightened a few screws and it’s attached!
    Revel: Just a few hours until spring break!

  • Rave: The weather today
    Rant: I guess I’m being ghosted? Maybe?
    Rave: But I also don’t really care. So that’s…something.
    Rave: Impromptu cocktail taste-tester for a friend in my building last night (she’s crafting cocktails for her office happy hour today). They were delicious and I also got free pizza.
    Rave: Spoke with a recruiter today, you know, just to see.
    Rave: Trying out office yoga tonight.

  • Rave: Running along the Mall/Tidal Basin – I’m sure I was annoying to some of the tourists there for the cherry blossoms, but it was kind of fun dodging people, and it just felt appropriate to be there while I was listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack.
    Rant: Stupid North Carolina. Repealing all the protections for LGBTQ people in an “emergency” session. Now I have a moral dilemma when going to my college reunion in that state next month, because I just want to enjoy myself, but don’t feel like I can be there without lodging some form of protest.
    Rave: Been jamming out majorly to “Meme Pas Peur,” a new song by a bunch of artists from Cote d’Ivoire, which was made in response to the recent terrorist attacks there. I want to be dancing on the beach with them singing “we’re not even scared!”
    Rave: My team plays in the Sweet Sixteen tonight!
    Rant: The game isn’t till 10pm so I will be a zombie at work tomorrow.

    • I work on Constitution Ave and I’m going to try to “run” the tidal basin at lunch. In prior years when I’ve tried this during peak bloom I end up stuck walking behind tourists. It’s a nice idea but hard to accomplish with the crowds, even on a week day. But on the plus side it’s a beautiful day and I can’t wait to spend some of it outside!

    • I haven’t made it down to the tidal basin for a run yet this spring because I fear the tourists. Maybe I’ll get up super early Saturday and head on down!

      • I definitely would not have attempted it if I was intent on getting in a serious run, or if my ankles were in bad shape because of all the starting/stopping/changing direction or speed to avoid small children or oblivious adults. But it was so much fun, even with all that!

  • Rave – I’m wearing my new, bright red shoes.
    Rant – Every morning this week I’ve woken up convinced that it’s Friday. Maybe it’s because I’m having a particularly crappy week at work.

  • maxwell smart

    To the woman last night who drove up behind me in the bike lane on 7th street and then laid on the horn and cursed at me because I was blocking her ability to drive around the car in front of her making a left turn – I hope someone peed in your Cheerios’s this morning. The bike lane is for… guess what… biking! It’s not a “swerve around the car in front of you because you are impatient” lane.

    • Ugh this drives me nuts, and I don’t own a bike/ever use a bike/etc. I always get so frustrated seeing cars using the bike lane as a turn lane or as a space to get around other cars. It’s not for that!!

    • This reminds me, while I was driving home through Silver Spring last night, I saw what looked to be an accident where a cyclist had been hit (saw a bike on the road) near the dialysis center on Georgia. I hope everyone involved is ok!

  • Rave: I managed to make a proper breakfast, eat it with a cup of coffee, and read for twenty minutes at the table this morning. #littlevictories
    Rave: Beautiful sunny day. Going to try to take a stroll in the neighborhood this afternoon.
    Rant: None this am!

  • Rave: Girlfriend, out of nowhere, asked me, “so, do you think we could ever live together,” and opened the floor for several minutes of speculation regarding closet space and what art and furniture would need to be transferred. Courting this girl is like taming a wild animal — I’ve spent three years trying not scare her off.
    Rave: Splurged on VIP tickets to the Who tonight and got home to find a box full of swag waiting for me: gym bags, posters, “credentials,” a special program….it hardly justifies the expense (treating my friend/cat sitter/cousin-in-law who’s fallen on challenging times probably does, though) but it was still a pretty cool surprise.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: My taste buds are too acustomed to salt. Made pasta last night with no sodium added sauce and even with the Bloody Mary mix I added in I was munching on olives to get some added flavor.
    Rant: left the car window open last night. Must remember to clean the interior now.
    Rave: sleep slowly returning to normal.

    • … you added bloody mary mix to pasta? O_o Is this a thing? I’ve never heard of this.

    • Bloody Mary Mix? I’m intrigued.

    • That One Guy

      It’s my mom’s secret spaghetti sauce. The end result is supposed to be a sauce with a little kick of spice to it. Bloody Mary mix is just tomato juice with spices, no? Not too distant from what’s in spaghetti sauce.

  • Rant: No more frozen yogurt at Sweetgreen. I was in denial about it being phased out but it’s happened. Nooooooo. Are there any other soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt shops that I’m unaware of in the general U St./Columbia Heights area? (NOT gelato.) I’m bummed.

    • WHAT?!?!! Please be mistaken. Please don’t be true. Sweetgreen has the best FroYo. Not just in the area, everywhere. This is breaking my heart.

      • That’s what I said!!! I emailed them to complain and ask if they were really phasing it out everywhere and they basically said they’re getting rid of it because they don’t think it’s healthy. NO! I ate their froyo all the time, I don’t eat their $12 salads very often, so they totally just lost a customer.
        We should petition.

        • From their email:
          “Unfortunately, the rumors are true. We’re so sorry to disappoint! Our team has decided to remove frozen yogurt from the menu in order to better align our offerings with our food ethos.

          Changes are never easy, but we have been challenging ourselves to not just be a company that sells food because it sells. We really want to build healthier communities and the first way we do this is by being extremely deliberate and conscious about the ingredients we are nourishing our guests with. As a young and continuously growing company, we are constantly rethinking the way we do things to make sure we are providing a experience that is in alignment with our mission.

          We may possibly innovate a healthier dessert item down the line and are tracking customer suggestions so that we can ensure we’re delivering the very best experience.”

        • I would sign the petition in a heartbeat. I go to Sweetgreen for the FroYo, not the salads. I don’t care if its not healthy, its super tasty!

          • I’m actually going to Sweetgreen today to get a deliciously overpriced salad. I’m sad that there’ s no more frozen yogurt.

    • WHAT?! Nooo!! I loved their tart, tangy frozen yogurt. First we loose Pinkberry, now Sweetgreen. A sad day for froyo lovers.

    • Also FridayGirl – there is a frozen yogurt shop on 18th Street in Adams Morgan that has good, tart yogurt. It used to be CaliYogurt but Google tells me it’s now called Spoon.

      • Oh, I think I’ve seen Spoon before. Maybe I’ll stop in the next time I’m up there. Thanks!

        • I really love Spoon. I’m super afraid it will close down because they don’t seem to have a lot of business but they have a really great selection and the people who work there are really nice. I live around the corner and it’s such a nice place to stop by on a warm evening. Plus they have real European drinking chocolate, and really good pastries! Everyone go to Spoon, I promise I don’t work there, just a happy customer.

  • Rave: Decided to check out the Cherry Blossoms yesterday and ended up on an impromptu sight seeing tour. Visited MLK Memorial, Korean War Memorial and Lincoln. I’ve been to MLK, but haven’t visited Korean and Lincoln since I was a little kid. I need to explore my city more often. After tourist season of course. I have a love hate relationship with tourists. They bring a lot of revenue to the city, but man they can be so annoying! If you ever want to amuse yourself, eavesdrop on the tour groups that visit this city. It’s like a look into what America thinks of DC. Amusing and infuriating at the same time.

    Rant: I need to confirm my doctors appointment for tomorrow and it’s like pulling teeth getting a hold of the office. They don’t have a public email set up, and the call seems to be diverting to a fax? I’ve double cheered the number and its correct. Making the appointment was the struggle, I had to go through too many extensions to get a person on the line. I just want to make sure I have the correct time! I’m trying to do my part!

    • Additional Rant: I can’t get a hold of the office to confirm my appointment, but they can reach out to me to charge me for a bill I already paid. Now I”m in pissed off mode.

  • Rant: I need to find a new real estate agent. I used the current one to sell my last house and buy my current one and I’ve been looking for a new house for about 6 months on and off with him (all with my finding places on the internet and him just taking me to them). His conduct has just gotten so I can’t use him anymore. Anyone have a good recommendation for an agent that is really good at coordinating selling one house and buying another at the same time?

    • My recommendation, especially if you are just buying a place (and you’ve obviously been through the process before) is go without a realtor and use it to negotiate the price down.

      The seller was planning on spending 3% of the transaction paying your realtor. Tell them you will work without one if they credit back / lower the price by 2 of the 3% of the fee.

      The offer forms are standardized and even the most expensive of real estate lawyers in town will put one together for you and review their counter offer for $400-500 dollars.

      You save ~2% on the cost of the house, the seller gets to keep an additional 1% and everyone is happy. I’ve done it a couple of times.

      I am sorry, but the thought of a buyers agent getting 3% of the transaction ($21,000 on a average DC house costing $700K) all to just drive you around to some houses you found yourself is plain lunacy.

      • I’ve thought of that, but most of the houses I’ve been looking at sell before the open house and I’m not sure how to see them without a realtor. Really frustrating, but that’s the reality in my price range.

        • Contact the listing agent and set up an appt to see the place. I’ve had an agent like this as well, so I feel your pain. The good thing about realtors esp. in big companies is they can bring places to you before they go to market. This is one thing you absolutely can’t get going solo.

        • If this is the case, you need a buyer’s agent that has strong ties to the neighborhood. In smaller suburban neighborhoods, there are often one or two realtors who dominate the market, and get the scoop on sales before anyone. In larger, more urban neighborhoods, there are more choices, but you should still have an agent who knows the area. And you shouldn’t necessarily use the same realtor for both the sale and purchase, unless you’re looking in the same neighborhood.
          That said, we had a fantastic experience with Mandy and David selling our house in Columbia Heights, and Dana Rice as a buyer’s agent in Bethesda. They’re all with Compass now, though none of them were when we started out this time last year. Good luck.

      • Andie302

        Call Jenn Smira – I’m on her team but she’d be better with all that you have going on! She’s wonderful, and has great relationships with so many agents/brokers. If your agent isn’t getting you in before the open house and then things are selling, then he’s not serving your interests as best he could. That being said, if you have a contingency in your offer that you have to get your place under contract, it makes it much less attractive to a seller. I’m guessing you already heard this from your agent. It may be worth exploring the idea of renting for a few months (or better yet, finding a buyer that’s flexible so that you can actually sell your place, rent it back from the new buyer with a flexible timeframe, and then have cash freed up for your next purchase). I’m rambling…sorry!

    • I haven’t done this kind of transaction, but would recommend reaching out to my wonderful agents for their advice — Heather Davenport and Matt McHugh. If there is a way to do it, they will figure it out, or point you to people who can help you.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I worked with Ed Downs at Weichart. He fixed up my old place and got a good price for it. I rented in between. Then he helped me find my new place at Union Row. He basically trucked me all over the place looking.

    • i worked with fleur howgill at sotheby’s in this type of situation and she was wonderful. i’d work with her again in a heartbeat. my first realtor was terrible and very unresponsive but she would reply to my emails/calls/texts almost immediately and walked my through selling my first condo and buying the second one. she was fantastic.

    • Thanks for all the good recommendations!

    • I strongly recommend Robyn Porter from Long and Foster. Smart, responsive, and very helpful. (Note – she was so great that we ended up becoming friends.) We’ve referred her to other friends who have also had good experiences.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for the supportive comments on Friday and yesterday, I posted pretty late yesterday in the afternoon so I know it wasn’t seen by a whole lot of people. I really do appreciate all of the love and support for my dad and family! You guys are pretty great.
    Rave: Massage scheduled for after work today – SO needed after this weekend.
    Rave: Potential get together/happy hour with some of my best friends tomorrow.
    Rave: Nothing planned/committed to for the weekend. Will I just sit around and veg out? Go out for a friend’s birthday? Grab Mr. Eggs and go visit a brewery? Who knows, but I’m just glad I can decide then and have the option to not do anything if I don’t want to.

  • Rave: I finally pulled the trigger on a double stroller after researching the crap out of double strollers for the better part of the last year. Maybe soon I’ll actually get out of the house more than twice a week?
    Rave: My twin creatures. They still amaze me every day.
    Rant: Competitive PRESCHOOLS (in SF). I just put my 12-week-old babies on a long preschool waitlist after learning that it’s actually a thing here for kindergarteners to need RESUMES to get into private elementary schools. I’d definitely prefer to go the public school route, but happened to have moved to a city with an ever more complicated and frustrating zoning and lottery system than the one in DC. So please wish me luck with all of that. It’s sort of horrifying how much legwork one needs to do four to five years in advance.

    • Holy moly, that’s insane! So glad your babies are delighting you. Hope they’re letting you sleep some too 🙂

    • I’m sorry, what?! Kindergartners need RESUMES?! That is tragic! Wishing you and your babies all the luck!

      • What in the world do people even put on kid’s “resumes”? Like, “Timmy went to his first gymnastics class when he was 10 months old”? I’ll never understand.

        • I asked the same question, FridayGirl! Then I met some kids who go to these preschools and *sort of* understood. Like, I met a lovely, bright four year old who is obsessed with geography and has done both Spanish and French immersion programs. That kid will have no trouble impressing anyone.

      • That One Guy

        Maybe they’re looking for like minded parents who have more money to throw at a problem/situation than have time/energy to actually deal with things. HA.

        • Honestly, I think they’re looking for people with both money and time. Because they also want families that will be “highly involved.” I really hope I’m just getting worked up for no good reason and will just have good luck in the lottery….

    • Stay off the escalators! 🙂

      • Don’t even get me started. BTW the elevators to the BART here reek of pee and sometimes worse. (More inconsolable weeping. But not really.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: so little motivation to do anything.
    Rave: warmer weather

  • Revel: I passed my work exam! This is a major load off my back, so glad it’s over.
    Rave: Upcoming four-day weekend!
    Rave: I just realized that I may have actually made it through the school year without having to use every day of PTO for sick days and snow days, so I may actually be able to take a week off for vacation this summer!
    Rant: Waiting to see if the ex bails on the kids again. It’s really starting to affect the oldest, and I’m sick of having to explain to the youngest why he isn’t going to Daddy’s house.

    • Andie302

      Congrats on the exam and the PTO!!!

    • Yay on your raves! But your rant is so crappy. Is it possible to hold off on mentioning to the kids that they’ll go to Daddy’s house until right before in case he bails? Or is that not feasible at your kids’ ages?

    • Congrats on the exam! I know how that weight being lifted off you feels when it comes to those.
      So sorry about the rant. That blows.

  • That One Guy

    You know you’ve reached a dietary low when you decided that spam is a good lunch decision. Ugh…I feel disgusted with myself. Shame.

  • Rant (of the “get the kids off my lawn” variety)

    The dirt bikes are back out. Up/down M Street / North Capitol, noisy annoying things. It would be great to find these kids a place where they could ride their bikes without being a noise & traffic hazard.

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