Serious Situation at Eastern Market Metro – Single Tracking

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2016 at 8:45 am 5 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mark Andre

Update from Metro Transit Police:

“Eastern Mkt: A teenage female intentionally jumped onto track in front of train. Fortunately, train able to stop. No visible injury. #wmata”

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“Org/Blu/Sil Line: Single tracking btwn Eastern Market & Federal Center SW – medical emergency at Eastern Market. Expect delays. 8:40a #wmata”

Lesel tweets us:

“FYI east side commuters: Woman struck by train at eastern market. Westbound trains not running at this time ”

Brionne tweets us:

“A child fell on the tracks at E Market. OSB trains are holding until the investigation is complete. Child is ok.”

NBC Washington reports:

“Metro said a woman intentionally jumped onto the tracks Thursday morning at the Eastern Market station.”

  • above7-11

    Post via social media reporting that a child may have fallen onto the tracks first.

  • districtwanderer

    This is a case study for how mis-information spreads like wildfire. I was there right after this happened and heard everything from there was a jumper, to a child fell on the tracks, to someone was pushed onto the tracks. The police and medics were down on the tracks with flashlights, treating it like a fatal crime scene. There were even people saying they SAW someone get pushed. The mind can certainly play tricks on us in stressful situations… hope the girl is okay.

    • Traveler

      Yeah, a guy on the bus said he was an eyewitness and saw a male adult get struck by a moving train because he was standing too close to the edge. The man who told me this said he didn’t see the accident, but saw the struck main getting medical attention. Now I don’t know what could have possibly happened, but hope that it isn’t life threatening.

      • Traveler

        Note: the guy on the bus called himself an “eyewitness” although he also said he didn’t see the accident take place.

        • FridayGirl

          +1. Now I’ve not only heard people say it was a teen girl but a male adult. Everyone who wasn’t standing next to the people really shouldn’t be speculating. This is an amazing example of how “witnesses” can make a lot of mistakes in identification….


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