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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I’m heading to Miami tonight for my bachelorette party!! Can’t hardly believe it’s really happening. And my friends are the best.

    That is all.

    • That sounds amazing! Have fun!! My bachelorette party was a blast and it reminded me of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such an amazing set of friends.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rant: Pedestrian hit by a pick up truck crossing U Street at 13th at 8:50 am. Driver on the scene, multiple police, fire and EMT in response. Person lying in street but appeared alert. Quite a turnout I’m guessing due to multiple calls to 911. It’s a busy corner.

    • Was it a truck going West-to-East on U Street by any chance? People run that light in that direction EVERY DAY and people almost get hit EVERY DAY. I wish they’d station someone there to pull people over who blatantly run that light.

    • In a related rant, anyone know any details about a cyclist accident on Mass Ave just north of the British Embassy this morning at 6:55? I was about 10 cars back and didn’t see what happened, so I don’t know if she (I think?) fell or was hit, but she was lying face down, apparently responsive but not moving (wisely). The bike didn’t look crunched, so I’m hoping it was just a fall, and that she is OK.
      Question – this was one of those situations where I don’t know whether to stop or not. There were at least 5 people there, 2 with the cyclist and 3 on their phones/standing around. If I had medical training, or was a witness, of course I’d stay, but at some point more hands are not helpful. I didn’t stop, but I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about it. Thoughts?

      • I think you did fine. Unless you were RIGHT there and saw something useful I wouldn’t worry too much — those people clearly stayed.
        On a side note, these accidents suck and we should all be extra vigilant about our surroundings now that the weather is nicer and more people are walking/biking.

  • Rave: Ran the St. Pat’s 10K on Sunday and crushed my last time by over 5 minutes.
    Rant: I should know by Tuesday if I’m pregnant again. The wait, nervousness, anxiety, hope is really tough. I’m trying not to get too hopeful so I won’t be too let down. Exercise and keeping occupied has definitely helped but ugh. Shoutout of appreciation for everyone who has been through this, it is damn distracting at times.
    Rave: Being recruited for a senior-level position. Not sure it’s the right fit, but definitely something to entertain. Also, it always feels good to get that email, especially because work has been driving me a bit bonkers, nothing terrible but enough to get an exploratory itch.

  • Rave-huge police presence and drug bust at 805 Rock Creek Church Road. that house has always been sketchy and a problem for the five years I have lived here. Glad the police finally busted it up. Its especially horrible since its adjacent to the day care property. Its a bit disturbing to see someone actually getting cuffed while standing in the day care “play area” at 5:20 last night as parents are walking around police tape to pick their kids up. Lets hope that house stays empty until its sold. What a dump and good riddance.

    • That was totally crazy to see. Do you know for sure that it’s empty/for sale? I feel like it gets raided periodically, but stays sketchy…

    • Interesting. I grew up 6 doors down from here and my aunt still works at Tiny Tot nursery. Anyway, 805 was busted for drugs back in the day. This was pre-metro days when there was a small shop there that turned out to be front for a wholesale dope spot.

      A lot of big time dealers used to roam this block growing up.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      From MPD:

      “On today’s date at approximately 4:30 pm, members of the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division, executed a search warrant in the 800 b/o Rock Creek Church Road NW.

      This search warrant was a result of multiple community complaints along with an ongoing MPD investigation.

      This police and community partnership is a classic example of how things get done when we all work together.

      As a result of the swarrant, MPD seized multiple quantities of controlled substances as well as a load firearm. Three adult males were arrested inside of the location.

      MPD will be working closely with the Office of the Attorney General to further abate this nausiance property”

  • Linc Park SE

    Rave: LOVE this Spring weather!!

    Rant: Cannot figure out where to request an audit of the Jail’s budget. Congress?

    • Regarding your jail question, I would start with the DC Office of the Inspector General. (I am assuming you mean the DC jail.)
      There is a “Report Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” page on their website with info about how give information, anonymously if you want. The jail is run by a private company under contract with the DC government.

      • There are two jails, the DC general lock up, which is runs by DC, and you would get info the normal way you would about any DC department. FOIA, Congress, office of the chief finical officer etc.

        The other jail is CTF, which is operated by a private company. Good luck getting any info.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: This week is finally ending.
    Rant: I fear this day will be neverending, though.
    Rant: Working on my least favorite work task, and I’m just about to wrap it up, if only people would get back to me.
    Rave: Drew Faust’s This Republic of Suffering. I read a lot of history books, and it’s not often that one moves me to tears.

  • Recently I’ve noticed a man in the Shaw neighborhood (I’m usually up around 7th and T/Florida) who isn’t well. Tall, seems to be in his early 40s, green army jacket, beard, dreds. He is usually agitated and talking (just short of yelling) to himself or others. This morning on my walk to work I saw him in Logan Circle, still agitated, carrying what looked like a lead (or other heavy metal) pipe. I’m embarrassed to say I called the police, as I had a bad feeling, but apparently others called as well. This is just a “heads up” to those in the Shaw/Logan neighborhoods to be aware and give him a wide berth. I’m also curious to know if anyone is aware of whether he was picked up this morning–he clearly is in need of some help.

  • Rant: I need to get my eating under control again, especially with all the things I’m not supposed to eat for my migraines. Anyone know a good nutritionist that deals with pre-diabetic pescatarians?

  • Rant: Cat shenanigans at bedtime.
    Rant/Rave: Just as the cat finally settled, the baby woke up. But then he didn’t wake up again until it was time to get up–so at least he coordinated with my sleep schedule?
    Double-triple-quadruple RANT: My boss is starting treatment soon for some rare & complex disease. She is an amazing boss with amazing stories. I could just hang out with her and listen to stories from her life for hours. At least the prognosis is supposed to be good. It’s all very scary nonetheless.
    Rave: daughter is super excited to go to Tot Shabbat tonight to celebrate Purim. It doesn’t hurt that she gets to wear her favorite pajamas (glow in the dark skeleton ones) as her costume.

  • Rant: Don’t you just hate it when that one person just drags the entire mood of the office down?
    Rave: Dropping the kids off at a friends this morning, Littlest Anonachild starts to walk off towards my friend’s door “Bye mama, love you, have a great day at school, I mean work!” It dawned on me that my baby is no longer a baby, **sniff** but it was so adorable and made me smile.
    Rant: Entitled people.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I used to have a colleague like that. She was a nice enough person, but somehow she always managed to suck all the joy out of the room.

  • Why is it so hard to find suiting basics for women? I have two BR suits that need to retire. Looking for grey and black. Possibly tan too.
    BR -jackets are too long
    J Crew-arm holes are small
    Talbots–strange fit
    Brooks brothers–$800 for a blazer?
    Nordstrom–still looking there but Caslon was out too.
    Ann Taylor–ordered some

    Any other ideas?

    • Macy’s! I usually go there to find work related suits.

    • Bloomingdales has nice designer suits – but instead of $800 for a blazer, it’ll probably be $800 for a two piece suit.

      I also think that if you find a suit that fits at the shoulders, you can always get the arms and/or legs/skirt hemmed.

    • topscallop

      Have you tried Banana Republic petites? They have a whole store at Tyson’s – not sure if that helps you, but if their regular jackets are too long maybe worth checking out.

      • I was there about three weeks ago, and while there were no signs posted, it had that suspiciously sparse look like they were closing the store. I’m curious if it was just a seasonal shift or if they actually closed it. Finding business wear if you’re petite ups the difficulty level by a factor of 10!

    • FtLincolnLove

      I purchased my suits from the Limited. They usually have sales and a fairly decent variety! Granted, that means you have to trek out to Montgomery Mall, but I’ve always had luck at the Limited!

    • Ha I just had this same dilemma in February and tried all of the stores that you listed without any success. Finally checked out Lord & Taylor and discovered that Karl Lagerfeld Paris suits fit me perfectly.

    • I have good luck at the Limited. I really like that they have a variety of different cuts of pants to match the jackets. May not be as high quality as some of the others you’ve mentioned but since the prices are so much lower it works out IMO.

      • FtLincolnLove

        Agreed!! The suits aren’t super high quality, which works if you don’t wear them often. If you wear suits daily/weekly, the Limited might not be the best option for you, but as someone who only wears suits infrequently, the price point appeals to me.

    • I know this sounds cheap, but I have found really great fitting (for me) suit jackets and suit pants at H&M. No reason to spend hundreds of dollars on work clothes that fit funny if you can find a cheaper place that fits better.

    • This is such a problem for me, too. I also really dislike how hard it is to find a lined suit for women. Instead you pay a few hundred dollars for something that’s super flimsy and lasts a year or so (less with more regular wear), but every men’s suit seems to be lined. What BS.
      That being said, a year ago I came to terms with needing to spend a bit more on a suit that lasts a little longer. I’ve had great luck with Theory suits -they’re pricier than your J. Crew or Banana suits, but not $800/blazer generally. They last a while and fit (my boyfish figure) like a dream.

      • I would second Theory; I have gotten a lot of compliments on my Theory suits! Try the Theory outlet in Leesburg on a holiday weekend for the best prices.

    • nightborn

      Try Express! They have some serious vanity sizing going on but the blazers are inexpensive and cute.

      • I just had this same question and spent an embarrassingly long time on the internet on every possible website I could think of, and some I’d never heard of looking for a nice suit with lined pants. [I also don’t understand why it is $200 for unlined pants anymore…. ] Ultimately I ordered from The Limited–so seconding the others. They have free shipping and returns for petites and in the end I really like both pieces and they were reasonably priced though I had to size up in the pants (ego blow but I survived).

    • Thank you all for the suggestions!

  • Rant: Left my phone on the Metro. As far I can tell, it’s still riding the Yellow Line — phone finder has it off-line.

  • Rant: Oven mitt had a hole in it and I burned my hand taking something out of the oven last night.
    Rant: SO’s step-grandfather passed away and his kids didn’t even notify SO’s family (grandmother passed away a few years ago and they had to hear from a nurse when they called to catch up.) So ridiculous and it makes me so sad/angry.
    Rave: Sore in a good way from barre class yesterday.

    • ouch on your first rant. Not only have I burned my hand through a hole in the oven mitt, but burned the other hand when I instinctively reached out to grab a pan I had dropped. It was not a good day in the kitchen.

  • Rave: I’m really looking forward to cheering the runners on at the Rock and Roll Marathon tomorrow. I live by the finish line and plan on offering lots of encouragement!

    Rave: I went bare-legged today! No tights or hose. Feels so freeing! I am a bit concerned about my legs getting cold later tonight, but my skirt is on the longer side.

  • Rant: Acid reflux
    Rave: only a few folks at the office today.
    Rant: One of them is one of the loudest persons in the office.
    Rave: the weather
    Rant: Clinical depression is flaring up.
    Rave: I get to see therapist today so I can get some help.

    • I’m glad you’re getting help! Take time to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself, outside of therapy. Whether that’s exercising, eating right, or saying “no” to invitations and not feeling bad about it. I hope your therapist is a good fit!

  • Rant: Donald F’ing Drumpf. Why can’t he just have a heart attack and die and rid us of his awfulness?
    Rant: Trying to feed two cats two totally different diets is a PITA!
    Rave? All clear from my doctors – so we officially don’t know why I had a kidney infection, which is suuuper annoying to me, because something had to cause it, right?
    Rave: Yoga with puppies tomorrow!!!!!
    Rant: I’m grumpy today.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re doing better, though!

    • Can you please stop using ‘Drumpf’ like it is some knock to Trump for his family changing their name? You using that name as something that is supposed to be embarrassing is offensive to people with German ancestry.

      • I’d yell at John Oliver, not LBP. I guess you haven’t seen the TV segment? It has nothing to do with being German and everything to do with Trump sounding… better… than the guy is.

      • Well, I’m of German ancestry and I’m fine with it. (And it always strikes me as a little tone-deaf when western Europeans complain about things like this.) Moreover, given the footage of the pledge Trump elicited from his followers at a recent rally, highlighting his German associations seems completely appropriate.

      • Dude, I have German ancestry, l’m not embarrassed by it, nor am I trying to knock anyone’s family for changing their name (my ancestors fleeing the Russian Empire changed their names – or rather, Ellis Island changed their names). I’m using it because it just SOUNDS like him, or as John Oliver eloquently described, “it is the sound produced when a morbidly obese pigeon flies into the window of a foreclosed Old Navy.” – I’m using it because it sounds funny. And I need to be able to keep laughing at the Donald because otherwise he’s just so goddamn despicable. So please, get a sense of humor

      • it’s not about being offense to people with German ancestry, it’s about calling Trump out for mocking Jon Stewart for changing his name when his family did the exact same thing. Context, people. Not everything is so serious.

  • Rant: Mastitis on top of a really nasty cold. Baby is sick too, so no one is sleeping.
    Rave: I’m able to work from home today and stay in bed.

    • Oh yuck. Take care of yourself and see if you can get some help from others. You need rest to get over the mastitis. And if the baby isn’t nursing well because of being sick, you may need to pump some, which sucks! Hope you both recover swiftly.

    • Mastitis, a cold, and a sick baby? Now is the time to call that friend who said “call me if you ever need any help.” Mastitis can cause a sudden fever spike, and you don’t want to be alone with the baby if you get loopy. Plus, you feel like utter shit, and this is what friends are for. I really hope you don’t try to go this alone.

      • Thanks. My husband works from home, so he’s here too. And I had the fever spikes on Tues and Weds night, then again yesterday at work, complete with the chills and shivering. Not much fun. Im also allergic to cold medicine, so I do have to just suffer through that part of it. I’m on antibiotics now, so hopefully will be on the mend soon.

  • Rave: Spent yesterday afternoon working in Union Square.
    Rant: The race for funding. It’s dog eat dog and incestuous. I didn’t think at this point in my career I’d be forced into this position already. Argh. I’d love to just do my work and have my boss worry and come through on the funding front.
    Rave: Sunshine, El Gran Combo, tea, and some space to work, if i can keep my head above the fray.
    Rave: Looking forward to a nice weekend out and about around the city with my husband. It sounds so luxurious!

  • Rant: worried about crime in my hood after the Popville post about 9th and Jefferson, the bust on Rock Creek Church Road yesterday evening, and hearing shots that sounded really close at 2 am last night. I’m afraid it might be a long summer…

    • Didnt read or hear anything about a bust on RCC.

      • It’s up above in the comments…

      • Prince Of Petworth

        From MPD: “On today’s date at approximately 4:30 pm, members of the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division, executed a search warrant in the 800 b/o Rock Creek Church Road NW.

        This search warrant was a result of multiple community complaints along with an ongoing MPD investigation.

        This police and community partnership is a classic example of how things get done when we all work together.

        As a result of the swarrant, MPD seized multiple quantities of controlled substances as well as a load firearm. Three adult males were arrested inside of the location.

        MPD will be working closely with the Office of the Attorney General to further abate this nausiance property”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: ankle sore from fall yesterday
    Rant: work
    Rave: I think all the bulbs I planted have sprouted. Looking forward to some flowers.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Sophie & Justin & Michelle & Barack! Best looking State Dinner couples ever!

    • Everyone looked so sharp! The girls attended the State Dinner as well. They looked lovely and age appropriate. And I feel old, I can’t believe they are teenagers!

    • I’m going to miss having Michelle’s classy outfits around. She looked incredible.

  • Rave: Vanilla-honey-cinnamon chia pudding. So ridiculously good.
    Rant: The inability to plan my weekend is driving me a little nuts.
    Rave: I may have found the perfect place to go for our 5th anniversary… and we would get to stay in a treehouse!
    Rave: Feeling that good kind of sore from yesterday’s yoga.

  • Rant: Found a cockroach in the kitchen of my new-to-me old rowhouse in shaw. Blitzed it with RAID spray, but now am going to go to town on antiroach crap because I just cant deal with critters in the kitchen and don’t have the money to fully renovate it yet.
    Rave: Friday and am taking a half day to clean said house and get over this miserable cold that has been looming over my head all week.

  • Rave: NOLA weekend with my best friend is in less than 24 hrs!
    Rave: You guys, I bought my first pair of leopard print shoes last week and I can’t stop wearing them. Why did I wait so long??
    Question: Best way to get to DCA by 6:30 or 7am tomorrow from Woodley, keeping in mind that the Rock and Roll Marathon street closures will be in play by possibly midnightish tonight?

  • Rant: Really, really, rough week at work. Continuing to feel like I fail at everything. I hate learning curves.
    Nervous: Got an event on Tuesday in NYC, never done one like it before, and I am completely on my own for it. Hope it all goes smoothly…
    Rave: Glorious spring weather!
    Rant: Completely forgot it’s Daylight Savings this weekend. Nooo I don’t want to wake up even earlier…
    Rave: Friday. Almost weekend. Hallelujah.

    • Rave: Today seems to be going better (*knock on wood*) and manager is in a better mood. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Rant – Made the mistake of looking at homes for sale in my neighborhood, even though we cannot afford to buy anything now …. and found the perfect house for us. The price isn’t unreasonably high, but still just out of reach. Ugh. I need to stop wanting what I can’t have and appreciate what I do have – a nice, spacious apartment in a nice location where we can afford the rent.
    Rave – Going to NY this weekend to see the family.

    • There are really good homebuyer programs in DC. I think it’s definitely worth a look if something is close to what you can afford.

  • Rant: Complained about something logistical at work this morning and I really shouldn’t have opened my mouth.
    Rant: But I have a migraine and the only reason I came in today (which I was told was *really important*) I ended up being told that I wasn’t needed for. Instead I’m holding down the fort. Which is fine. But. Could have been home resting my eyes. Oh well.
    Rave: Going outside to get out of fluorescent lighting and get some good food for lunch. I should be grateful instead of annoyed.

  • Rant: A friend from college emailed us (group of friends) to say that she is going into treatment for an eating disorder. But because she got hospitalized right before starting the treatment, the price went up slightly to account for some of the physical needs she has/will have in residential treatment, and her insurance isn’t covering it, and her parents are refusing to pay for it. She asked us for help. Of course we’re going to help, but she has a history of lying to us to get money. I don’t think that’s what’s happening here, and I’m really really glad she’s voluntarily getting treatment, but it makes me hate myself a little that I was trying to find ways to pay the treatment center directly because I don’t 100% trust her.
    Rant: she lives in a different state from the rest of us now, and had been so secretive and closed off that while none of us are surprised, we didn’t know the extent of her disorder.
    Rave: spending time outdoors again!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to pay the treatment center directly. It’s your money and if you’re willingly giving it to help her, I think it’s totally fine to want to pay directly.

    • I think paying the treatment center directly is the smart choice. You help your friend, and don’t risk being screwed out of your money.

  • houseintherear

    Rant. I’ve been on Weight Watchers with my gal pal Oprah for almost 6 weeks. I lost only 8 lbs in the first 5 weeks and haven’t lost anything since. I have seriously changed all of my eating habits and am eating SO healthy now, but not at all starving myself. Cut my sugar addiction, eating tons of veggies and protein. I have a good 60 lbs to lose so I would think it would come off faster, but I guess not. I am frustrated, ya’ll!

    Rave: Foster cat Benjamin from WHS is so super. He’s really fitting in at the houseintherear. This experience makes me remember just how much animals play a roll in my happiness and lifestyle. Yay pets.

    • I was successful on Weight Watchers (prior to our girl O) until I got to about, 15-20 lbs of my goal. At that point, I just hit a wall. Too many points, not enough calories burned? Not sure why it stopped working, just wanted to say you’re not alone.

  • Bear

    Rave: Friday! And it’s relatively quiet at the office so I can catch up on some reading rather than answer email all day.
    Rave: Feeling like my expertise/experience is valued, recognized, and sought out. A nice change from what I was used to.
    Rave: Tomato seeds are sprouting! I planted 12 varieties and expected maybe half of them to come up since some of the seed are several years old, but so far 5 are already up and more are appearing every day. I think this might be my favorite time of year, when I get to start gardening.
    No rants today…I’m sure I could think of some but I’d rather stay on the positive side of things.

  • Rant: Renting. Just had the maintenance guy here to fix a light. We would have fixed it ourselves, but it’s too high up. We have been calling and texting him for 2 weeks to fix it. He finally showed up today to fix it and then he says $15. I thought he was joking and said bill the landlord. He said no it’s not worth it for me to do that for such a little amount of money. I said okayyyy and he said just take it out of the rent. Ugh, can’t do that because we had to provide 12 post-dated checks the day we signed the lease. (still pisses me off when I think about that) So I give him cash and I said you know, if you’re going to charge $15 for this maybe show up when we ask you the first or second time and don’t take 2 weeks to come. He then goes you seem upset and mad so you can keep the money. LOL. Now we have emailed and called the landlord who is a POS and takes forever to do anything to let her know she owes the maintenance man $15!!! JFC, I hope this day gets better.
    Rant: I was in the interview process for an awesome job and just found out I need my Canadian citizenship/Perm Res to move forward. Grgggghhhhh.
    Rave: Hmm, date night? But it’s hard to be excited about that right now.

  • Nice picture of the University Club.

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