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UPDATE: Found. Keep an Eye Out for “Sir Oliver, quite sweet and people-friendly”

by Prince Of Petworth March 11, 2016 at 8:54 am 9 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

My roommates and I greatly would appreciate your help in finding our recently adopted, and quite sweet, catmate Sir Oliver. Here are the details:

In the darkness of the night (maybe around 5AM), he made a daring escape from his homely Mt. Pleasant “prison” apparently by slicing open one of our screens and squirreling out (from the third floor no less). All because I did not want to let him take over the whole bed again last night.

We live on the 3300 block of 18th Street NW, right by Monroe St. There are numerous yards in the back (hopefully a neighbor sees this), as well as an alley. If you see him, please call 631-871-2514.

Sir Oliver is quite sweet and people-friendly. He has a slight slit in his right ear. He nibbles a bit but has not discovered he has claws. He unfortunately does not have a collar yet, though he is chipped (and we are pursuing all avenues to find him). Any help would be appreciated.”

  • Huma

    Hi — if you haven’t already, please post this to Nextdoor. Did you call Washington Humane Society?

    • GC

      Yes, we’ve called and they’re on it. Thank you!

  • Luke

    Not to nitpick, but if he slit through the screen, then it appears he did discover his claws. Kind of adorable that he knew he had claws but didn’t use them on his humans. Hope you find him!

    • GC

      Fair point! Or he got really chubby in the last two weeks and just pushed his way through… And this after we got him like three new toys, too.

  • distritera

    Good luck in your search! As you WHS might have told you, Sir Oliver is probably sticking close by. My cat also pushed through a second-floor screen last spring and decided to take a 3 month “vacation.” We finally caught her a block away. So don’t give up and definitely count on your neighbors for help in keeping an eye out! :-)

  • phl2dc

    Some people say that you should put his litter box outside and some food. Good luck!!

  • Elizabeth McGee

    Any luck? I live on Irving St. and posted the information on FB, and well as told my neighbors. A couple of us put food out for the neighborhood feral cats, so I’ll make sure to watch for your little guy if he comes by to feed.


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