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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: the guy that my fiancé cheated on me with has finally moved to New York

    Rant: I need to take car in for bodywork this weekend. If anybody has advice where, I’m all wars, thanks!

    • Rave: wait what??? Your current fiancé? What?

    • Am hoping this person is not still your fiancée (but Im harsh like that)

      • Believe it or not relationships can recover from an infidelity and go on to be stronger than ever. It happens more often than you’d think– people just don’t talk about it.

    • jim_ed

      If insurance is paying for the bodywork, Farrish Auto Body in Fairfax does exceptional work and also thoroughly detailed the car afterwards. If you’re looking to get it done out of pocket for decent work at a low price, Guarani Auto Body in Petworth is good, if a bit frustrating experience.

    • I had two good experiences with Jindal Andre Auto Body. They worked with my insurance (which went more smoothly the second time than the first) and I was very happy with the work and the timeframe it was completed in.

  • Revel: Taking a sick day so I can go to the doctor (We can only take half or full days off and my appointment is in the middle of the day) so I’m relaxing this am
    Rant: Microwave isn’t working and we can’t get somebody in to repair it for a week.
    Revel: I hate hate hate the testing culture in American schools, but we finished retesting this one group and they’ve made some great gains. I just hope I haven’t stressed my students out over it in the process.
    Revel: Came to the party late but saw the article about an extended school year. This sounds great and I would definitely teach on an 11-month calendar as long as I got 11-month employee salary.

    • It may be cheaper and certainly faster for everybody in the house to chip in to buy a new one if it’s not something super fancy.

    • That’s one thing I was wondering about–are the teachers getting paid extra for the extra workload in this plan? Or are they just expected to do more on existing salaries?

      • Accountering

        It costs 5.5 million, so I assume that is extra expense that would go to teachers in some way or form?

      • They’re getting a 5% increase, and the work days are going from 196 per year to 217 per year.

        • That looks like a 5% pay increase for a 10% increase in work. Plus, it will make it harder for teachers to get off-season jobs. We should do better by our teachers!

      • I’m not sure since I don’t work for dcps but I know in my school district (and many others) there are separate schedules for 10, 11, and 12 month employees. I would assume a 11 month salary schedule would be on effect for those teachers?

    • I am so torn on the testing. My son took PARCC last year, and the school did a lot to prepare, but also ensured that kids wouldn’t feel the pressure of testing. He ended up scoring really, really well, and it gave me a great deal of confidence that he would succeed when we move back to Maryland. When I told his teacher from last year and thanked her for all she did for him (I really can’t say enough about her; she had him for two years and turned him from a below grade level kid to a kid two grades above), she literally had tears in her eyes. So in that respect, I think it’s good for them to see the good work they’ve done in objective terms. However, we all know from the PARCC scores that my son was not the norm… It’s so tough.

      • My kids all bombed the PARCC last year, even those who are “gifted”. I’m glad to be teaching primary this year so I don’t have to deal with the PARCC. Just 600 other tests

        • We expected it to be a bomb. It was fun getting them. It was like “Oldest Anonachild! This is the only time you’ll be part of the 1%!” He didn’t get it, or care (again, teacher win in my book that he doesn’t care about his test scores, they don’t define him)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: I somehow missed the Red Line mess this morning.
    Rave: Emily is forcing me to be more social. This is a good thing.
    Rave: Filling boxes with things to donate to the Junior League rummage sale. SO MUCH stuff will be leaving my house.

  • Rant: Thank you, asshole with the backpack on the metro, for spilling my coffee all down the front of my white silk top. And thanks for not even noticing despite my cries.

    • People with backpacks on the metro can be jerks, no doubt about it. But . . . I have limited sympathy for someone who complains that her coffee spilled on the Metro. And by limited, I mean none. He may have been a jerk, but at least he was playing by the rules. It’s just good that the coffee spilled on you, and not some unsuspecting bystander.

      • You can carry your coffee on the metro, you just can’t drink it.

        • These are both true. Which is why I carry a tumbler that closes. But sometimes crap happens even if you’re being really careful.

      • +1
        Rules against food and drink are well known, and should be respected. Drink your coffee at home or at your desk.

        • As people above noted you can carry coffee on the train. This person did not say they were drinking the coffee.

          • I drink coffee on the metro I am admitting it. however if are taking the train at rush hour you know its going to be a shit show. Yes you will probably get bumped are slightly pushed be prepared.

          • Call me cynical, but I simply do not believe that someone who is carrying a cup of coffee that could be spilled by someone knocking into it with a backpack is going to buy coffee at Starbucks, take a couple of sips, stop drinking it on the metro escalator, platform, train, platform and escalator, and then once she hits the street start drinking again. If you believe that, fine, but I caution you that the person claiming to be Nigerian royalty who will give you a fortune if you help him get his money into the US is lying to you.

          • I don’t metro as much as I used to, thanks red line, but when I did I did just that- sip, stop drinking from station entrance to station exit, sip again. I drink my coffee slowly, so drinking it at home didn’t work well, and I work in the hinterlands where Starbucks is treated as gourmet and there are no other options. Most of the time I used a thermos, but sometimes you stop somewhere and carry the regular cup.

          • Like Jeslett, if I buy or bring coffee on the metro or the bus, I don’t drink it while on metro. I wait until I’m on the street or at my office.

          • SouthwestDC

            I sometimes bring a travel mug with something hot (tea, coffee, miso soup) on the metro, but it’s to keep me warm and energized during the 25-minute walk from the metro to my office. I don’t sip it on the train. I wouldn’t do this with a disposable cup though; they always end up leaking or spilling somehow.

          • It must be taxing to be so cynical. Just like the others when I rode metro I used to bring coffee from home and carry it on metro then enjoy it at work. It was actually something I looked forward to…starting my day at work with home brewed coffee.

          • As a fellow cynic, I can say that we are rarely disappointed! 😀

          • “It must be taxing to be so cynical.”

            Not at all. I’m often pleasantly surprised by people, as opposed to my naïve, trusting counterparts, who are often disappointed.

        • Believe it or not, I was not drinking it, just carrying it. Part of the reason it probably spilled was because it was full…because I wasn’t drinking it! My apartment gives free coffee and I don’t have the ability to brew at work which is why I bring it with me. Sorry that

    • Wow. How in the world did that happen? (Then again, I had a woman on her phone walk right into me while I was holding coffee and getting out of the elevator one time… people are really unaware.)

    • SilverSpringGal

      …was he supposed to do something after the spill? Like what response are the cries supposed to stimulate? Also – grab coffee at work or after you get off the train. Demz the rules.

      • As others have noted… you’re allowed to carry food/drink on the Metro. You’re just not allowed to consume them while on Metro.

        • And some people don’t work near coffee. Any coffee.

          • I used to work at what must have been the only corner of DC where you have to walk more than a mile to buy coffee. I don’t really understand why someone couldn’t just brew their own at work but I guess if you like the fancy drinks you’d want to plan ahead and get it on your way in.

  • Rave: Husband back tomorrow night after three weeks away!! Hallelujah!
    Rant: Only have two weekends with him until he’s off on another trip.
    Rave: He’s planned an awesome March for us, and I’ve kept myself busy with meeting up with friends, spending time with family, and doing lots of yoga and reading while he’s been gone.
    Rave: Renewed vigor and interest in Infinite Jest as it hits 20 years old. I’m halfway through and the NYT article about it really helped me settle in for the long haul :-).
    Rant/Rave: Close friend who has been dealing with major mental health issues has decided to sell pyramid scheme products. Glad she’s doing something but…this?

    • Oh no! Is it Rodan + Fields?

      • or Thrive? ItWorks?

      • It’s Arbonne. And her cousin, who is also suffering with severe mental issues, is her sponsor or whatever you call them…

        • If it helps your friend get in a better headspace, that’s good. But I can not stand that so many of my friends have started selling these crap products. I got two messages on facebook yesterday from girls I haven’t talked to in years asking if I wanted to buy Rodan products. I just don’t get it. I’ve seen really smart, seemingly put together friends who have gotten caught up in this stupid stuff. What gives? It never seems to end well. Don’t most people end up shelling out more money than they ever make?

          • Yes – exactly. I’m of the mindset that if she feels like it gives her purpose and something to focus on, then by all means do it. But she’s not in a good place financially or mentally (severe anxiety, previous suicide attempts, panic disorder) and I don’t think spending money and energy towards this will help her. I hope I can be supportive but also I’m wary.

          • Same! One girl is more of an acquaintance (was friends with her sister in middle school/HS!) and she has messaged me TWICE! The first time I ignored it and this time I made it clear I have no desire to work in sales. I have never seen such aggressive MLM until R+F. They flood their FB with it day and night!

          • <>
            Not a comment on your reaction to what your friends are doing, but a reaction to Arbonne=crap. I used it for about two years (when one of my friends sold it, of course!) and found it to be an amazing product; I really liked it a lot.

        • I had someone I haven’t talked to in 15 years (college friend) send me an invite for a Facebook open house for some nail wraps. No personal message, no well wishes, only an invite to buy some crap. And what makes you think that as a suit-wearing 30 something professional in DC, I’d want Disney Princesses on my nails? Cute on a teen, not cute on Capitol Hill.

        • I feel so fortunate that I haven’t heard of any of these product lines…which means none of my friends are involved with selling them.

    • Additional Rant: My sister-in-law lives in poverty, with an emotionally abusive husband (they’ve been together over 30 years), and we try to help as much as we can (cell, health insurance, support with taxes, etc.). They are living in a converted hunting shack and last night it was 22 degrees in their home. Cannot figure out how else to help them…

    • jim_ed

      The thing about these pyramid schemes that shocks me isn’t how many people I know involved in them, but how shockingly little they pay out to people, including those who move up the pyramid with dozens of people below them. After my facebook feed was excessively spammed by one woman selling ‘Younique’ makeup, which is absurdly expensive, I decided to check out what the commisions were like. Turns out a senior level person – who may have dozens of people working further down her pyramid – was bringing in something like $1,200 a month. It was crazy how lopsided the effort to pay out ratio was.

      • I have several seemingly intelligent people I went to high school with spamming me about this Younique makeup…it is getting to be pretty ridiculous. No – I don’t want to come to your virtual lash party and buy mascara from you!

        Also I find it (the above company) particularly insulting because I feel like they market to women that a woman is missing out if they aren’t a stay at home mom with their kids and if you become a seller then you can be a good mom. I’ve actually seen their ads with mothers and little infants saying “look at what your missing out on!” If you just sign up in our pyramid scheme you can be a stay at home mom and give us all your money!

        • Also, that mascara is crap. ABSOLUTE JUNK. Seriously don’t even think about it, go buy yourself some Benefit’s They’re Real! or Urban Decay’s Perversion and save yourself the disappointment.

  • Rave: Thank you to everyone for tweeting about the misery that is the Red Line this morning. As my train sat at Fort Totten I saw how bad the commute was going to be, so I got off and took the Green Line to Gallery Place and walked to Farragut.
    Rant #1: I stopped at WTF Takeout and got a fancy overpriced scone. It’s totally raw in the middle. Blegh.
    Rant #2: Second day in a row of Red Line delays.

  • Clueless

    Rave: treated myself to an espresso and a hearty biscuit from Baked & Wired this AM. Happy Thursday!
    Rant: Apple headphones are garbage.
    Rave: looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this weekend; might actually pay more attention to the game (versus the halftime show)

    • FYI, Wednesday is bacon biscuit day; Cinnamon buns on the weekend. And yes, it’s a problem that I know the rotating breakfast schedule at B&W.
      Rave – only two weeks to the 1-week appearance of the greatest cupcake in the world – B&W’s inappropriately named Irish Car Bomb cupcake. Chocolate cupcake filled with Jameson chocolate ganache, topped with Bailey’s frosting.

      • ooooh! That cupcake sounds amazing! I may need to make a trip and try it out!

        • One week only, around St Patrick’s Day! (Despite my entreaties to keep it all year round – I think it’s too much of a pain to make.)

          • KSB

            Wait, I need clarification on the timeline (you know, asking for a friend…)
            St. Pat’s Day is mid-March so is it coming out in a month and two weeks? Or coming out in mid-Feb?

          • St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, so either they’re a month early or, unfortunately, you are.

          • I’ve asked about that previously – it’s the expense of the ingredients, not the amount of time required, that keeps them from being a regular item.

            Personally, I’d be willing to pay extra for that particular cupcake, but having witnessed enough bulk-ordering non-regulars lose their crap over baked items that aren’t even in the same category having different prices, I can see why having one or two cupcakes at a higher price could be more trouble than it’s worth for the staff.

          • Yeah, no idea why I thought St. Patrick’s Day is in February. It’s 6 weeks away, not 2. I will console myself with Chocolate Dooms and cinnamon buns.

      • SouthwestDC

        Sweet Lobby has something similar. I don’t know if it’s year round or just for St. Patrick’s, but I’ve had it and it’s delicious.

      • Clueless

        Jameson chocolate ganache? My body is ready. So many kudos to B&W.

      • May I ask why it’s inappropriately named? It’s the cupcake form of the drink.

        • The drink is inappropriately named too — reference to IRA terrorism.

          • So blame the drink, not the cupcake.

          • Sure but it’s named after the drink…I truly don’t even know what you’d call this specific kind of cupcake if not an Irish Car Bomb cupcake. Because it’s got all the ingredient flavors of an Irish Car Bomb drink.

          • I was just explaining why dcd said the name was inappropriate. I imagine he meant the name “Irish Car Bomb” in general, not the application of the drink’s name to the cupcake.

      • A friend makes these for my annual St. P day party – they are indeed the bomb!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The beautiful pink tulips on my coffee table that draw your eyes away from
    Rant: My sad and probably dusty Christmas tree.
    Rave: The hyacinths and daffodils that are popping up in the front yard no longer seem early!
    Rant: I had to Google “Squangle”. Sometimes I hate this website.
    Rant: Since my home “office” is on the second floor and in front of a window on the far left side of my bedroom, I now have pocket otters staring in at me from the neighbor’s scaffolding.

  • Rant: Angry neighbors. Crippling stress. Anxious dog. I am a struggling dog owner of the DMV’s most anxious dog. We rearranged our entire world to leave him late in the morning after significant exercise and their patience level does not last 2 minutes. They are now recording us(!!!). Dog couldn’t hack it in daycare, didn’t respond to pheromones (although we still use them), destroys very dangerous (think glass) items up and tucked away or in cupboards. I can’t think of anything else to do except save my pennies for a single family home. Anyone gone through this?

    Rave: Mom in town tonight 🙂 Life is good, dog’s life is good… just gotta reassure him!

    • Have you talked with your vet? They have anxiety drugs for dogs. Have you tried something like rover dot com where it’s typically 1-1 with a sitter or a dog walker?
      Is your dog crated? That would stop the destruction if putting things out of dogs reach isn’t possible.

    • Assuming the problem is that he barks when you’re gone:
      I really don’t think a pet’s anxiety is a good excuse for making a human’s home unlivable. I’d lose my damn mind if I had to listen to someone else’s dog noises all day. Perhaps the vet can prescribe something that will be more effective than the pheromones.

      • An eminently reasonable attitude towards pets that I’m shocked comes from someone who tortures a poor defenseless cat with a flippin’ sweater. 🙂

      • I agree with this. While I’m sympathetic to anxious dogs (and realize some owners don’t even know when they’re dog is barking if they’re not home!), I wouldn’t be able to stand a neighbor’s dog barking all day.

    • We had a neighbor threaten our anxious dog. It was a horrible situation. Nothing really worked for us so I cant help there. As she has aged she has calmed down a little but I find making her really tired with a long walk helps a bit. Perhaps try a dog walker that comes to the house to play with your dog?

    • Doggie prozac works very well for my anxious lab when combined with a long morning walk & other regular exercise. Target has it on their generic list, so it’s $10/month. Also, if he is destroying stuff, do think about crating or isolating somehow. I’ve learning to pick up things that wouldn’t even occur to me (matchboxes, coasters, tv remotes, lamp cords, pens – it all becomes edible when he’s stressed.) If you are worried about prozac, try the Anxitane supplement from your vet too – it’s not as strong but also works well. Also, seconding a dog walker, especially since daycare didn’t work! Good luck!!

    • So sorry to hear about your dog. I also have an anxious, reactive dog in apartment and it can be tough dealing with the neighbors and their dogs. I highly recommend reaching out to a positive reinforcement trainer and talk to your vet about medication, like Prozac.

    • Our dog used to work herself up to projectile vomiting… what eventually worked for us was getting her a friend (second dog). We still have some issues with barking…and have used leaving the radio on as background noise, and the citronella collar when things were dire. It sucks to have a sad/anxious dog, but also you feel like your life has been hijacked! I’m sorry you are going through this.

    • Our friends had an anxious dog and crating, a thundershirt and doggy prozac seemed to work, as I recall. Definitely talk to the vet, and if he or she is not helpful, try another vet. You can also look into trainers that have a focus on dog anxiety.

  • Rant: Moving.
    Rave: Moving.
    Question: Any suggestions on how to make packing fun, or at least tolerable/productive? I have a tendency to get into a kind of reverie where everything I pick up reminds me of where I was/am/will be and right now that doesn’t bring up the happiest of thoughts. I seem to keep zoning out while staring at objects, which also doesn’t help with my “But I may NEED this in the next week!!” box-closing-paralysis.

    • Have someone else help with packing, that’s the only way I’ve been able to get beyond the box-closing paralysis.
      Also, if it’s not too late, rent plastic boxes for the move. They made my last move about a thousand times easier.

      • if the move is local, then plastic may be fine. however, I’ve made two longhaul-ish (1500 miles) moves and plastic boxes do not generally hold up well to being stacked and with varying road conditions. i believe some companies’ (if you use a moving company or do the Pod/U-Pack thing) insurance voids if you file a damage claim and you used plastic bins/boxes.
        lastly, I color coded boxes. each room and associated box (with only things from that room in the box) had a specific color tape. when i got to my new place, i put the color tape in the rooms to match the boxes that way people could figure out where to put things without me micromanaging them.

        • The plastic crates that I rented were extremely sturdy – much more so than cardboard boxes. But I only used them for a local move.

          • hmmm…maybe i’m just unfamiliar with the plastic crates you used! i’ll have to look into it next time around.

    • Agree with jumpingjack on getting a friend and getting the plastic crates.
      Also, play 3D tetris! See how precisely you can fit things in. Then closing the box will be satisfying, instead of scary.

    • Also agree about the plastic boxes, but beware, in my experience they underestimate how many you need. We got the recommended amount for a 2 BR apt, and ended up needing to but 20 or so cardboard boxes at the last minute.

    • -Sit down and make a list of the things you’ll need before the move and set them aside or put them in another box. Don’t let yourself add to this box unless it was a gross oversight to exclude the new item from the list. Everything else gets packed.
      -Try setting a timer (like 15 mins) and trying to see how much you can get done in that time. Or commit to packing a certain area/room in that narrow time window.
      -Try listening to music or a podcast so that you are not so focused on your internal monologue.

    • Allison

      I would play fun music loudly while packing, so you’re thinking about the music/dancing, and putting objects in the boxes becomes the “background” motion.

    • On my last move, I had my movers pack. It was not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be, and probably saved me that much in physical therapy bills. I completely understand that some folks don’t have any money to spare, but if you do, having someone else pack for me is the best money I’ve ever spent. It was also good that they came and picked up the boxes from my house after I finished unpacking.

      • +1 to this. It also might be worth looking into hiring a TaskRabbit tasker for the job, which could be cheaper than that moving company’s own packing costs.

    • Thanks so much to you all for your great ideas. I will definitely implement the friend, music, and Tetris strategies for sure. The list of things NOT to pack idea is pretty brilliant too.

  • Rave and a question: parents are coming in tonight and I’m taking them to 9:30 for a show (they’re not regular parents, they’re cool parents). Any suggestions on where to grab a quick bite to eat before the show? I know a ton has opened in Shaw recently and I’m completely clueless about where to start!

    • Can’t go wrong with Duffy’s if you’re fine with good bar food.

    • Satellite Room has great food and it’s right next door. El Rey is a cool space for tacos. American Ice Co. if you want BBQ. If you just want good bar food (wings/burgers) I would go to Solly’s. I also love Etete if you are into Ethiopian.

    • We ate at Thai X-ing right across the street the other night and it was excellent! It’s a fixed price menu where you don’t pick your dishes. It’s all you can eat (we got extra of the pumpkin curry, so good) and you can bring your own wine for a $5 cork fee. If they are adventurous eaters, I’d highly recommend it!

    • houseintherear

      Right Proper on T by the Howard Theatre. My parents loved that place.

    • Maybe Dino’s on 9th – upstairs for the dining room or downstairs for the bar menu. Informal but good Italian. We popped into the bar at Ticos with my in-laws and they liked it, but the location may be a little far from 9:30. There’s also Mockingbird Hill/Southern Efficiency/Eat the Rich on 7th St.

  • Rant: New CDC report/recommendations on alcohol use & pregnancy seem very high on scare tactics and low on research. Anyone else catch this? Women who might become pregnant (aren’t using contraceptives) should avoid alcohol in case they get pregnant. Do we have a rash of FAS going on? This seems very over the top. Yes, there is no documented “safe” level of alcohol use when pregnant, but that’s because it would be unethical to conduct that research outside of observational studies that are subject to selection bias. That doesn’t mean that a single beer/glass of wine over dinner, for example, is going to cause problems.

    • We also know that alcohol use by men affects the health of their sperm, and possibly the health of the resulting baby. (But again, no meaningful research.) So where are the recommendations for all sexually active men to completely abstain? You know, for the children.
      This is yet another way to control women, to place their value as persons beneath that of not just a fetus, but a POTENTIAL fetus. Medical recommendations like this have been used to prosecute women for negative birth outcomes. This coming from the CDC carries WAY more potential harm for women than it carries benefits for babies.

    • I didn’t watch, but did skim a few articles. It seems pretty crazy and yes high on scare tactics. I have heard many stories of women not knowing they’re pregnant and drinking a good amount of alcohol the first 1-8 weeks or whatever. They also said woman not on birth control should avoid alcohol…they forgot or be a lesbian, ha!

    • I have seen this…. My thoughts are that it fits into the already overly-puritanical view of alcohol and pregnancy/women in this country, just combing the two. In Europe, for example, the attitudes are much more relaxed, much more pro-woman (ie, trusting the natural process, trusting instincts), and no where in Europe will you see crazy ass advice like this.
      To be perfectly honest, I have known many women who drink normally before they find out they are pregnant, and no know FAS babies. I also know many women who have had a glass of wine or a beer occasionally through pregnancy with no ill effects.

      • I am one of those women. I have a glass of wine or beer occassionally, and I don’t stress about it. I just laughed when I read the CDC recommendation.

    • +1000000 x a gazillon. I also found it to be so very troublesome and patriarchal was going to rant about it.

    • The CDC is getting a lot of flak for this, especially their new infographic. Parts of the infographic were poorly executed/explained… but IMO, the CDC is getting undeserved flak. I don’t remember seeing any implication that women shouldn’t drink just in case they happened to become pregnant.
      There are a lot of people in the U.S. — men and women — who don’t realize that from a medical standpoint, their drinking is excessive. It’s too bad that the CDC sort of flubbed this particular education effort.

      • textdoc, I believe it was more the wording they used that implied women shouldn’t drink in case they became pregnant. As the WaPo article on this explained, the CDC missed a step. At first glance I didn’t notice anything particularly amiss until I read the part on the infographic about “not drinking unless you’re on birth control.” Which really makes zero sense.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Read the “CDC Report” that all of this ruckus is about. It is not a report at all. It is a brief journal article. It’s not much longer than the WaPo article. I suspect that most journalists who have written about this “report” have not even seen the actual “report.”

      • There is also the infografic’s assessment that too much drinking leads to “injury/violence”, STDs, and “unintended pregnancy.” Pretty sure all of those things have an intervening factor that involves someone other than the woman.

        • I assume by “injury” they mean “accident.” Otherwise there would be no need to distinguish it from “violence.”
          As for STDs and unintended pregnancy… the infographic doesn’t spell out “Alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs judgment, which can lead to people having sex without the STD/pregnancy-related precautions they might take when sober,” but is that really such a stretch for the reader to make?

          • But it’s addressing women. Men should also take STD and pregnancy-related precautions, but there is nothing advising them to quit drinking on pain of herpes.

          • See the factsheet I linked.
            Incidentally, the infographic isn’t directed at women themselves — it’s directed at health care professionals who have women patients.

          • And although men _should_ take pregnancy-related precautions, the fact of the matter is that since it’s women who become pregnant, women bear the physical burden of an unplanned pregnancy. The responsibility might be equally divided, but the consequences aren’t.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Infographics should not exist. People who have adequate command of the subject matter that ends up on infographics are too busy producing factual information to waste time on juvenile cartoonish infographics. Thus, they end up getting made by people who don’t have adequate command of the subject matter. And that leads nowhere good.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The report is a brief article authored by an epidemiologist who happens to work for the CDC and published in a medical journal. The purpose of the article was to report some new data from a survey about alcohol use among non-pregnant women of child-bearing age in relation to whether they were actively attempting to become pregnant. It would be perfectly fair to criticize the study authors for over-reaching the results of their study and blathering about policy. This, unfortunately, is pretty common in scientific journals. Sometimes reviewers or editors even demand it (i.e., blathering about policy instead of just sticking to presenting research findings). However, given the nature of the publication, irrespective of what the authors of the study said, I do not believe it is correct to construe the anything in the paper as a “CDC Recommendation.”

    • Relatedly, isn’t it interesting how all the Zika-related health recommendations are advising women to avoid getting pregnant? But there is NOT ONE lecturing men to avoid getting women pregnant. It takes two to tango, but accountability is placed exclusively on the woman, who in many Latin American countries, has little or no control over her fertility.

      • Additionally, many Latin American countries outlaw all or most abortions, and access to other forms of birth control varies widely.

      • The right-to-life groups have pledged that they will offer lifetime financial support for all brain-damaged babies whose mother chose not to have an abortion. (Not really, but they absolutely should, and maybe we could start a rumor that they would then have to actually honor?)

    • Accountering

      Without alcohol, there would be less babies. They should think about these economy altering things before they start making wild suggestions!

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: Dude that my cousin dated in 2006 was on the UK news this morning. I knew he’d since gone on to achieve some renown as an international pick-up artist, but I had no idea he’s been going around arguing that rape should be legalized. I guess anyone can become famous if they say things that are outrageous enough.
    Rave: I think, after seven or eight years of trying, I’ve finally found a camera bag I like.

    • WHAT?! Your cousin dated that Roosh V guy or whatever?! Holy hell, good think she got away from that p.o.s psychopath!

      • Just thought the same thing!! Your cousin got lucky!

      • SouthwestDC

        He actually seemed like a nice guy in person! I have fond memories of having them over for pink martinis on Valentine’s Day. My cousin is a huge feminist and there’s no way she would have put up with his misogynistic BS.
        I was the one who discovered his blog– there were a few posts inspired by her. 😉

      • OMG NO it was the Roosh guy? What a terrible person! I’m so sorry for your cousin.

        • SouthwestDC

          It’s ok, he took her out to dinner a few times but she never slept with him (which must have been infuriating to him). The night I found out about his blog we read the whole thing over a bottle of wine– it was horrifying but also kind of funny, and of course she stopped seeing him after that.

          • dcgator

            Can we talk more about what a ridiculous sentiment this man (and others in his “tribe”, ha) has? I found out about this last night, and was flabbergasted that it’s an actual thing. I was really hoping to show up on Saturday night to “infiltrate” this ridiculousness, as a man. I feel like I have to see it in person to actually believe it exists.

          • SouthwestDC

            Does he actually have a lot of followers? I assumed his fame was because so many people love to hate him, but I haven’t really been following his “evolution” over the years.

          • SouthwestDC

            Nevermind– I just saw the DCist article about the meetups that are apparently happening everywhere. Yikes.

          • I think it’s more of a PR stunt than anything else. I’d never heard of this guy until today, though I’d read before about the “pick-up artist” (PUA) phenomenon.

    • Yeah, that asshole. I read about him and his fears for his safety (LOL, hypocrite) at the same time I was reading about the newest attempts to deny women control of their bodies (see above). Same agenda, IMO.

    • justinbc

      I’ve used a Lowepro SlingShot for as long as I can recall and have always loved the design.

      • justinbc

        (Although since I just ordered a full frame camera it might not fit, will have to do more research, argh)

      • SouthwestDC

        The Lowepro Passport is what I got. My full frame is mirrorless so it can fit in there nicely with plenty of room to spare.

        • justinbc

          Nice! I was looking at the Sony A7R2, it was really tempting. I’ve not played around with a mirrorless at all though, so I’ll probably try to rent one before I splurge on the next model.

          • SouthwestDC

            I like my A7 a lot, but I’ve always shot with Sonys and size/weight was a priority for me because I’m small.

  • Rant: Feel like I’m fighting something, my throat is so scratchy and terribly, terribly sore when I’ve awoken the past two mornings. I though maybe it was the dry air, but I’ve been running my humidifier for a week and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Throat is so raw and red!
    Rave: But, no white patches to be seen, so no strep or anything really vicious.
    Rave: I have soup for lunch.

    • Clueless

      Hope you feel better soon! Hot water with lemon and honey is my go-to remedy when I have a sore throat.

    • SouthwestDC

      I have that too. After a few days it seems to be subsiding though. Hope yours does as well!

    • binntp

      I had that too earlier this week. The Pablo Raw cure (neti pot) plus a Zyrtec D stopped it in its tracks. Hope yours gets better soon.

      • SouthwestDC

        Yeah, I don’t know if it contributed to my getting better but I was doing the Neti Pot.

      • I’m doing the Neti pot every other day (can’t do it every day or else I get nosebleeds), and some of my colleagues suggested some Mucinex, since my chest sounds kind of tight. I’m worried I may have gone past the point of stopping this thing from becoming bigger, but I’ll try the mucinex tonight and see if that works. I can’t take most decongestants because of other issues…

        • Not being able to take decongestants really sucks. My wife has gotten a couple of really nasty sinus infections from not being able to take decongestants. Last year, she got a recommendation for a nasal spray (steroid of some kind?) that is now available over the counter which is more of a local decongestant that has been pretty effective. Can you try something like that?

          • Nope, the steroid nasal sprays give me crazy palpitations and awful nosebleeds, they don’t help enough to make the side effects worth it. The only thing i can really use is Afrin, but you can only use that 2x a day for 3 days max or else you can wind up with really awful “rebound” headaches and stuffiness.

          • Ugh, that sucks. 🙁

  • Rant: Saw a dude I had feelings for at some point and thought it had been reciprocal…but now he’s making me feel like he never really liked me as more than a friend. unrequited feelings are the f*cking worst.
    Rave: He doesn’t live here, so will leave again soon. And Im trying my hand at online dating to dull the pain.

  • Popquery: Does anyone know where one should stay/what to do in Guadeloupe? There are some awesome fares for a getaway trip but I know next to nothing about the island

  • I can’t help myself: I’m already getting excited about the next snow storm. I know, it’s not a sure thing. And I know, DC can’t deal. And I KNOW, it’s going to be a PITA with schools closed and groceries stores empty. But… I’m still a little excited!
    (dcstorms dot com has hype-free thoughts. He’s more interested in being right than in increasing his page views)

  • Rave: Great Burns night event last night.
    Revel: Yeah, I’m in love. Eek.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Thanks to the discussion yesterday I went back and double checked my lenses, turns out I had almost all EF rather than EF-S like I thought. Not sure why I didn’t bother to check this before, but it made the decision to stick with Canon rather than move to Nikon much easier. 6D ordered today! Also got the 17-40 for about half the price of the 16-35, and the 150-600 Tamron for bear / wolf shooting in Yellowstone.
    Rant: Still need to drop 3 more pounds before suit fitting tomorrow! Lots of running in store for this afternoon…

  • houseintherear

    I made a comment yesterday about home inspections on a non R&R post, and got some negative feedback. Just want to apologize because apparently the laws have indeed changed since a decade+ ago when my dad started his second career as a home inspector, as have insurance rates, and the home buyers are truly effed now. I was citing info that he gave me when starting his second career as a home inspector about 15 years ago, so it was old news! Booooo I hate being wrong on this one. But I’m glad I already bought a house, I guess!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: dishwasher that doesn’t drain completely, drained completely when the repair man came.
    Rant/Rave: I have a love hate relationship with telework. I really only want to do it on snow days, but that’s not a choice.
    Rave: sticking to my New Year’s resolution of being more social.

  • Not sure if this a rant, but has anyone else noticed that in the morning the Blue/Orange/Silver platform at L’Enfant smells like pot smoke?

    • I am so effing sick of smelling GD weed in this city. I have a strong sense of smell, fortch/unfortch, so being in close quarters when someone stinks up the bus/train makes my stomach turn. But apparently only the cheap stuff reeks? Smells like a skunk let off..

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