Grace Street Coffee, South Block Juice Co. and SundeVich coming to Georgetown

3210 Grace St, NW

Holy moly – not sure how I missed this huge news but it’s in the same Washington Business Journal permit roundup as the pizza spot below:

“Three new restaurants incoming to this Georgetown building — Grace Street Coffee, South Block Juice Co. and SundeVich. It is the sixth local outpost for South Block Juice, and the second for the sandwich shop Sundevich. For Grace Street Coffee, there is but one goal: “to make the best cup of coffee.” The three restaurants will share a common seating area with 45 seats.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.


They’ll be located across the street from the new Chaia brick and mortar space:


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  • Cool stuff. Cue the mental gymnastics and contortions from those who gleefully proclaim that Georgetown is ‘over.’

    • Yup. I do feel like Georgetown was in a bit of a rut a few years ago but in the past couple years it has really gained some cool spots and, despite what a lot of DC residents think, it is not just for tourists. I work in Georgetown, love Chaia, and cannot wait for these to open!

  • Very cool. This little street actually gets a lot of foot traffic from people wanting to avoid the Wisconsin & M intersection. Chaia and Dog Tag both appear to be doing well. Meanwhile there are 5 vacant commercial/residential townhouses in a row a block away on 31st Street.

  • This is great. Back when I worked in Georgetown there were virtually no spots to grab a quick and quality to-go lunch (our only options were Moby’s, Baked & Wired, and Cafe Tu o Tu). So glad that’s changing.

  • palisades

    South Block acai bowls are delicious – but for a glorified smoothie, good god they are expensive. Almost $10 with tax. I’m sure they’ll be more in DC.

  • Ugh, I love Georgetown. It’s so stinkin cute! If only it was easier to get to and didn’t have all those crowds on M Street.

  • That One Guy

    That’s a cool colabo.

  • SUNdeVICH is going to crush it in Georgetown.

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