Feds get 3 hour delayed arrival; DC Schools on 2 hour delay; DC Government Opening on Time

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kristine Marsh

From Public Safety in DC:

“Winter storm openings: • DC Government will open on time • DCPS will open on 2 hour delay • Federal Government will open on 3 hour delay”


“Metrobus operating normal service, Feb 16. Some routes on snow detour due to icy conditions.”

“Metrorail Regular service operating Tuesday, February 16”

From DC Homeland Security:

“Currently, roadways and sidewalks are a sheet of ice. Use extreme caution if you must be out and about.”

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    I don’t ever remember such a discrepancy between the feds and dc govt on cancellations/delays as this year.

    • I’m thinking the OPM is finally starting to realize there can be a big discrepancy between DC weather and DC metro area weather. In DC it’s just a rainy day, but someone who lives 50 miles away and has to leave at 5am for a driving commute could face treacherously icy conditions.

  • maxwell smart

    I couldn’t sleep well last night and I checked OPM at 3am and at 5am and both times it said “OPEN” with no delays or anything. When did this change?

  • I don’t know why DCPS and DC gov are always on different schedules. If its too hard for teachers and students to get to school, why is dc gov inssiting its other employees get to school on time. Its also very hard as a parent to have different schedules.

    • I agree. It seems like a terrible way to treat DC government employees with kids.

    • Agreed, it’s a terrible move for an employer not to consider their people’s other priorities. Happier workers are more productive workers. Unhappy workers are short-term workers, and turnover is expensive and disruptive. Ergo, every move an employer makes to protect its employees’ morale actually serves the employer in the end. It ain’t rocket science. But still too complicated for DC gov’t, I guess.

    • As DC Government employees, our job is to serve the residents of the District of Columbia. The needs of the residents of the District don’t go away because of bad weather. Keeping DC Government open is a high priority of the Mayor (and for most previous mayors) –and NO, I don’t work in the mayor’s office 🙂

      • As a DC resident and DC government employee, I am truly upset and saddened by the mayor’s actions. She is pushing a political agenda before the needs of safety for the district and it’s citizens. She should be ashamed.

  • Not complaining, but what’s with the 3-hour delay stuff this year? I don’t recall them ever using that in the past, always 1 or 2-hour delays.

  • I enjoyed my commute this morning without the rowdy (and sometimes dangerous) DCPS kids all over the Metro.

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