“I’m wondering if anyone can explain why the defunct Shaw Junior High building recently received a pretty good sized (and very loud) diesel generator?”

925 Rhode Island Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’m wondering if anyone can explain why the defunct Shaw Junior High (Garnet-patterson) building recently received a pretty good sized (and very loud) diesel generator? The school has been closed for years. Maybe it’s pumping power into the grid at a weak spot, but I’m certainly not an electric grid expert. (Frankly, I don’t even know if grids have weak spots) I have no idea why it’s there and I’m not sure anyone else is as curious as me.

Curious Shaw dog park enthusiast”

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  • It is for x purpose. Y purpose is not enough, and z purpose is right out.

  • Because solar isn’t good enough when it comes to making soylent green.

  • Malk – it’s for the malk.

  • Shaw Jr. High is an MPDC Black Site…aka where they are hiding all of the officers leaving the force…

    • Honest question – what does that mean? They sit around all day in months leading up to retirement, collecting a paycheck?

  • That’s a back up generator. In the event of a power failure that generator kicks on so elevators can return to the ground floor, life safety equipment (exit signs, sprinklers, etc) still function. A public building, even one not currently in use is required to have a back up system. They only need to run for a few hours in emergency. If you heard it running perhaps they were testing it. Looks like they were getting a diesel delivery when you took the pictures.

  • General Grant Circle

    I wanna hear the conspiracy theories

    • Council Member [name redacted] has a cousin who owns “Diesel Generator Rental & Urban Solutions LLC” and somehow won this no-bid contract to equip all schools past, present and future with diesel backup generators for the next 25 years.

  • They also put up new speed limit signs for a school zone. That school hasn’t been in use for 10+ years. Maybe there are still some programs there? I don’t think so but otherwise the new signs make no sense.

  • Best guess, contractors are doing work at the site and the building’s existing electrical service (if it is even on) can’t support the equipment in use. However, they are using a Generac, so they probably have no idea what they are doing (Generac is kind of the Yugo of generators). All of my generators at work are Kohler or Caterpiller.

  • Theorems of conspiracy and geometry, albeit clever and educated, are not the REAL reason for this pop-up generator. The transformer that powers that entire block blew this past July, and in order to power lights, etc. for the dog park the generator was brought in. Old City Farm & Guild, located on the school lot, has been in conversations regarding the restoration of power for several months, and we are promised that a solution is forth-coming. Meanwhile we’ve been trying to maintain a small business, garden center and urban farm with no steady power source (or water, though that’s a different story). A small generator and a few solar panels on our resident Tiny House have kept us functional, though with Christmas Tree season fast approaching our fingers are crossed for good news from DGS and Pepco. Sounds like we’re not alone!

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