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  • Any scuttlebutt on ground floor retail for this building?

  • I’m sure sitting out on that balcony on a nice evening listening to the roar of the tons of traffic on RI and 11th will be luxurious.

    • I’m just happy to see a building include balconies on what looks like most units. The lack of actual balconies (no a “juliet balcony,” aka a sliding glass door with a gate on it, does NOT count) in buildings in DC always befuddles me. Was our balcony on the corner of Colesville Rd. and E-W Highway quiet? No. Was it nice to be able to step outside, and have a couple pots of herbs in the summer? YES.

      • I’ve often wondered the same thing. I think new buildings don’t include balconies in most units so they can charge a premium for units that do have them.

      • Is having a balcony better than not having one? Sure. Is having a balcony that you can enjoy for something more than stepping outside to get some herbs, yes, definitely. Assuming the entire roof deck isn’t limited to the penthouse units, that’s probably a more enjoyable feature overall.

        It’s certainly better than what it is replacing.

  • I assume they maxed it out, but that building could really use another floor or two. It looks so short and squat.

    • Yup, maxed out the C-2-A zoning. I will say in person it looks a lot less squat. I think it’s because the elevation differences are easier to see.

  • bleh, this is so ugly, especially from behind on q st.

  • maxwell smart

    The 1-Bedroom layouts are the typical awful new-DC-apartment layout. Apparently it’s all the rage to have a bedroom without windows in the middle of your apartment and your kitchen to a be a wall of your living space. I’m sure people will pay $2500+ a month for this too. Terrible.

    • haha rents starting at $3k

    • maxwell smart

      and the 1+ Den are just as bad. The den is too small to be useful for anything other than a very large closet and it comes at the expense of making the bedroom so small you can barely fit what I assume is a queen sized bed.

      • You’d still have the option to use it… as a den.
        I actually like the small den. The problem with larger dens is that people treat them as second bedrooms and so many (if not most) 1 br+den are priced identically to 2 brs. It would be nice if more units had a small space that would work as a home office or a nursery, but NOT work very well as a second bedroom for an adult. When I was last hunting I would have killed for a unit like this but they barely exist.

  • Yay! Another drab building! Better than Diamond Cab but we can do better.

    • Maybe you can be the one to convince the zoning commission to increase zone heights and eliminate rear yard/side yard/court requirements while keeping FAR the same. Because right now maxing out FAR results in a box in most zones. And that, not some weird aversion to interesting architecture, is the reason you see boxes likes this. You get what you zone for.

  • So tired of the short, squat buildings in DC – the height act is truly a disservice from DC becoming (and looking like) a world-class city. DC reminds me of a horizontally shorn, boxy shrub.

    • This isn’t about the federal height limit, this is just the zoning that the project is in which is C-2a, they maxed out the height and FAR at this building and were pretty clever about getting extra space up in the penthouse level. The pictures on this post do make it look very squat, but I suspect that is because they are taken from the corner on shot so both the South and East facades show, it looks less squat while coming up and down Rhode Island or 11th. Also the skin is pretty impressive, high end materials lots of layering, but as others have said you will never get a lot of crazy massing in DC because of the zoning. The reality is that this building is a pretty inefficient shape from a skin area to floor area standpoint, and the skin of buildings is one of te most expensive elements. The building has a single loaded corridor in the back, the could have built the same building in a double loaded cube at the corner but then they wouldn’t have been able to cover whole street frontage that they had. They made up for the massing inefficiency with incredibly efficient units, some of the little ones might not be to everyone’s taste, but the bigger units are great.

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