Doings at Dacha – You can now get coffee, bagels, breads, groceries and more

via Dacha

From Dacha’s facebook:

“Good Morning DC! Coffee from Stumptown, Counter Culture and Vigilante. Bagels from the amazing Bullfrog. Fresh breads and pastry from Firehook, Lyon Bakery and Le Caprice. Groceries from Union Market! Home made soups and lunch sandwiches! Onward and forward with progress”

7th and Q St, NW

And note new hours:


and new (sound?) barriers:


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  • Well NOW, I understand why Dacha wanted to triple their capacity limit. They just wanted to make sure everyone who wants a bagel can get a bagel, for everyone has a right to bagel where I come from.

  • It looks like they need to do some weeding.

  • Their new products don’t seem to match with their hours. Are they selling coffee and bagels at 4 pm?

  • I like this idea and if it had been available when I lived there I probably would have shopped there. It also seems like a creative and useful way to address their apparent concerns about profit in colder months. Definitely more creative and useful than trying to let in more people than allowed by their ABRA license. And it might actual build some goodwill with bagel-loving neighbors.

  • This actually has me interested. We like Compass Coffee on weekend mornings, but their breakfast game is lacking, which can be a disqualifier. This seems like a handy addition and might get Compass to add more breakfast options.

    • Well they don’t open til noon so I doubt Compass is overly concerned.

      • Are you sure? The Facebook post from this morning indicates to me that the market is open mornings and the hours pictured above are specific to the beer garden. I’m pretty sure the coffee, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches are available before noon.

        • Oh I have no idea, just basing it off the hours above.
          Dacha will now officially be the most claustrophobic place to do your “grocery” shopping in DC! Count me out.

  • Dacha can’t serve alcohol for 21 days, so the “market” is probably their business plan to make money, albeit, not from booze. However, the good news is that the plastic panels are going to be permanent (yay, monkeys in a zoo cage) and Dacha will expand to the building next door. (see yesterday’s Washington Blade article)

  • I went this morning around 8am and it was fantastic. A great addition to the neighborhood! Also you can order their breakfast sandwiches online and pick up when you arrive!

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