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  • I would definitely bet on these people wanting to resell, especially considering pieces are NOT your typical H&M prices…well into the hundreds of dollars for a dress :/

  • Walked by them today, all look like people being paid to wait in line, mostly men.
    Like the Target collections, this stuff will sell out in one day and then be on ebay for 4 times the price. Lame.

  • Read this in a Yahoo article: “The first 420 customers to show up at each retail location will receive colored bracelets labeling groups of 30, Fashionista reports. Groups are given 15 minutes each to shop the collection. After the initial 420 shoppers make their 15-minute rounds, the collection will open to everyone.”

    So unlike the chicken stuff, you’re not getting anything for free. You’re just standing in line to get a bracelet so you can spend $600 on a jacket that probably cost $20 to make.

  • I don’t get the appeal of “cheap fashion”. As I understand it, this Balmain line is stitched by the same slave fingers using similarly cheap fabrics as the rest of H&M’s garb.

  • H&M, where the lines last longer than the clothes.

  • Anonomnom

    Holy cow. Just checked out the collection online, and there are green “slim fit cargo pocket sweatpants” retailing for $1,020…. What!?

  • This is only hugely popular because of the Kardashians and Kanye wearing it everywhere lately and endorsing it all over the place. I know I had never heard of it before that…I bet a bunch of other people are in the same boat.

    • really? i associate it more with gwen stefani. they can put out a very high-end rocker glam vibe that she looks great in.

      • I agree that Gwen looks much better in their pieces but Kim and Kylie have been repping Balmain HARD for some reason for a while now. Not sure if they’re official reps or being paid or what, but it’s definitely a big association.

        • The New Yorker had a profile of the Olivier Rousteing, the creative director for Balmain. I seem to recall that he uses Kardashians for his advertising and is close to the clan, but doesn’t pay them for their social media promotions.

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