“This past Friday around 8.30 pm one of our female residents was attacked by a group of youngsters next to our building’s “H” street entrance”

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A reader passes on from their building in the 400 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW:

“I feel it is necessary that you are aware of any events which take place near the building for your safety.

This past Friday around 8.30 pm one of our female residents was attacked by a group of youngsters next to our building’s “H” street entrance. It is very fortunate that this resident was not seriously hurt. These youngsters then moved on to CVS, shoplifted, and damaged stocked merchandize. While I am working with the management of the CVS and Metropolitan Police to enhance security, I would like us all to be alert and be aware of the surrounding area for our safety.

To further improve the security of the building, the Board is currently considering the installation of the additional cameras, exterior lighting and fobbing of the elevators. You can also help keep our building secure by taking the following steps:

Ensure that all exit doors are shut behind you when entering and exiting the building.

Do not permit piggybacking, when entering in the building by using your fob.

If any vehicle is trying to get into the parking garage behind you and has not used his/her own garage remote control, you may slow down and inquire the identity of the driver. This will avoid entrance of an unauthorized person into the garage.

Thank you for your cooperation and be safe.”

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  • I wonder if this was the same group who robbed people at 9th and G, according to the DC Police twitter.

  • “youngsters” (shake my head)
    At least they won’t in any way be held accountable for their actions, we know that much.

  • I live near here and I appreciate the heads up. Thank you!

  • WTF, is wrong with people

    Should we start a law abiding people in DC Bill of Rights (so when the next mayor starts they can help us be safe again.

    1. that criminals regardless of age will be kept in jail for any violent crime to the maximum allowable sentencing, and there is double penalty for any crime committed against women or children
    2. we can walk down our streets safely before midnight
    3. we can send our children to DC schools, and they will be educated, cared for, and helped (as an addition to parenting) to learn to respect there fellow students and teachers.
    4. that we will get a police chief that the rank and file respect and that has innovative techniques, but also tried and true methods that deter crime and punish criminals fully
    5-10000 Im sure could be written now, but lets start with this

    • right, because all young people are treated and viewed equally and, in practice, given the same rights and benefit of doubt under the law . what could possibly go wrong with a “just jail everybody” approach? smdh

  • Little shits.

  • I’ve lived next door since 2010 & I refuse to walk on that side of the street on H between 4th & 5th, so sorry to hear this happened.

    • I don’t care for either side of that stretch, and am surprised that GAO lets people hang out there so much. I’ve gotten comments/hostility (the usual) a couple of times.

  • a description would be helpful…although i can probably take a guess already

  • I’ve actually lived in this very building since 2010, and while I’ve sometimes been uncomfortable walking past some of the people hanging out on the stoops of the buildings near 5th – especially those who choose to make delightful comments in my direction – I’ve never felt unsafe.
    Far more problematic are the people – sometimes drunk, sometimes just deliberately disruptive for no apparent reason other than that they feel like it – who hang out at and around the bus stop in front of GAO at all hours. Having the X2 and the 80 running very late at night is both a blessing (when I want to get home) and a curse (when I just can’t take all the hollering anymore…). And of course all the men who think the rear doorway (where the assault took place) is a urinal…
    It’s not typical for a “group of youngsters” to be hanging out on the north side of that block – there are always people, most of whom appear to be residents and their guests, socializing in front of Judiciary House, and others whose current residence is unknown on the aforementioned stoops between JH and Chinatown Coffee (plus the guys on the corner who I’m pretty sure prefer not to attract attention to their business activities in the first place), but not roving packs of kids looking to make trouble.
    At times, though, there will be several teens milling about in front of the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services offices at 450 H, and as those are generally the only young people I see on that block who aren’t visiting JH, I’m curious whether the bunch who roughed up my neighbor (or whatever the attack entailed – we residents really need to press management for more details) was affiliated with DYRS. I wouldn’t expect them to still be around at 8:30pm, though, and it’s at least as likely the punks wandered down from the godawful “Times Square of Washington DC” sh!tshow at 7th and H.
    At any rate, I’m sorry this happened to my neighbor and the nice folks who work at the CVS, and hope building and area residents can pressure management and MPD to take effective action to prevent further incidents. (Of course, ideally I’d like to see the criminals punished appropriately, but we know that will never happen in DC…)

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