More Shots Fired at 14th and V St, NW


Matt reports just before 11pm last night:

“Gunshots again! Maybe 5 in a row. Basically the same spot near V/14th NW as last week’s incident.”

Jim reports:

“Another possible shooting in the 1400 block of V St NW. Police are in the street, appearing to look for bullets/casings.”

H reports:

“Pretty sure there was another shooting on V st and 14th a bit more down the block this time. I heard 5 shots this time, had my window open.”

T reports:

“Thought I heard 5 – 6 fired in quick secession. Cops on the scene within 2 minutes, with lights and sirens up, seem to confirm it.”

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  • Where is Brianne Nadeua? I’ve never seen such a lack of leadership or concern.

      • Assume you are being sarcastic, but given her lack of leadership and results in relation to crime in Ward 1 — I can’t be sure.
        She is the Ward 1 Councilmember and likes to sweep all the violence under the rug. She has been slow to react and matters have only gotten worse. Crime obviously isn’t a priority for her. I voted for her, but certainly won’t be again. Thats pretty much the general opinion of all my neighbors in our sub-section of Columbia Heights.

  • where are the police? there’s a station just three blocks down V and after last week’s incident you’d think they’d have a visible presence here.

    • They were on scene within a minute. If they had been standing there, it would have pushed the beef to W St. and we’d have the same problem. If you have a gun and you want to do harm, an officer standing on a corner will not deter you. It’s why this idea that fixed posts and light towers are the solution needs to end.

    • There has been a mandatory fixed foot beat 24 hours a day in that area since the homicide. The shooters literally do not care that there is a police presence. Like MPD said, they’ll simply walk around the corner and kill each other.

      • They also know the chances of getting arrested are minimal. MPD arrest records are awful. And I’m not even talking about charges or prison time… Just simply making an arrest.

        • Citation, please.

          • +1. I’m not an expert but I’d like to know the basis for that statement. My impression is that MPD does at least a pretty decent (if not good) job of making arrests, but the same folks end up back on the streets pretty quickly.

          • @krampus – agreed. My impression has always been that MPD does a good job on the arrests, but its the prosecution rate that is at fault with dangerous individuals getting back on the streets quickly.

  • How many shootings is that in DC in the past 3 months alone? Chicago had 50 shootings in the past two weekends. Both cities have very strict “common sense” gun control. It would be nice to see have seen a press conference talking about the gun violence occurring in major US cities this summer.

    • DC’s curse is that it borders the Commonwealth of Virginia a major hub for gun traffickers on the east coast.

      • DC’s curse is that it never really recovered from the riots in the 1960s, and for a generation was unable to develop large swaths of the city and integrate the people who lived there with the economy at large. Politicians catering to the people who lived in those areas made the issue more about “us vs. them”, which didn’t help matters at all.

        Being near VA or MD is almost incidental, especially considering that the only way to stop people from bringing in guns or drugs would be to have checkpoints at every border crossing. And based on how well border security works for other countries (and for the US) this would be a colossal waste of resources.

    • What, like this?

      Police chiefs from around the country meet in D.C. to discuss violent summer
      By Will Greenberg August 3
      Law enforcement officials from the Washington area and across the country said Monday that there has been a recent increase in shootings in several major cities but that they haven’t pinpointed what’s causing the spike in violence.
      Officials from several cities, including the District, St. Louis, Chicago and Baltimore, met at the Newseum in the District to discuss the trend and possible solutions to the violence. They were joined by criminology professors, attorneys and others.
      “We had this meeting as an urgent summit because we felt a sense of urgency because people are dying,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said at a news conference after the summit. “We have not seen what we’re seeing right now in decades.”
      The event was hosted by the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), which said a survey of its members showed that police in many cities are seeing more guns on the streets and more killings. Four of the nation’s largest cities — New York, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia — recorded a rise in homicides by mid-
      July compared with the same period in 2014.
      The District has experienced the same trend. The city’s homicide toll for 2015 is now 87; the total for all of 2014 was 105. Violent crime in general also is on the increase compared with last year, police said.
      The summit was organized by Lanier, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and MCCA President J. Thomas Manger, the police chief in Montgomery County, Md., following a conference call in late July, Darrel Stephens, executive director of MCCA, said in an e-mail.

  • Anonynon

    I definitely heard the commotion it seemed like cop sirens were going all night. Sigh. My neighborhood…

  • I have been a resident of W Street for nearly 10 years. I may not have been born or raised in this neighborhood, but after 10 years, I consider myself a member of this community. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. I have worked with MPD, the Mayor’s office, our past Councilman’s office to try to address the issue with crime and drug dealing on V and W Streets. We get some attention after someone is shot or stabbed or a bullet flies through someone’s window, then it disappears. What we have demanded, time and time again, is regular police on foot (walking the beat). I never see that happening for very long (if at all). I can name the people that loiter and deal drugs day in and day out. I can tell you where they live. If police were walking the beat, maybe they would know them, too. These criminals get arrested and, in very little time, are back on the streets doing the exact same thing. Their family members live on the block and allow their children, nephews, grandsons to come back to deal drugs, loiter and carry weapons. How do we solve this? I ask for more police presence. I ask for harsher sentencing. But, it never happens. There used to be community meetings for the residents of V & W Streets to address this (Mayor’s office joined, MPD joined, the Councilmember joined, and the ANC joined). Maybe Councilmembers Nadeau should get that up and running again…that could be a start! This has to STOP.

    • Thanks for this context. As a person relatively new to the neighborhood, this is really helpful. Though I’m not shocked that there’s a history.

  • Looks like it’s time for me to move to Arlington.

  • I heard 5-6 shots around this time from 15th & R

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