Getting Closer to The Miracle Theatre on Barracks Row


They now have a ticket booth! StillComing Soon but stay tuned:

“The Miracle Theatre is a second run movie theater and live performance venue in the heart of Capitol Hill.”


535 8th Street, SE

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  • justinbc

    Whoa, nice, I didn’t realize this was being renovated!

  • Aglets

    can’t wait!!!!

  • During a street festival a year back, I took a tour of the space with a pastor there. I asked what kind of movies he was thinking of playing, and I mentioned films like Star Wars. He said that was not the type of film they were thinking of playing, apparently it doesn’t promote the values of his church. I hope this isn’t just a sham to promote their church values, but rather neat theater for the community.

  • Oooh, I thought, because of the ‘Miracle’ name, it was going to be the permanent home of the church that has services there. It’s going to be a real theatre?! AWESOME!

  • If this is in fact still run by the church that bought the building a few years ago, be aware that they are extremely pro-life and anti-LGBT, and in a very activist sort of way, actively working on these causes and contributing money to them. So I certainly won’t be going to their movie theater or otherwise giving them any money (hence why I also don’t go to Ebenezer’s coffeehouse).

    • Huh, well when I attend the church I often here them say ” no matter black or white, gay or straight” all are welcome. They don’t preach about what they are against rather what they are for. I find it to be more of a place of reconciliation and acceptance. As an LGBT person who attends this church I applaud all they do for the community. What you thought you knew about this church is probably a bit dated.

      • justinbc

        I’m sure they’ve learned to say what they need to in order to get more tithers in the door. If you’re actually there giving money you should definitely look into how they’re spending it.

        • What’s the name of the church? Now I want to investigate (I’m Jewish, sooo I’ve never been there).

        • +1

        • I’m plenty aware of how they spend their money. Their mission and outreach is phenomenal. Thank you though.

        • They are also really good at deflecting / downplaying criticism and actively engaging online and using social media to try to improve their image as more accepting than they actually are. (Guessing CW didn’t get here by accident.)

          • Actually you’re quite wrong. I have no affiliation with the church other than what I stated. I’m a frequent viewer of POP and happened to see this and chimed in. I can only attest to my own experience and knowledge of the church and happily choose to attend based on that.

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