Drybar Opens in Dupont

1635 Connecticut Avenue, NW

This is the former Custom Fuel pizza location and Potbelly before that.

Drybar’s refreshingly simple concept: ‘No cuts. No color. Just blowouts’ has captivated a legion of loyal clients across the country.”

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  • Not that Custom Fuel was awesome… but this is even worse.

  • A Metro accessible DryBar? This is awesome. It’s going to make money hand over fist.

  • jack5

    Fuel Pizza has been falling hard lately… I was walking by the Howard U location the other day and they were blaring hard core rap (cursing and all) on the sound system in there, the restaurant was luckily empty, but probably because of the DJ on duty. I went to the Verizon center location a few weeks back and it was frankly not clean with graffiti all over the walls. It’s a shame, I used to like the place.

  • jack5

    What’s a blowout? I have a hard time as a man figuring out what line of business this place is in if it’s not a hairddo shop. Maybe because I’m old.

    • It is a “hairdo shop.” A blowout is when someone washes and professionally blow dries your hair. They can make it straight, wavy, voluminous, basically things that are really hard to achieve at home.

      • justinbc

        Yeah I was wondering the same thing. It seems like this would be the stuff that’s easy to do at home (washing your hair and then using a blow dryer?) versus the cutting and coloring which I would want to leave to professionals.

        • If you have 5 pounds of thick hair or a challenging hair texture, no, it is not easy to blowdry and style your hair at home.

        • To be fair, hair-do’s pretty much always look better when someone else styles it. I got my haircut yesterday and I know that my styled hair will never look that good again….until my next haircut in 6 weeks. I can totally understand why a woman needing a quick wash, dry, and style would pop in here before a dinner date or an event. Gotta look good.

        • It’s like a hair manicure. You could trim and paint your nails at home, but its nice to go to a shop and have it professional done.

    • It is. No cutting, no coloring, just styling with a blow dryer. Some women go every week, for most of us, it’s a fun once in awhile, or for a special occasion treat. It’s fairly reasonable, so lots of repeat business. Just think of it as a salon.

    • I had to ask my wife the exact same question. When she explained it to me, it still didn’t make much sense. If it’s popular and makes people happy, I hope it’s a great add to a retail block that seems to be struggling a bit.

      • Agree. I’ll never need it, but if it’s successful then great. Much rather have something in the neighborhood like this than another low-quality fast food joint.

    • Jack5, I had never heard of a “blowout” (fancy blow-dry) until fairly recently either.
      There was an article earlier this year in the New York Times about the chain and its founder:

    • I Dont Get It

      Thank you Jack for asking that question.

  • To paraphrase Will Smith, “men just don’t understand….”

  • Ally

    At first I thought this was the most poorly named pub ever.

  • the important question is WILL THIS LOCATION SERVE ALCOHOL???????

    Because if not, I will keep visiting Aunette at Blo on P st.

  • So let me get this straight: college kids in this town get their clothes professionally laundered and millennials go to a salon to have their hair washed and dried? My DC is lost.

    • middle aged women have been going to salons to get their hair styled (not cut) for ages. this is not a new phenomenon, not new to DC, nor is it a white person thing (i am not white so i say this with confidence). Drybar is just the first to be the ONLY place that does ONLY that.

    • Not just a millennial thing: it’s very popular among middle aged women as well. And definitely not just–or even primarily–a white thing. It works best for super thick, curly hair.

      • Yep. When I worked at a salon after college, the weekly regulars were typically older ladies (I’m talking grandmas). They just seem to have been a head of the curve.

        • Yeah – this is an example of one of those things that’s been around a long time, sort of goes away, and comes back in a new form. It’s like Peapod grocery delivery – lots of grocery stores used to deliver to their customers homes but it went away for a while, and then came back as an online delivery system.

    • My great aunt had a woman come to her house and wash and set her hair each week well into her 80’s. This ain’t new.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When my sister was a baby she stayed with my grandparents for a few days. My grandmother took her to the beauty parlor to get her hair washed b/c she didn’t know how. Wee babies go to beauty parlors too!

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