Ahh… the Latin American Wine Bar Coming to Petworth was Originally Going to Come Here

4016 Georgia Ave, NW

A bit of an update on yesterday’s great news about the Latin Wine Bar coming to Upshur Street in the Riyad Market space. Back in July I had posted about a Latin American Wine Bar coming to Georgia Ave (see photo above.) These are the same folks. Sadly/happily the deal for the Georgia Ave space fell through. Stay tuned for updates on the Upshur space as construction commences.

Ed. Note: I do not have a good memory.

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  • General Grant Circle

    The rejuvenation of Upshur continues! Do you know if it will be “Upper Upshur” (Hitchingpost area) or “Lower Upshur” (Citizen area) ?

    • It’s coming to the former Riyad Market spot, so lower Upshur. For a general, you sure don’t know your domain. Im organizing a coup to overthrow you

  • Oh man, I hope someone else chooses to open in this building. So much potential!

    • binpetworth

      I agree! Also, what’s happening with Epiphany Pit BBQ one block north? That’s another spot where a good fast-casual food place would be welcome (or anything besides an empty store front).

  • Why did they change their minds about that original spot? That building on GA Ave would have been perfect for a “rustic wine bar”. Also can we take a vote on the lower upshur vs upper upshur thing? Lower upshur seems like it should be the stretch to the east (hitching post end) because the address #s are lower there. C’mon popville folks – please weigh in.

    • Late comment but I was assuming “lower” vs “upper” referred to topography, with upper being up quite a hill.

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