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  • Not a fan. Went into the pop up location and the guys working there were the ultimate pretentious you don’t belong in here types. I’m sad there are enough people in DC now that this caters to.

    • These people mostly live in Georgetown, though. I’m not sure U Street is really Read Wall’s crowd.

      • We will see if it lasts. Stores follow customers. Georgetown no longer has the lock on pretentiousness–see the boom on 14th street, U Street, H Street, Shaw, etc.

      • I don’t think that’s true anymore, sadly. They seem to be spreading eastward with alarming alacrity.

      • DC has always been full of pretentious people. It’s just that now more of them have incomes to match. The idea that they’re all in G’town or Ward 3 has never really been all that true–the suburbs are loaded with them, too. The wealthiest area in DC for over 100 years has been Kalorama, but people with real wealth probably shop in NYC, London or Paris more than they do here.

        • In my experience most of the people I’ve met who grew up in and around D.C. seem to be substantially less pretentious, if at all, compared to transplants who moved here.

    • palisades

      I mean the suits start at over $1k. That should be enough information to know the kind of crowd they’re catering to.

      • maxwell smart

        Given the rents, quantity of small plate restaurants and artisinal craft cocktails on U and 14th. this should be the perfect location.

        • This area is way off the path of the high-end stuff though. U Street is not really that high-end. 14th Street below U Street is. And even some of those places have struggled to stay in business.

          • maxwell smart

            Maybe now… but once 1 million plus condos start selling at Atlantic Plumbing around the corner and Landmark cinema opens, there will be a market

      • $1k +suits are not restricted to DC, nor to this brand- when you have a brand doing custom suits made in America what do you expect? The time is now for high quality goods

    • Without excusing the Pop-up jerk-off, I’m not sure why, generally, wanting to get decent shirts or a well-tailored suit at a decent price marks one as pretentious.

    • I’ve gotten 2 different suits from them recently, both of which are more than worth what I paid, super relaxed environment – that pop-up was 3 or 4 christmas’ ago too

  • Is it pronounced “reed” or “red”?

  • Has anybody actually worn their stuff?

    • I live off of 7th, been traveling over to Georgetown the past 2-years for their custom sport coats. Glad to be able to walk over their now. If you’re a fan of the sartorial/like american made goods it’s a solid spot. They deal in a lot more than just custom suits though. Last time I was in I heard there’s gonna be many offerings because this is a retail space

  • Between this and Kit and Ace, I’m disappointed that these are the kinds of retailers moving to Shaw. Seems like squandered potential.

    • what kind or retailers would you see move in here?

      • It would be better to see merchants that cater to people’s everyday needs. Places that claim to have fashion typically cluster together–Friendship. Tysons, etc. City Center was the place that was supposed to gather these places, too–perhaps Read Wall weren’t pretentious enough for CC.

        • I agree. I don’t understand why it has to swing from one extreme to the other. I didn’t think the Shay and those other apartments were particularly high-end.

          • Exactly. I’m not talking Target, DCUSA type stuff, but something not obscenely expensive. These stores seem more fit for City Center than Shaw. A mid-high range clothing boutique, a Hill’s Kitchen type of store, even a Lululemon if there weren’t one a few blocks away. Yeah, there are a lot of expensive apartments going up around here, but it’s still mostly young professionals spending half their income on rent and small plates, not $2k suit, $150 t-shirt types (I’m sure there are a few of those, but not the majority of the neighborhood).

          • “I don’t understand why it has to swing from one extreme to the other.” This is how I feel about the transformation of 14th Street in the past 15 years. Yes, I’m glad that it’s a much nicer, less sketchy place… but did everything have to be quite so high-end??

        • maxwell smart

          City Center is catering to name brand luxury retailers – Gucci, Dior, etc. This isn’t that and would not fit into that demographic

  • what’s high end about:

    1. Miss Pixies
    2. West Elm
    3. Federal
    4. Redeem
    5. Lou Lou
    6. Salt & Sundry
    7. Buffalo Exchange
    8. Home Rule
    etc., etc.

    High end = Gucci, Hermes, LV, etc.

    14th street & shaw (retail, at least) is decidedly “mid range” at most…just because the shops aren’t ones you’d frequent doesn’t make them high-end. and as a man with more than a passing interest in fashion a $1k suit is not high-end. it’s certainly more than the average wonk sends on a joa banks rag but it’s not nearly the high end price one would pay at Brunello Cucinelli or the ilk

    • I think the kinds of stores on 14th Street would make sense in Shaw, but the two latest retailers, selling bespoke suits and obscenely priced “technical cashmere” are definitely not “mid-range”. And the suits start at $1k, so you’re likely going to walk out spending much more than that.

    • maxwell smart

      Yeah, I agree with this. This is isn’t exactly “high-end” – it’s really only slightly more expensive then J. Crew and you are getting a bespoke suit, rather then something off-the-shelf that has to then be fitted. The prices for shirts, etc. also seem to be about par with similar retailers. It kinda seems like the right price-point for the demographics of the area, TBH.

    • “Here is an $8 Greeting Card.”- Salt and Sundry. I go there when I am rushing to get a card for my fiancee.

    • The best part of that whole retail expansion is the Glen’s. The Save U- er whatever Liquor store is going to be an awesome addition to the hood!

    • “High end = Gucci, Hermes, LV, etc.” No, that would be “designer” or “super high-end.”
      “just because the shops aren’t ones you’d frequent doesn’t make them high-end.” And just because they’re ones you DO frequent — and just because there are even higher-end stores — doesn’t make them not high-end.

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