More Action on Upshur – Pop Up Vintage Furniture Lounge and Consignment Shop, DC Treasure, coming to east end near Slash Run and Soldiers Home

205 Upshur Street, NW

Sweet! And so it continues. The long vacant Louisiana Gumbo Express space across the street from Hitching Post and near Slash Run has finally been bought. Sadly, Louisiana Gumbo Express is not coming back but there are awesome short term plans and who knows what’s up for the long term.  But the short term does sound like an awesome addition to the strip – a note from DC Treasure’s owner Noah:

“I started DC Treasure in the spring of 2013, operating out of several garages in the alley between the 900 blocks of Randolph and Shepherd Streets NW–that big alley behind the 3Tree apt. building (3910 Georgia Ave across from Qualia) I sell through my website, , my instagram account or @dctreasure, and I post all of my items on Craigslist #dctreasure. 

It all started with me doing the kind of “American Picker” thing, collecting lots of antiques and vintage stuff at estate sales, country barn picks, back-alley cruises, etc…but now a big portion of the business that I do, and what I want to expand, is consignment. People contacting me as they’re liquidating estates and moving out of the city with housefuls of great vintage furniture, and I consign–really I’m one of only 2 such antique businesses that I know of in the District that does consignment.

I love early 20th century architectural salvage, rustic furniture, and preserving the type of stuff that was originally been in all these 1920’s Wardmans. It thrills me to deal in goods from 100 years ago that match the house I live in, a Wardman in Petworth with all original features.

My vision for the physical shop is for it to feel kind of like a lounge, where folks really enjoy spending time at, whether it be throwing some of my enormous vinyl collection (yes also selling records) on the box, or relaxing and reading for a bit, a warm space that feels not too different than my garage shop , just more room to move around.

Business wise, I want to be the destination in town for people to bring unique, old stuff to sell or consign…”

Bringing the east end back to it’s former glory. Awesome – standby for an opening date!

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  • I’m just glad to see new things moving into that block. Good luck to them.

  • Is there enough foot traffic out that way?

    • It’s a chicken and egg situation. There’s not a lot of foot traffic because there’s not much on this block; although Hitching Post does brisk business and so does Slash Run, both of which are very close to this location.

      • I don’t think that’s a totally fair assessment. The reason there isn’t a ton of foot traffic is because it’s a a fairly isolated 2-block long commercial strip. Yes, there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening near Upshur & Georgia – but everything east of 8th St is residential until you hit 3rd. Unless someone starts razing entire blocks of rowhouses (which I’m not advocating), this will never be a high – or even medium – traffic area.

        • You do realize that the rowhouses that surround these two blocks have people living in them and that many of these people have feet? Viola! foot traffic.

          • Sure – but it’s really not a foot-traffic kind of place, frankly. A cafe or small market, yes. But how frequently do you need to wander into an antique furniture store? And if you’re really in the market for buying something – would you really do it on foot?

            I think foot traffic is kind of irrelevant for this business, frankly. Happy to see a business owner choose Petworth. But the idea of that two blocks being a bustling area of retail foot traffic seems kind of silly to me.

      • I thought chickens were more of a Columbia Heights phenomenon?

    • This is clearly more of a destination place. Plenty of parking nearby, so I think they’ll do fine.
      It would be awesome if they had an espresso cart on site.

  • Great! Looking forward to lots of new things on this block. Cannot come quick enough!

  • Odd – I lived a block away from the previous “operating location” and had zero idea that it was there.

  • tt

    Congrats Noah! Retail businesses like this are one of the things that make DC great. DC Treasure was one of the first featured stores on ATTIC ( and Noah has been totally behind our effort since day one. Really looking forward to visiting the store and hope that the short term pop-up turns into something permanent there or very nearby.

  • The more retail the better. This will only help build foot traffic as well as help each business help each other. I don’t live close by, but they could really use a cafe along here too. Wish them the best.

  • Surprised they are using this as a short-term location. Anyone who has ever dealt with getting a CofO or having to change the use with DCRA knows that it is $$$ to get it changed over and dealt with properly.

  • I will be going out of my way to check this place out. I’ve seen a lot of the Craig’s List postings and this is the kind of beautifully curated selection that you can find at Goodwood but with more affordable prices. Check this place out before you go to Ikea because the prices aren’t always that different and here you can find something with character that will last. I think it will be a great place for the neighborhood!

  • I’d much prefer another restaurant than a consignment shop. (plus there is already a vintage furniture/consignment shop at the other end of Upshur.)
    Slash Run and Hitching Post do quite well. If we could get a 3rd or 4th restaurant on this block it would continue to draw more people.

  • Does anybody know what’s going into the space a block west of Slash Run on Upshur? Right now there’s a cool new sign that just says G and then it looks like there’s an industrial kitchen in the back.

    • I think that’s where Gordy’s Pickle Jar operates out of. Unfortunately, it’s not retail.

      • Yes. It’s the pickle place. I’m glad it’s an operating business in that space, but just wish it had a more public interaction. It would be great if they could open their doors once a week, or an hour each evening or maybe a pickle tasting event?

        • Yes, an Upper Upshur Pickle Pop-Up! Definitely like the idea of taking advantage of the space for more public uses.

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