“hell of a deal for a former horse’s ass awardee”

1325 Irving

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“even tho, you know, it’s a burned out shell…”

Unit A is going for $350,000:

“4 BD / 2 BA

The location alone will make you over look the repair work. Property is being sold As-Is. Extensive damage due to issues with upper unit, however remember price and location. Talk about convenience, Columbia Heights Metro is only a few doors down the street. Shops, Bars, Stores and Restaurants practically at your door.

Unit B is also going for $350,000:

“4 BD / 2 BA

Ultimate opportunity to purchase huge top floor condo unit with four bedrooms and two baths! You will experience the beautiful Columbia Heights neighborhood, a premier destination in the Nation’s Capital. Also within walking distance to Columbia Heights Metro, dining, entertainment, and shops. Welcome home!”

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  • Unfortunately if you want an entire burnt-out house, it’s going to cost you a little bit more, as evidenced by this listing: https://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1007-Kenyon-St-NW-20010/home/10028774

    • So 1007 Kenyon is listed for $427k, this one is two units at $350k/each, so $700k total. I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Also, for anyone wanting the entire house here, Unit B is pending so you’ll have to contend to paying $350k for a basement unit that needs a ton of work.

  • This would seem to be a good deal if you bought both, lived in the finished unit, renovated the other and rented it out.

  • Hah. I’d seen this on the MRIS and was wondering just how bad it was…

  • “The location alone will make you over look the repair work.”

    This realtor’s got jokes.

  • This place is across from my house. I watched it as a vagrant drug house and I watched it burn. Do not expect anything about it to be clear, aboveboard, or easy. It is a total crazy mess for a long time with multiple family owners etc. Many neighbors have been trying to figure out who owns it. (Foreclosure through Wells Fargo was last we heard.) There have been lots of people coming to see it the past few weeks, but you absolutely do NOT want to buy just one unit under any circumstances whatsoever.

    The fact that there are very many all-cash developers eager to buy properties on this street and none have succeeded should tell you a lot.

    • Eventually it will sell to somebody who has the resources to strip the inside, keep or rebuild the facade. The fact they are selling this as two units and not one building is what is keeping this from selling. Sell the entire thing for $300k and be done with it. Seller puts $300k worth of work in it, sells the units for $800-$900k total.

  • What – no photos of the inside?

  • Will they at least cut the grass for the condo fees? They should have put “lots of light” on the listing to ratchet it up a bit…

  • I lived here briefly, (summer sublet) 6 or 7 years ago now, in the upper apartment. It was a nice place then, except that the downstairs was empty/unrenovated and a little scary. Does anyone know what happened?

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