Gunshots Fired 8:45am near 5th and Jefferson – Update Arrest Made, Gun Recovered

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“Around 8:40 am, MPD responded to the sounds of gun shots in the area of 5th and Kennedy Streets, NW. A lookout was provided for a subject in possession of a gun. The officers were able to locate this subject and recover a firearm. This person was arrested and charged for possessing the firearm.”

A reader reports:

“police are responding to gunshots on the corner of 5th and Jefferson. 5-6 shots. No injuries.”

Another reader writes:

“i heard 4 very clear gun shots around 8:40, but couldn’t determine the location. i’m closer to the georgia ave metro though.”

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  • WTH, morning, day, and night!! Don’t these criminals need to sleep?

  • I live less than a block from here and didn’t hear a thing. There are a few squad cars and tape put up on the SE corner, and a bus has been stopped just south of Jefferson on 5th.

  • This is ridiculous. There are 2 daycares one block away from that intersection, and on nice days like this, they often go for walks. Thank god it seems that they weren’t walking at this time. I am so angry that I can’t even put it into words.

    • This was my first thought, too! What the hell?!

      • There are more than two daycares on that block. My son is in one of them right now. I noticed nothing when I dropped him off at 8:30 am.

        Daycare just wrote me back that everything is okay at our daycare.

        For all the police presence something has to give.

        • I’m not sure where the other daycares on that particular block are (I do know that there are two on the next block over), but my daughter is at one of the two that are immediately on the corner at 5th and Kennedy. I had also dropped her off shortly before this happened and drove this intersection on my way back home. I saw nothing amiss as well. I know that her teachers are extremely vigilant and are very good at keeping the kids safe, but this is something they would not be able to anticipate or plan for. We shouldn’t have to worry about our children being hit by stray gunfire in the middle of the day if they decide to get the kids some exercise on a walk. I am so tired of stuff like this happening, and I am writing to my ANC commissioner as we speak.

  • These shots were fired just after I biked through the intersection heading south on 5th Street. I had the uneasy feeling that the shots were being fired in my direction and/or possibly at me. The shots were somewhat spaced out as if the shooter was taking aim. I heard the sound of metal striking an object. But then there was also the sound of a loud conversation somewhere between Kennedy & Jefferson. I keep pedaling but glanced back in the direction of the gunfire as I was about 2 blocks away and I saw a person in the middle of 5th street.

    I came across two police cruisers just before the circle at 5th and New Hampshire. I told them about the shots. Now, I’m reconsidering one of my favorite routes to work. This is madness.

  • This way to early to be shooting I can’t be expected to tuck and roll before I had my coffee. Purge type rules here.

  • jim_ed

    Just when it seemed the violence on Jefferon was gone for good, sigh. No more walking down Jefferson again.
    If previous shootings are any indication, this will lead to a retaliatory murder in the next week or so, followed by concerned emails from Councilmember Todd, an increase in MPD activity for a month or two, and then the cycle will repeat in another 6 months.

    • walking patrols not on segways and not in cruisers; walking patrols and they need to go through the alleys too.

      • jim_ed

        I’ve seen the mountain bike patrols out in force, and a motorcyle cop has been dismounting and hanging out at the corner of 7th and Jefferson in the evenings. I don’t think this is something that can be solved by police patrols alone.

  • Something I try to keep in mind regarding gunfire: if you hear the sound, eat the ground. Probably not a good idea to look around to see where it’s coming from. Also, when/if there’s a lull, get up and move away from the area as quickly as possible.

  • MPD is now reporting that they have a suspect in custody and recovered a handgun. BOOM!

    • That’s great news. Where did you hear of the report? Any other details about the nature of the shots fired?

  • I am often walking through that corner at that exact time to bring my kid to daycare. This is making me think I need to get out of this neighborhood.

  • I was sitting on the front stoop of my house on 5th and Hamilton when I heard the shots. Agree with the posters above that there was a pause between the third and fourth shots. A guy across the street in a suit kept walking with his headphones in, two construction crews kept working, and multiple stroller moms kept walking without flinching. Either they heard it and assumed it was a nailgun or some other construction noise or they ignored the sound and kept going. It was interesting to see a complete lack of reaction at something that loud.

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