Amsterdam Cafe and Lounge opening Monday in the former Indulj space on U Street


Back in May we learned that Indulj open since 2009 (Duke City before that) had closed. I hear Amsterdam Cafe and Lounge is ready to open in the space on Monday. If anyone stops by let us know what you think. This is on the same block where The Prospect sports bar opened in the former Ulah Bistro space. Anyone check out The Prospect this weekend?

1208 U Street, NW

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Is it gonna have the pot? or be pot friendly? Can businesses be pot friendly?

  • Walked by Friday evening and thought they might have been open but wasn’t sure. A soft opening possibly? It doesn’t look like much was done since Indulj closed, sadly. Looking forward to checking out the finished concept – couldn’t figure out what it was from what I saw (just a large bar and tables).

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Is this from the Amsterdam falafel people or totally unrelated?

  • Had to leave a comment regarding The Prospect – my boyfriend and some friends went there Friday night and the bouncer was very rude/strange to them. He questioned the drunkeness of one of the friends (though they had not been drinking yet – this was their first stop) but let her enter anyway and asked the men in the group to ‘keep an eye on her.’ She was very offended. I mostly thought it was weird that the bouncer was so bad at judging levels of sobriety and that he didn’t seem to want to make money.

    • Scrillin

      The doorman’s job is not to get as many people in the doors as possible, it’s to make sure no one who shouldn’t be in the bar is in the bar, whether that be because they lack proper ID or are too drunk.

      Very few DC bars need the marginal business, anyways.

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