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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: So many things are falling in to place, for the good. It’s weird (job, tenant moving out so we can sell our logan/shaw condo)
    Rant: husband’s job is STILL denying him the use of his annual leave. He’s losing huge amounts of sick time, but the vacation? Sure he’ll get paid for it but it’s better for us to have biweekly payments. I mean, it’s not the end of the world now assuming the job works out (unless my references screw me, but I doubt it) because we really just needed health insurance. But now they’re just being dicks. What’s the purpose? The acting director or whoever was in charge when he went up the chain said, “why should we grant you leave if you’re resigning?”
    Rave: he DOES get to use his three days of earned time off award. then he’ll be sick a few days.
    Rant: I miss you all! Not having this tab open all day makes my heart heavy! No internet at work is killing me slowly 🙂

    • Miss you too! Hope everything continues to go smoothly with the relocation!

    • Missing the problem here. He’ll get paid for the leave, right? Not unusual. Sick leave is for when people are sick – I have no sympathy for those who take it when they are not. We’re supposed to applaud this?

      • My recollection is that he was originally told he could use the leave in this fashion rather than getting paid for it in bulk. There may be short-term cash flow implications because the taxes taken out of the larger lump sum might reflect a different tax bracket (as though that were always the paycheck amount)–it’ll all come out in the wash after taxes are completed, but that’s months away. That’s been my experience with bonuses, seems plausible that the leave payout might work the same way. The other implication was healthcare benefits–getting paid as though on leave for longer extends their health insurance coverage whereas getting the lump sum payout does not.

      • Hubby should have booked the vacation prior to announcing his resignation. Lesson learned.

        • He had scheduled it. They just denied it. And yes it was to extend out access to health insurance while we got settled. It’s not sick leave – it’s earned annual leave that he has never taken. The reasoning of ‘you’re resigning why should you get leave’ is insane. They claim it’ll hurt their office. So he moved up his timeline and is leaving earlier than planned. So guess that’ll hurt too!

          • hammers

            So was he planning on not returning? I can understand the company’s perspective for that. But if he were taking 2 weeks of earned vacation then coming back for a week or two, then I side with you, since he earned it, and ostensibly won’t just be collecting benefits with no more work coming.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But the benefits were already earned, they are his whether he is coming back or not. Denying the leave is just petty office BS.

          • This almost exact scenario just happened in my office. A co-worker put in their notice, and intended not to come back after a planned, approved vacation. Because the notice period was not sufficient and our company considers your last day to be your last scheduled shift, she is losing her vacation time.

  • Hey PoPville team. The new video ad in the top right corner is glitchy. It keeps pulling the screen back up to the top. At least, I hope that’s a glitch.
    (I’m using chrome.)

  • Rave: recently went to the Langston Park for the first time and it is a super nice park…I had no idea. Also the Chuck Brown memorial is pretty crazy.

    Not Rant but Question: Are there ever any other dogs at the Langston dog park? Its a really nice dog park but there were no dogs to be seen (except for ours).

    Rave x2: Solar panels installed, I can’t wait until Pepco owes me!

    • I’m interested in solar panels for my place. Any tips or resources? Wondering if it’s worth the investment for a place I probably won’t be in for more than 5 years.

      • So there are differing thoughts on this…based on the research I did I think the average array takes about 5 years to pay for itself (in electricity savings), however some argue it raises property value (I have no idea if that is actually true) and pay for themselves that way. I think the property value part is predicated on the fact that you live in an area with 1) a strong housing market, and 2) people that are looking for a “green’ option and are willing to pay for it. I would argue that DC is one of those places…but who knows?

        However the company I went with also offers a lease option where basically they install it and for about $250 and then you pay them ~40 a month all year round instead of Pepco. Then if you move they will remove the array for free, or whoever moves in can continue the lease in their name.

        I think PoP can give you my email if you’d like a referral.

    • I take my dog to the Langston dog park once every couple of weeks. And we’re often the only ones there.

      • Weird…I was so surprised. They have a really cool empty pool type skate park and the pool at the other end looked so nice but was completely deserted.

  • Rant: I have the misfortune of living above people who don’t consider the shared walls. Currently handling ants because downstairs didn’t request caulking when they first noticed an issue nor mention it to me. Last time it was mice.
    Rant: Extra gym time= way later to work than I wanted
    Rave: Friend is doing well after surgery.
    Rave: No date tonight let’s me get in more gym time. Lemonade made!

    • Ants are horrible horrible creatures. They should have an anteater rental service.

      Good raves! More gym time = looking good for future dates

      • I had to kill them with Lysol at first which worked surprisingly well. So far no more sightings, but we’re getting our bathrooms caulked anyway. There was just so many!

        Yes, I’m never sad if someone cancels. I can always put my free time to good use. Also why I always confirm the day before. No cold feet standing me up.

  • Rave: Went to Target on my way to work for an anniversary card & was pleasantly surprised to find a few options for lesbians. Go Target!
    Rave: Living on the green line and working one stop off of it–>could avoid the metro disaster this morning.
    Rave: Lovely weather for walking!
    Rave: Parents moving into their new house today. Here’s hoping the movers can get as much as possible into the house before it starts raining!

    • Happy anniversary!

      • Thanks! Even better, I have my act together in advance and just need to write the card out. Thanks PoPville for the etsy suggestion, btw–found something lovely that I think she’ll love 🙂

        • Nice! I think that was my suggestion. Would love to see what you picked out. I’ve been looking on etsy but am overwhelmed by the options.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather.
    Rave: Beautifully paved Mass Ave. New protected bike lane near work.
    Rant: Pony still lame…going on three months…
    Rave: Friend’s horse I rode last night was fabulous. I was grinning ear to ear while riding – she was that good.
    Rave: Chilean friends meeting us in Brazil while we’re there for work (well and a little vacation). We said – hey guys, we’ll be in your hemisphere! And they’re like, we’re there! So excited to see them. And so psyched about the place we got in Rio 🙂

  • Revel: There is a watermelon growing in my back yard (from seed!)
    Revel: I made the Maketto scallion bread last night and it’s amazing. Definitely worth seeking out the chili oil
    Rant: I’ve eaten half of it since it finished baking last night around 9
    Question: There was a post about tonight’s HH last Friday but I haven’t seen anything since. Is it still on/are people still going?

  • Rant: I was concerned/slightly convinced this am that the first trimester really might end me. The strangest part is how I go from feeling good to awful to fine so quickly. So unpredictable.
    Rave: At least I’m not puking.
    Rave: Dinner with a friend this evening.
    Rave: It is Thursday. The weekend is almost here.
    Rave: Cooler weather. Can the rest of August be like today?

    • So unpredictable. I’m not sure if I’m technically in my second trimester yet but at 12w4d I feel great one moment and exhausted and nauseous the next. No idea why. I just want all the naps!

      • You’re kind of on the border, depending on who you ask. I was most tired in weeks 13-16, but that’s just me. Rest when you can and eat what you can when you can. You’ll get there 🙂

      • I made a nest of blankets on the floor of my office and took a nap during lunch. i think this may become a daily practice.

        You are only pulling double duty with twins, Shawess. You deserve more than double the naps!

      • I made a nest of blankets on the floor of my office and took a nap during lunch. i think this may become a daily practice.

        You are only pulling double duty with twins, Shawess. You deserve more than double the naps!

  • Blithe

    A Series of Queries: Who’s up for an un-official PoPville Sparkle Meet-Up? Enabler504 and Quotia Zelda have expressed an interest, so I’d like to give some thoughts to making actual plans.

    – When: A Sunday? Early-ish on a Saturday? Weekday evening? I’m tentatively thinking Sunday, August 16 — as a starting option.

    – Where: Someplace cute but possibly inconvenient like Open City at the Cathedral? Someplace with actual sparkles like Appalachian Spring at Union Station? Someplace non-sparkly but possibly more convenient like Kramerbooks or Teaism? Someplace non-sparkly but possibly more convenient — which will depend on who’s up for this? Someplace educational like the gem or jewelry collection at the Smithsonian?

    – I’ll see who responds to this and we can plan accordingly.

  • Rant: This cold. My abs are sore from coughing so much. I feel fine energy-wise but this cough, man.
    Silly rant: Bf unpacked some things (yay) before he went out of town. He put them up so high that I need a step stool to reach them and I don’t own one. Womp womp.
    Mega rave: My dad has 1.5 million miles and offered to get tickets for the bf and me to go to Japan for the holidays. Just waiting on the okay from my boss. Can’t wait to visit friends and family and show the bf my old stomping grounds!

    • Are you sure it isn’t bronchitis? (Not that I would wish it on anyone, but the way you describe that cough…)

    • Because someone has to say it: Whooping cough? Adults don’t always have the whoop. When I had it, I thought at first it was allergies, because I didn’t have any other cold symptoms. Felt mostly fine, just couldn’t stop coughing like I was trying to turn myself inside out.

      • Can you get whooping cough more than once? I had it last year and the cough feels similar (though it was much worse with whooping cough. At least now I don’t feel like vomiting after every coughing fit). This reminds me that I really need to go get all my booster shots!
        artemis: ugh, it very well could be. I’ll give it a few more days and go to the doctor if I’m still coughing.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My never ending cough turned out to be acid reflux. The cough was more in my throat than the chest like my normal bronchitis. And it did actually make me puke 🙁 If you can take Prilosec and your cough sounds similar give it a go.

          • Emmaleigh504

            and my Doc explained that tho acid reflux usually presents as heartburn, it can present as just a cough. I love my Dr!

    • I can’t stop laughing at your silly rant.

      • Haha cause you’ve seen our height difference! I seriously can’t even see half the things he puts away cause he puts them up so high.

        • If my boyfriend wants to hide something he knows to put it up high. Doesn’t have to be in anything or technically out of sight, as long as it’s high I won’t notice it (like the suitcase on top of a bookcase we searched all over for).

      • Same here, so annoying-but-cute!

      • Same here. If my bf puts something up on a high shelf and I don’t see him do it, I’ll never find it.

  • Rant: Pay differences. I have been in my current job over a year now. There is a 30k/40k difference between myself and two other staffers in my section, while we all do the same job. The one making 40k is the team lead, so understandably she makes more. Both of them are older with a longer career trajectory, but I still feel like the pay gap should not be so wide. Am I crazy to ask for a 10k raise (a step, basically)?

    • Where are you and your co-workers on the GS scale — are the other staffers in your section at the same GS level? If they’re (for example) GS-12s step 10, then yes, they’ll be making more than you are if you’re a GS-12 step 2.

      • Technically I’m not an executive branch employee. We use something similar (think GS for legislative branch). I’m more like an 8, while many of them are 11/12, etc. The thing that gets me is that other coworkers were brought in at the equivalent of a 9 for doing the same job.

        • Did you apply to be a 9? Do they have same education & experience? This happened to someone I know. She applied at say an 8, new guy came in as a 9. The issue was that she didn’t apply to be a 9 even though she had the qualifications. It happens all the time.

          • The position might have been listed only as an 8 at the time that FedEmployee applied.

          • I think the legislative branch has a lot more flexibility on pay. The pay range I’ve seen on job openings has been HUGE. Like $30-40k. I’ve never applied to them, but pay seems more like the private sector than executive branch. More about what you can negotiate than what level you apply for.

            But I admit this is total speculation on my part.

          • That’s true. Maybe bad timing is the issue.

          • @AnonSpock: No. The position was never openly listed, so my application was done via a referral process. I have an MA degree in our relevant field with a relevant thesis topic and honors. They of course have more years of experience, but that’s the only difference. I concede that their years of experience do beget a higher pay, which is why I’m not asking for an equal amount. The people who were previously brought in as 9s have no advanced degree and the same amount of work experience I do in our field. I am in my mid-ish 20s, however, while many of them were in their late 20s.

          • Doesn’t hurt to ask. If the have billets that have a wide range of levels they might be able to bump you up pretty easily. Has happened in my office.

        • It’s worth bringing up though, a friend of mine had luck getting a bump up in a similar situation where they should have come in higher based on education and experience.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Still coughing. Every day is a little better but this is cutting into my very precious pool time.
    Rave: As long as I keep moving, my cough seems to lessen — so this has been adding to my gym time.
    Rant/Rave: Every day brings a little less sunlight. I’m bummed that summer is noticeably waning. I console myself with the thought that it’s almost time to break out my collection of nice boots. I’d rather have more summer though.
    Rave: People who are donating to Planned Parenthood — in honor of politicians like Jeb Bush. Yay People!

  • Rant: Can’t find key for my bike lock! Keys always go into a little bowl near the front door, except when they don’t. Mischievous house elves at work again?
    Rave: Cold brewed Community Coffee (special delivery from NO) in the morning – so good!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Hello Fresh’s Shrimp and Chorizo Paella was surprisingly good so I
    Rant: Messaged my BFF about it and then felt like a dork remembering that he is leaving for Barcelona on Friday.
    Rave: Good progress on my faux Performance Review except
    Rant: I am struggling with some parts of the Values section. Consider this one: “Caring About Others. When an employee excels in this value, the employee is interested in the work and non-work lives of colleagues; asks about their plans, problems and desires; knows about their concerns and questions; is available for listening…”

    Quite frankly I don’t think the non-work lives of my colleagues are any of my business just like mine is not any business of theirs. I tell stuff on this board I would never talk about at work!

    • Agreed. I make a very concerted effort to not get too friendly with coworkers until after someone has left the company/office/whatever because I don’t like those things mixing. I’m happy to make small talk and talk about things that are currently happening in their lives and my life, but I’m not going to become best friends with them. I really enjoy keeping those lives separate.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah I feel like I’m going to be marked down because I like to keep my business private. Anyway, I channeled my inner politician and changed the subject and babbled on about different communication styles depending on if you are a baby boomer, Gen X, Millennial, etc.

      • Same. There are a few colleagues that I genuinely consider to be friends and will discuss personal things with. But for the most part, I prefer to keep my private life private.

  • Rave: I had already read my review and knew it was excellent, but I had my discussion yesterday and it was phenomenal. I got effusive praise and reassurance that high marks are hard to come by this year due to recalibration and what sounds like maybe some tight quotas. Celebrated with a relaxing night at home and some nice rose.
    Rave: I feel like I deserved all the praise.
    Rave: meeting my bff’s baby tomorrow!
    Rave: going to what promises to be a fun family wedding this weekend! My dad is my DD and I’m cool with that.
    Rant: I have to get up early for my flight tomorrow.
    Rave: tiny people yelling “aunt jeslett!” makes me so happy.

    • All your raves are awesome!

    • That’s awesome, congrats!! So nice that they recognized your hard work. 🙂

    • Great raves! 🙂

    • Wonderful raves – buy yourself a drink at HH tonight 🙂
      Love the tiny people yelling aunt jesslet rave!

    • Congrats on the review and discussion, AND for feeling like you deserved the praise because you do! You’re not an imposter.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wow! Awesome work news! Great family news too!
      Curious Question: do the yell “ant” or “ahnt”?

    • I never take these things seriously, praise or not. Because I’m always either the employee who walks on water, so to speak, or the biggest problem a manager has. And I’m always the same smart, conscientious, diligent, helpful, communicative, basically really great employee wherever I’m working. The difference is if the manager shares my values – things like honesty, communication, treating everybody fairly, not practicing discrimination, helpfulness, and just doing the work right – I’m great; and if they are don’t – if they are threatened by smart employees, have personality disorders, are playing games currying favor with specific people up and down the chain of management from them in bizarre power-mongering, discriminate blatantly and illegally against people with certain characteristics, or do the work in a clearly unethical manner – then they hate me. Me, I’m always to same. So reviews always say more about my manager, and often not really about me at all.

  • skj84

    Rave: PoPville Happy Hour tonight! I hope the weather holds out!

    Rant/Rave: I think I impressed the staff running the event yesterday. Which is good. Except they asked me to help do tear down today. Brownie points.

    Rant/Rave: blocked a guy who was creeping on me on Facebook. He’s a friends boyfriend and was hitting on me. Just no.

  • Rave: PoPville official happy hour at D.C. Reynolds tonight!
    Rant: I’m not feeling very well, so I’m not sure how long I’ll stay.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The Prince has an uncanny ability to schedule Official HHs when I have to work late (tonight) or when I get sick. Feel better and say hi to everyone for me!

  • Another question: I have four roommates. They will all be away this weekend. What’s the best way to take advantage of having the house to myself?

  • palisades

    Rave: got the chia pet.
    Rant: Nats officially in a tailspin

  • Gardening rant: My experiment with summer-planted bulbs seems to have been a bust. Most of the 45 iris bulbs I planted didn’t sprout, and the few that did don’t look like they’re going to flower. I planted something like 10 tritelia bulbs; only two sprouted and neither has flowered. I planted about seven crocosmia bulbs and none flowered (although I attribute that to the clay-ey soil I planted them in, next to the streetlight).
    The only bulbs that flowered were the gladiolus bulbs… which turned out to be 36″-40″ regular gladioli rather than the 12″-18″ gladiolus nanus variety that the box claimed they were, and also didn’t match the colors shown on the box.
    The really annoying thing is that regular gladioli usually can’t hack it in this climate without being dug up and “overwintered,” and that’s way too labor-intensive for my liking. I had returned a bunch of regular gladiolus bulbs for precisely this reason once I found out! (From MPinDC, who is a font of plant-related wisdom.) Sigh.

    • It’s possible your irises will come up next year. And it’s PROBABLE that the ones that came up this year but didn’t flower will do well after a season of settling in.

      I once got my money back from White Flower Farm because they sent me the wrong color. I felt like kind of a brat, but darn it, those yellow flowers really clashed in my blue-white-purple border!

      • I actually attempted to get my money back from Home Depot yesterday for the mismarked gladioli, but they said I would have to come back and bring the actual plants in. They’re rather pretty (even if they’e not what I wanted, and even if they probably won’t make it through winter), so I don’t think it’s worth it to me to pull them up for a mere $12.50. (The bulbs were on clearance — it’s not the amount that bothers me, but more the principle of the thing.)

      • I’ve had irises take a year or two to bloom, so you may just have to wait on those. Fingers crossed!

    • jim_ed

      FWIW my gladioli havebloomed every year without being dug up. However I think I’m going to replace them next year since the flowers seem to live for a grand total of 3 days before wilting.

      • That’s encouraging re. the gladioli! I think I’ll leave them where they are and just keep my fingers crossed that they come up again next summer.

  • Rave: Uncle is on the transplant list!! Now he waits.
    Rave: Duke. They saved my Uncle with a double lunch transplant five years ago and they’re working to save my other uncle with a single lung transplant.
    Rant: SCUD missiles. Undisclosed chemical weapons. Two Uncles who served who now are dealing with lung transplants as the only way to keep them alive.
    Rave: Modern Medicine.

  • rave: I bike to work.

    • rant: I drive to work 🙁
      why does work have to be in the boonies…

    • RAVE: My agency now offers transit benefits for people who bike to work. $20/month to spend on gear, maintenance, etc.
      RANT: Can’t use it on BikeShare (wtf?). Can’t combine it with a Metro transit benefits (which gives you up to $120/month).

      • justinbc

        LOL why would they exclude BikeShare from that? It seems silly to force people to buy new equipment…

        • No clue. I guess because it’s a private company offering a “service” that seems to attract conservative ire due to the subsidies offered to Bike Share. Who knows.
          I’m sure someone from Legal is playing a game of CYA.

          • I would think it’s because CaBi isn’t meant for commuting. In a lot of residential neighborhood it’s not even possible to use it for commuting because balancing can’t happen that quickly during rush hour and there are no bikes if you’re not leaving really early.

      • Mine does the same thing – can’t combine different modes of transit. So basically I get metro benefits at a rate assuming I’ll take the bus every day, both ways, and don’t feel guilty about using it occasionally on the weekends.

        I also don’t understand why they don’t pay at least half of a CaBi membership. It’s $85 a year – A YEAR! That’s less than if I take the bus every day, just for spite, in one month. And because I leave home at 7am (or earlier) and leave work at 5pm, I’m pretty much guaranteed to get a bike.

        • palisades

          It’s insane how cheap CaBi is. If there was a station even remotely close to my apt, I would use it as often as possible.

        • See that’s the thing – I’d be happy to take the bike benefit ($20/month) plus a nominal amount of Metro transit benefit to cover me on the days that it’s raining/snowing (say, $40/month). The agency already reclaims my unused portion of my Metro transit benefit at the end of each month (nearly all of it). I take it anyways so I can use it on rainy days. Meh.

  • Rave: Making dinner for a couple of friends tonight – really looking forward to it!
    Rant: The stupidest soap opera ever — the lightbulbs for my ceiling fan arrived. They work! Hooray! The light switch works! Hooray! But when I turn the switch off, the lightbulbs still faintly glow. I solved this by unscrewing them a little bit and it was okay, but I feel like that should not be a thing I need to do. Stupid annoying.

  • Rave: Tried on some wedding dresses for fun and it was a very educational experience. Everything I thought I would like, I didn’t like and things I thought would not work on me, worked. So that was interesting.
    Rant: Of course I can’t get the most expensive one I tried on out of my head. So pretty!
    Rant: Starting to pack today. I hate moving.
    Rave: Looking forward to PoP HH tonight!

    • Would you mind sharing where you went? I need to do some looking in the next couple months and I have no idea where to start!

      • Sure! I just went to the bridal salon in Nordstrom at Tyson’s. It seemed like a very low pressure option compared to bridal boutiques since my wedding is really far away. The stylist was very helpful, not pushy, and helped me meet my goal of trying on different shapes and fabrics to gget a good sense of what works/doesn’t work for me. I also plan to check out Hitched, Ellie’s Bridal, and Love Couture Bridal eventually. Keep us posted on your dress hunt! I love this stuff.

      • I had a great experience with I Do I Do bridal consignment in Gaithersburg. I didn’t end up buying my dress there, but they were so helpful and not pushy. Plus they have new and used gowns in a wide range of prices.

        • Good to know, I was looking at their website. I don’t really have a very big budget so a used dress would definitely be an option.
          But…I am pretty simple style wise and rarely wear dresses so I have absolutely no idea what I am doing re: material, shape, etc. I think I need to go somewhere that will understand my lists of “do not wants” to help me find what I might like?

          • I totally understand! I told the consultants to find me the simplest dress in the store – I didn’t want a bling, I didn’t want poof, I didn’t want strapless, I didn’t want heavy satin, etc etc. My list of “I don’t like” was really long! They were totally cool with it. It’s their job to help you and to be accommodating, and the consultant I had at I Do I Do was really good at her job. I was *this close* to buying my dress there, but then found another one when I went shopping with my family back in my home town.
            You should also check out BHLDN, the wedding store within Anthropologie. They have a BHLDN location in Georgetown but you can also order dresses online. They have gorgeous dresses in simple, non-poofy designs, including short, knee-length dresses.

          • BHLDN is a great sugggestion. I’ve been there with bride friends and the dresses are really pretty and generally at a lower price point. J.Crew in Georgetown also has some very simple dresses that are well priced.

  • Rave – Vacation starts tomorrow. Time with old friends this weekend, then Maine for a week. I’ll be ankle deep on lobster all of next week.
    Rant – day before vacation. Aargh.
    Rave – roof is off the house! FInally, things going forward.
    Rant – at this point, our “budget” is a work of fiction.
    Rave – decided on the Blue Star Platinum series. Thanks to whomever on PoP who first recommended it.

  • Rant: PoP – I love the site, but lately I’ve been getting a ton of “Shockwave Flash has crashed” messages and it just kills my computer. Running Windows 7 and latest Chrome. Doesn’t happen at home on my MacBook running Chrome. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Rave – Last day of working early hours. Beautiful sunrises, easy commute with no crowds, getting to leave early, I admit it was kinda nice. Makes me wish I was a morning person.
    Rant – I am so tired. I fell asleep during savasana at yesterday evening’s yoga class.

  • Rave: week one of trip is nearly done and went well
    Rant: saw the most depressing hospital ever
    Rave: thankful for all that I have in this worl including
    Rave: spending this weekend with my sister in Vienna, and
    Rave: not being on metro this AM
    Rant/rave: accepted a new job mid trip and will be staring when I return. Not ideal but my program is mismanaged and all my favorite colleagues are leaving. New gig will hopefully lead to better things.
    Rant: won’t be taking a week off every month next summer to spend with my wonderful BF…he’ll have to enjoy having me visiting for a weekend or two every month.
    Rave: Two weeks till final Ptown week of the summer…gonna make it count! Kathy Griffin on the 23rd!,,

    • Is he unable to come visit you? If you can go a weekend or two a month, and he can come to you once a month, that seems like a good situation!

    • Went to Ptown last year. That place is a disgusting cesspool but fun. But if your BF is there I guess you don’t notice the cesspool. I’d rather spend the extra money and go to tacky palm springs.

  • Blithe

    Metro /Cab Query: Does anybody know if there are cab stands at either the Wheaton or Glenmont Metro stations? I need to go from Friendship Heights to a location in far flung Silver Spring, and I’m trying to figure out if it makes sense to cab it — or to try to cab it from the closest Metro station.

    • There is one at Wheaton, and it usually has a lot of cabs.

    • I don’t know if there’s a stand, but I drive by the Wheaton metro every day and see cabs in the area. Sorry, that’s not super helpful.

    • Blithe

      Thanks blahblahblah and jeslett. That’s really helpful info!!!!

    • There a Ride On Bus (#1 or #11) that leaves from Friendship Heights and lands you in downtown Silver Spring. The relocated cab stand around the Silver Spring metro is in front of the 8407 Kitchen Bar restaurant. Hope that helps!

      • Blithe

        Thanks squish! I wondered what happened to the Silver Spring cab stand! The place where I’m going is closer to Glenmont — even though it’s still considered part of Silver Spring. So I’m trying to decide if it makes sense to just spend the cash and cab it from Friendship Heights; to take the Metro — which will take forever — and cab it the shorter distance from the Wheaton Metro station, or do something else.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: passenger in the truck that didn’t stop form me in the cross walk apologized. No need to since I knew they couldn’t see me b/c of a loading truck, so I was waiting for the traffic to clear. Very nice.
    Rave: Donna has her appetite back!
    Rant: She’s making a mess; she’s so doped up she can’t focus.
    Rave: scheduled telework day kept me off metro!

  • Rave: long girls weekend getaway starts in 6 hours!
    Rave: Brene Brown is coming to DC! If you haven’t seen her TED talks, they’re…powerful.
    Rant: Tickets are sold out. If anyone has some tickets they can’t use, I’m a willing buyer!

  • Rave: This weather forecast for the weekend! (& also next week but I’m out of town unfortunately) My soul could use some gorgeous sunny days with mid-humidity.

  • Rave: A little positive news on the job hunt – got ‘Referred’ for a position I applied to in my former agency. On one hand, not surprised since it’s doing work very similar to what I was doing until my position was eliminated, but in the unpredictable world of federal hiring, that doesn’t have to mean a referral. And of course, Referred doesn’t mean interviewed or hired, but it’s ok to know that it’s still a possibility.

    • Yeah, but it just messes with my mind when I get referred for a job I’m totally really qualified for and then don’t get an interview, worse than when they just ignore me completely. At first getting referred gave me hope; now I have no hope. The federal hiring system is nuts; the private sector one is equally broken, just in different ways.

  • Rave: homemade cupcakes at work
    Rant: have to work them off tonight
    Rave: took Uber to work today to avoid messy commute
    Rave: walking home after work meeting at 2

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