Where to Watch the GOP Debate Thursday Night

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2015 at 11:45 am 30 Comments

2411 18th Street, NW

Normally I get tons of restaurant PR emails everyday. If a restaurant raises their thermostadt 2 degrees I’ll get a blaring email two pages long celebrating the feat. Now I’ve gotten dozens of emails and tweets from readers asking where to watch the GOP Debate tomorrow night and if there are any restaurant specials. Not one Restaurant/PR email. Boo. I do however look forward to hearing about National Tripe Day and the all specials inspired by your chef’s summer trip to Guadalajara. Ok sorry – where to watch the GOP debate tomorrow because we know it is going to be awesome.

Here’s a few I’ve found and please add others you may have heard of in the comments:

1. How could I forget – Stetson’s (1610 U Street, NW) of course will be showing the debate. Ed. Note: thank God fears of end of an era were premature! Knock wood, knock wood.

2. Ventnor Cafe in Adams Morgan (2411 18th Street, NW): “Join us at our Upstiars bar for the 1st GOP debate. In our tradition of showing more than just sports we welcome all to watch while The Donald is still in the action. I mean with The Donald on live TV this has got to be good, right?”

3. Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights (14th and Irving St, NW)

4. Looking Glass Lounge in Petworth (3634 Georgia Ave NW) “Come join us for the Republican Primary Debates. There will be drinking games, drink specials, hilarity and sadness. Then, there will be more drinking, hilarity and sadness as we watch Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show.”

5. Network For Progress at Cambria Suites in Shaw

“6:30pm-10:30pm Thursday, August 6th
(6:30 21+ Rooftop Mixer, 9:00 Debate Watch, 11:00 Stewart Finale)
Cambria Suites
(rooftop patio)
899 O Street NW”

Who else?

  • d

    I think Commissary on P st is also having a viewing party/special

  • nctodc

    The first paragraph made me laugh out loud.

    I know some places are hosting watch parties for/with local Republican groups. What’s the best place to go to laugh at the debate with like-minded liberals?

    • CHGal

      The Looking Glass event will definitely be viewing the debate for the comedy.

    • Perhaps Looking Glass after HH at DC Reynolds?

    • dcer

      I can’t imagine any of those places will have many republicans, if any at all.

    • ke

      Yes, I didn’t want to be the only liberal hooting in the room either. I am fairly certain we will be at Looking Glass watching for rubbernecking/schadenfreude reasons. ;-)

    • Kimberlee, Esq.

      I think most of those places will probably have plenty of liberals. The only places that come to mind that might be doing something were I’d expect more Republicans specifically would be if Union Pub or Bar201 are hosting a watch party, and even then I’d attend without fear that I’d be the only one laughing.

  • I used to watch all of the prez debates at the old Hawk and Dove. I love that so many people in DC want to go to debate watching parties at sports bars – one of those unique dc experiences!

  • tonyr

    Nellie’s is showing it on the big screen, with sound on. Might be fun.

  • I Dont Get It

    Would anyone even be watching this if Trump wasn’t on the stage?

    • Oh yeah, it’s always great trying to watch them out conservative each other.

      • Lib in DC

        Same for our side, though. Let’s see how hard hedge fund Hillary gives it to the “rich” people making $100,000! And who can pander to identity politics the most, only to do nothing once elected.

    • I probably wouldn’t!

    • Truxton Thomas

      Sure, especially since it’s a particularly long and unwieldy list. But Trump is definitely going to take this over the top, from political theatre to total circus. Hell, if the GOP response to the SOTU is consistently hilarious, you know this is going to be gold.

  • ET

    This is definitely people will need booze to watch. And a drinking game.

    • I Dont Get It

      If you took a shot every time someone said “Obamacare” you’d be on the floor in 10 minutes.

  • Heather

    Meridian Pint will show it with sound and has all the booze!

  • Betsy Transatlantically
  • dennynova

    We will be hosting a watch party at Nellie’s Sports Bar. We’ll have it on the big screen with audio. Do you know how big The Donald’s Hair will look?

  • Penn Social will be showing the debate on our 22 ft. HD projector screen with sound tomorrow night! Come on down and see what these 10 guys got!

  • Tee

    Any places showing it further NW (Admo, Woodley, Cleveland)?

    • They’re showing it on the roof deck of Cleveland Park Bar and Grill.

  • TTQT

    Red Derby viewing as a comedic event..

  • Charlie

    Lou’s should be called out for aggressively advertising for their debate viewing party last night. Not because they didn’t show the debate. They did, to a private party, while ushering everyone who came to watch the debate to their shitty sister bar, Acre 121. Acre 121, best known for being the only bar in Columbia Heights or Petworth overflowing with empty tables during happy hour, was thrown into complete chaos and gridlock when customers began to arrive. This is a textbook bait-and-switch.


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