The Airedale Gastropub and Beer Garden opening this August in Columbia Heights!

3605 14th St, NW

Lots more info on The Airedale coming to the former Mad Momos space in Columbia Heights. From an email:

“I thought I’d get in touch with you to share some more information about The Airedale. My name is Ben Jordan and I’m the owner and my business partner is Baback Salimi formerly of Quarry House Tavern. We plan on being open in August and we’re excited to tell you about all of the things we have going on.

Our bar program includes prosecco based cocktails, European classics like the Aperol spritz, French 75 and the Pimm’s Royal Cup as well as our own creations. The selection of spirits will be quite whiskey-forward with ryes and bourbons being well represented at all price points. We also plan on serving an Old Overholt soft serve, each serving containing a full shot of rye. We will offer an entire range of classic, handmade cocktails as well. There will be 15 beers on tap and we will make our own Radler (don’t worry we’ll have Stiegl too).

The menu is classic European bar and cafe food served a la carte. The focus is on authentic, accessible pub and bar food from across Europe with one or two local favorites added as well. I have attached a preliminary menu for your consideration.

We will be open for brunch at 10am on Saturday and Sunday and will broadcast English Premier League, Bundeslliga and Champion’s League football weekly.”

Check out their menu after the jump.


Bratwurst / Schwienewurst / Half Smokes – roquette salad / kraut / pretzel bread

Currywurst – w/frites

Schnitzel – fried pork schnitzel / roquette salad / lemon

Steak Frites – w/roquette salad

Fish and chips – beer batter / house made tartar sauce


Royale with Cheese – 1/4lb hamburger/ brioche bun / emmental / aioli

Croque Monsieur/Madame – béchamel / gruyere cheese / French ham (madame + fried egg)

Monte Cristo – deep fried croque monsieur / powdered sugar / preserves

Mitraillette – bratwurst, half smoke or schwienewurst / frites / hamburger / mayonnaise+ ketchup / demi


Strammer Max – ham / house made pickles / tomato / fried egg / served open faced


Belgian frites



Pretzel bread

Roquette Salad

Deviled eggs – applewood smoked bacon / prosciutto / chives

Charcuterie – Rotating selection of meats and cheeses

Brunch Menu: (10am to 3pm weekends)

Croque Monsiuer – béchamel / gruyere cheese/ French ham/ choice of breakfast potatoes or roquette


Croque Madame – sunny side up egg / béchamel/ gruyere cheese/ French ham/ choice of breakfast

potatoes or roquette salad

Marscapone stuffed French toast – seasonal fruit compote / maple syrup

Buttermilk Banana Pancakes – bananas / cinnamon whipped cream

Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes – honey ricotta / blueberries

Wild Mushroom Fried Benedict – mixed mushrooms / spinach / roasted red peppers / chipotle

hollandaise sauce / choice of breakfast potatoes or roquette salad. Add prosciutto 1.50

Crab Cake Fried Benedict – lump crabmeat / chipotle hollandaise sauce / choice of breakfast potatoes

or roquette salad

Frittata of the day – Chefs choice, changes weekly

Breakfast Deviled Eggs – applewood smoked bacon / prosciutto / chives

2 eggs – scrambled / sunny side up / over-easy/ over medium / over hard / 2 fennel sausage patties / 4

pieces apple wood smoked bacon / 2 pieces whole grain toast

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  • Boy howdy, welcome to the neighborhood! Even if they’re only mediocre, they will enhance quality of life in that stretch a hundredfold. But I have my fingers crossed that they’ll be good, because this sounds amazing.

  • Excited!!! If the food is even ok I think this bar will live 2x longer than Mad Mommos.

  • cool. stoked for the vibes of a bier garden w out the zoo / prices at Dacha / Standard.

  • Anonomnom


  • I used to live along this stretch of 14th and loved it. This will be perfect there, and I hope it does well! Will fill a need for the area.

  • Duuuuuuuuude. This looks amazing!

  • Rockandroar

    Schnitzel, Monte Cristos, and Poutine? I live a block away and promise to spend all of my cheat days here!

  • Someone from or enthusiastic about the southern region of Belgium is definitely involved; the mitraillette is a pretty region-specific sandwich, and is really awesome to eat.

  • So excited for this place. Just what Upper 14th needs: how much time I’ll save crossing the street rather than schlepping to DC Reynolds.

    • A local beer garden will be great and they’re making a point of playing EPL games! I’m excited.

  • Their success will depend a lot on quality, execution, and prices. So far there’s not a TON to differentiate this from Lyman’s, Red Derby, and the Pinch. They’ll need to offer something new and interesting at a reasonable price to compete here.

    • The menu seems a bit more formal and interesting than those other places. It also seems like they will have more TVs, unlike the Derby or Lymans.

      • In my mind, and me and my friends are right in their target demographic, it offers a lot to differentiate itself from Red Derby and Lyman’s. The Red a Derby is more of a true bar. Lyman’s is good, but does not have very good food. This place (if the food is truly good) will do extremely well. I don’t even care about prices. I’ll pay more if it’s worth it.

  • justinbc

    Sounds good. I’ll definitely make a trip for some poutine, Croque Monsiuer, and homemade radler.

  • The menu is making me hungry. Especially the brunch menu/

  • SO excited! Love the drink options! This will help the strip of 14th that so desperately needs something like this. Only request–more veggie options, even if just sides. With half my friends either vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, whatever else, it does make eating out challenging and it’s nice to go places with options.

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    • +1–was about the write the same thing. Very excited, but also very hopeful that they add some vegetarian options to the plates! Brunch menu looks solid already for veggies.

  • Please have curry sauce for your frites – it’s too hard to find in this city.

  • We live right around the corner and are very excited! If anyone from the restaurant is looking at the comments, I would agree that there needs to be more vegetarian and healthy options. If they allow dogs on the patio, we could be there 2-3 times a week, however, I will end up sick if I eat poutine 3 times a week.

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