Romeo & Juliet Finally Opens on Capitol Hill with a Great Patio – Check Out the Menu too

301 Massachusetts Avenue, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Romeo & Juliet has finally opened in the former White Tiger space. Their website says:

“Great food, great people Welcome to our new restaurant.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” – It has taken over 2 years to develop our restaurant to get the right feeling when you walk through our doors and taste from our kitchen.”



Photos of the soft opening menu after the jump.




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  • justinbc

    So the “largest” entree is some sardines, and it’s $18? I’ll pass.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I could be wrong, but I do not think that is really the menu. I think the website is a work in progress and those are just some filler from whoever created the page. I think the lunch menu may actually be the “real” menu because it matches up with the pictures, but if you look at desserts and drinks it is the same as the entrees. If you look at the gallery, it is giving options on how to setup various types of gallery pages.

      • justinbc

        I see now there are actual photos posted in the post. Either they weren’t there before, or weren’t loading for me, but that’s a huge help.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Yeah, those definitely were not there before (even when I posted). I just noticed that the website was a little wacky when I looked around a bit. There is some stuff in a foreign language that I didn’t even mention.

    • Def not the menu. I went for Happy Hour last night ($6 bar menu, $7 cocktails, $5 wine, and $4 drafts). I didn’t pay much attention to the dinner menu but I think it capped out around $28. Lots in the $18-24 range, which seems reasonable.

  • Like RKM said, this website must be a work in progress. The website FAQ isn’t in English, the menu of desserts features ham, and the dinner entrees aren’t given names. If it took them two years to get this far, maybe they really do need another month before they’re considered ready for an opening.

    • justinbc

      Yeah it definitely makes me wonder what else they cut corners on in order to alleviate the pressure of opening.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        There is something on the website that says it is under construction, so either I totally missed it before or they are paying attention to these comments and quickly changed it. Either way, I wouldn’t hold not having a website up and running against a restaurant. Many great restaurants have terrible websites (or no website at all). If I were them, I would have prioritized getting the restaurant going ($$$) over the website as well.

  • Live close by so tried this out the other night. Can confirm that the menu on the website is not the actual menu–they are still offering their “soft opening” menu. In any event, none of the entrees on it are appealing and the prices actually are even higher than anything listed on the website (nothing under $20). We opted for a few of the smaller plates–nothing to write home about. They also were out of the beer I ordered and instead gave me the option of a Russian or Ukranian beer–very strange for a supposedly Italian restaurant. Overall, the patio is a nice place for a drink, but it’s overpriced and the food is nothing special. I give this place a year at most, especially if they can’t get a proper website up and running.

    • Such a shame. It’s such a great space with so much potential. I was so excited when there were rumors of a Pete New Haven Pizza. They would’ve made a killing here. I want to say I hope they don’t last long so someone else takes over, but these people must have serious bank considering how long it took them to open (they’ve had the permits up for at least a year). Used to live three blocks away, now I’m definitely not regretting moving to the southeast part of the Hill.

      • @AG11 – I totally agree. I couldn’t wait for this place to open so I could see how long it would take for it to close. There is no possible way this place will last. The owner is a club owner and has no concept of good food/bar environment. This could quite possibly take the lead as the most tacky spot on the Hill.

        There is a simple equation in this location. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Get a spot that serves beer and decent food for cheap. The place would kill it! Total shame.

  • My rule of thumb: Never go to a restaurant that uses Courier font on their menu.

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