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  • I tried this popup stand yesterday. First off I love the name: Maize & Butter. Secondly, let me tell you it was the most authentic thing I’ve had in quite some time! I felt like I was actually in Mexico (not the Cancun touristy spring break stuff), but actually out in the country… with the people, like during my one week service trip. Hope they’re able to get a brick and mortar store soon, and hopefully some outdoor patio seating and tequila cocktails. The smoky flavor of this corn is great, but could be transcendent with some mezcal.

  • <3 elote 🙂

  • what’s considered fake street corn? adding cilantro and parmesan?

  • I passed by this yesterday…. could someone please explain what exactly it is? All I saw was a ear of corn with what looked like ketchup striped on it…

  • Nope. That’s only real street corn insofar as its corn you can buy on the street. That knockoff Kraft Parmesan cheese should be cotija and that ketchup should be cayenne pepper. The only place I’ve found real elote in DC is at Nats Park, oddly enough, but it’s not priced like street corn.

    • And the butter should be mayo.

    • I’ve always liked it an El Chucho, but that’s the only place I’ve ever had it, so I have no idea if it’s authentic. Is it?

      • I’d love to know as well. I really like El Chucho’s elote and have also wondered if it’s authentic.

    • I am fine with them Americanizing it in ways that probably make it cheaper for them due to the ingredients here. I completely agree with you about the elote on the scoreboard at Nats Park – a bit expensive, but delicious. Underrated tacos too.

  • Egad

    Elote loco!

  • palisades

    I love the street corn they make at Taco Bamba in Tyson’s. This definitely seems more “street” style though!

  • Do street vendors have to get permits to sell food? Food trucks and restaurants have to, and I’m sure that they would be mildly annoyed if DC didn’t regulate street vendors as well.

  • You think those old Latina ladies with the coolers have permits? You’re kidding right?

  • I saw ppl selling corn around there back when I lived in the neighborhood two years ago. Now that the little market on Columbia and Euclid is gone (still upset about that), the vendors outside the Latino food market on on 14th just before the Red Derby is my go to for authentic street food.

  • My concern would be how sanitary this is? Rosa Mexicana has delicious street corn on their menu.

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