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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Officially dumped yesterday via email “not ready for a relationship” but still wants to hang out sometimes? What? I’m sad, mostly because he strung me along for so long, but also oddly relieved that there was finally an answer. Not sure what to do, I don’t want to see him right now, but maybe in 6 months, I could have a beer with him and not cry/throw the beer in his face.

    Rave: Updated my OKCupid Profile. This should be highly entertaining. What other sites are people having luck on, so I try them out?

    Rave: My friends last night were amazing. Plus, I told them about the PoP HH and since I voiced out loud that I was coming, they are holding me to it!

    Rave: I’m getting those blue shoes tonight, dammit!

    • Having dated only briefly in the last three decades, id curious if “wanting to hang out sometimes” meana sex, or does it mean what it used to mean, ie, “I won’t run from the room if I see you at a party but, really, goodbye.”

    • FtLincolnLove

      Sorry to hear πŸ™ SUPER lame that he chose to use email rather than in person or over the phone. You deserve better than that!!

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      After 6 months, you would think a face to face conversation would be in order. I guess it’s better than pulling ghost protocol.

      • He was in my life for about a year and a half, however, the last 6 months we weren’t seeing a lot of each other (he is battling a serious illness) but I was trying to be super supportive of him. He knew (apparently) even before that, that he didn’t want a relationship, and just chose to not mention it, despite the many outs I gave him.

        • Dang, that sucks. I’m watching my cousin go through something similar, and while I’m sympathetic to someone going through a major illness (which can often make people necessarily self-centered / make them push others away), it still just sucks. But as you say, at least you have some firm answers. I look forward to chatting at the next HH, I’m contemplating getting back in the dating pool, and am trying to figure out the best approach (okCupid/other dating sites, speed dating, what?). Glad you have some good friends around you for support, and hope things start looking rosier soon. πŸ™‚

          • Not seeing each other much in the last 6 months is a clue – it pays to look at what people do, rather than what they do (or don’t) say.

        • leftcoastsouthpaw

          From what it sounds like, and I’m sure your friends have said the same, you’re better off without him. It’s a shame he wasted your time, but hopefully it wasn’t all bad.

          • My friends have all been saying that. They are right. And no, it wasn’t all bad. I learned a lot, being with him. Things that I can take to my next relationship (she says hopefully).

            I look forward to chatting with you too, LittleBluePenguin! One of my friends said she’d come with me to the HH so I’m not so scared, and so you’ll all meet her too. She’s awesome personified.

        • Ugh, I’m so sorry. I’ve been there, it so totally sucks and can mess with you. I’m glad you have good friends around to help you.
          As for “hanging out sometime”, I’d avoid that until you’re totally comfortable with it (if ever). Yet another mistake I’ve made!

          • I’m not comfortable with it right now. I still have feelings, and he clearly knows it.

          • Do not hang out with him ever. I wanted to try to remain “friends” with some ex-gf’s, but I realized that just meant I wasn’t over them. Now I am always annoyed when they contact me b/c I have no desire to be friends with them.

          • Yeah, it’s better to just not. It’s usually just a way for him to still get what he wants from you (be it support, sex, etc) without having to make any sort of obligation to consider your needs as well. Or he’s trying to make himself feel better, either way it’s not worth even considering.
            Take care yourself, indulge a little, and listen to your friends! Stringing a kind person along just because you can is an awful thing to do. There aren’t enough nice people in this world to go messing up the few we have!

        • Yuck. Sucky boy. But better to have clarity, etc. Just sucks because you were simultaneously trying to support him through illness so his stringing you along was akin to using you, which is just plain crappy. Indeed on LBP’s sympathy to someone going through illness and the somewhat necessary self-centeredness that involves, but this aspect wasn’t necessary so boo on him. Take care of you, and definitely indulge in those fabulous shoes!

        • Sorry to hear πŸ™ You sound like you were a wonderful friend and he was very lucky to have you to support him over the last 6 months. People facing a major illness can pull away for numerous reasons and it’s a complicated decision to make. Nonetheless that certainly doesn’t excuse the email! Take some time and don’t feel like you owe him your company anytime soon. Thankfully, you’ve got the closure now so you get to move on and enjoy whatever comes next.

        • I had to do a clean cut with my ex-gf because I knew she still had very strong feelings for me. It just would not work otherwise. She’s still very hurt that I don’t email or call her, despite us being broken up for 9 months now. She’s the type of person with MANY intense feels (I’m sooooo not like that).
          You know you. You also know him. Do what your gut tells you.
          I’m now in a very serious relationship and moving in with my new S/O. I could never be “just friends” with my ex and talk about this. It would crush her. Cutting off completely is the best course of action in 9 out of 10 break ups, IMHO.

    • Could someone remind me where and when the next HH is?

    • I am so sorry, SinSA.

    • Hinge. My friends have a lot of success on there. It’s a bit older, mature, and “white collar professional” than many of the other dating apps.

      • Is Hinge an app, or an online thing, or both of those things?

        • Dating app. It’s a bit less sketchy than Tinder, since you connect using facebook – it doesn’t post that you use it or anything like that – and it usually draws from third degree connections of your friends. Same concept of a few photos, short summary blurb, and swiping though. I’ve found more attractive guys on there than Tinder and okcupid.
          Sorry to hear about the email breakup, SinSA. πŸ™ Best of luck jumping back into the dating pool!

          • I will try Hinge! I’m sorry about the breakup too, but I am also relieved that the not-knowing is finally over.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry! Want me to beat him up?

    • Sorry! What a crappy way to break up with someone via email. I might have a similar update next week so stay tuned y’all. Also v interested in other online dating options for people. I am so over OKC after the creepy stalker.

    • I’m sorry, that’s unfortunate. I’m really glad you feel like you’ve learned a lot, that and having great friends really make this kind of stuff easier. I hope you’re buoyed by those things and being good to yourself.
      People can say they want to hang out or be friends for all types of reasons. When that happened to me we both actually meant it because we were such good friends. But, it hasn’t happened and I doubt it will. So, it can be said sincerely, how each of you feels in just a few months can be really different from how you feel now, so I wouldn’t even try to think about whether you will or won’t “hang out.”

      • And I really look forward to meeting you at HH!!!!

        • Thanks, you guys. I appreciate the support I’m getting from everyone. And, very looking forward to meeting all of you!
          Booked a weekend trip to NYC the next day, so it will be a good HH for me!

    • Ooh! SinSA, I’ll be toasting my drink in solidarity to you tonight. Same thing happened to me on Tuesday–the night before my birthday. I am also experiencing that strange mixture of sadness and relief. You’ll get through it though.

    • That’s really crappy over email! I’m sorry! But awesome about the good friends and the blue shoes πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Not so happy with my experience getting my new nose ring. They were out of the one I wanted and because I was in a rush to get a new one, I got talked into a seamless ring a gauge larger than what I had (although what I was originally pierced with). I’ve had my nose ring for 8 years now and have always been happy with it, but he went on for a while about the placement, which is now making me self-conscious about it. Anyway, he ended up tapering the hole open, which hurt more than the original piercing, and it took him a while to put the ring in, so I have no faith I’ll be able to take it out myself, which means I’ll have to go back there and pay $5 to have it removed. I feel pretty ripped off and wish I had spoken up or walked away.(I saw Squid’s offer to let me borrow a nose screw too late)
    Revel: Just got picked for a market research focus group on grocery shopping. Yay easy money!
    Revel: Working maybe 2-3 hours today and then loooooong weekend
    Revel: Someone finally wrote an article on a major cause of frustration in the teaching profession http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/07/teachers-not-enough-bathroom-time/399629/

    • How did you get picked for the focus group? Are you signed up with a firm to get notified or was it random? I’ve only done them for my university or randomly through work.

      • I got an email from the Cleveland Park listserv saying they were looking for women 25-45 who do most of their grocery shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter, etc. so I went to their website, filled out the form, and a woman called me. I’ll be making $125 for 90 minutes (but it’s in the middle of the day)

    • GiantSquid

      I still have my stud if you want it! Where did you have a bad experience so I know not to go there to get my nose repierced!

    • I order nose rings from this place: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/
      They are in Canada, so shipping takes a long time, but I’ve always been happy with my order. Good luck!

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Thursday!!
    Rant: Oppressive humidity.
    Rave: At least it’s not snowing??
    Rave: Worked from home yesterday which meant pajamas and kitty cuddles πŸ™‚
    Rave: Evening gym dates with Mr.FtLincolnLove are my favorite

    Shameless plug: Craigslist links for my Danish teak coffee & end tables and the Danish teak dining table & chairs. Open to offers πŸ™‚ Pass them along please!!



    • Accountering

      Tables look cool. I will freely admit I had no clue these things were worth anything remotely resembling that. I would have assumed standard $100 table and $50 chairs. Shows how much I know about Danish teak furniture!

      • FtLincolnLove

        Thanks! They are cool, just not our style. Re: prices- neither did I!! I always thought it was just some weird 80s furniture but was pleasantly surprised when I realized it wasn’t. I did some research and figured those were good starting prices, as I’m always open to negotiations!

    • FtLincolnLove is super nice and someone should buy her furniture! πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Free donuts this morning and free Greek Deli for lunch today.
    Rave: I got up and went to the gym this morning.
    Rant: Good friends move two weeks from today and I am sad. We will visit them and I know they’ll be back in a few years, but I’m sad. They’re a huge part of our lives.

  • rant: lesbian dating is hard. lol. especially online. can’t really find a good dating site. so many for gay men, not enough for gay women.
    rave: sister is pregnant! I cant wait to be an aunt!
    Rant: i hate these stupid ‘christmas in july’ sales. it’s stupid.

    • Omg! Yes. We really need to get better about doing the in person thing too. I’m sure I’m passing all sorts of available lesbians when I’m out and about.

      • lol. are there any lesbian themed places in D.C.? i thought i read there weren’t any more around.


        • northeazy

          Check out H st NE. Only place I have noticed more gay women than men. That being said, I only know they are gay because they are holding hands or embracing/kissing with their significant other, so maybe not full of single gay women, but worth a shot.

        • Phase 1 had a float in the pride parade–looked like all lesbians, maybe there?

        • Yea, phase 1 is still there & other events.

          Drop me an email at lesbianswhopop at gmail, and I can tell you what’s what. Just easier than typing here.

        • GiantSquid

          Phase 1 on 8th SE is still open, yes?

          • There are lesbians ALL OVER Petworth and Columbia Heights. My fiancee and I see them every time we walk to the grocery store, dinner, bar, etc. Now I don’t know if they’re single. Personally, I had pretty good luck on OKC couple years ago and had a lot of fun dating for a bit. Phase One is still going, GlittHER. Are you in the FB group? I don’t want to drop the name here b/c it’s a “secret” group. There’s also ladies tea. I was invited to some new party recently and now I am forgetting the name of it.

          • SouthwestDC

            Yep– we went there Pride weekend and it was as packed with ladies as ever.

        • It is hard! Zeba bar in columbia heights has a lesbian night once a month called glitther…theres a facebook page for it with dates. good music, fun people. lots of glitter.

        • SouthwestDC

          Like most cities DC no longer has dedicated lesbian bars, aside from Phase One. But there are lots of parties throughout the city. My favorite is the OverEasy one at Dodge City (unfortunately you just missed this month’s).

        • But even where there’s a bar, or 2 or 3, it is hard to 1) talk intelligently with people where there is loud music playing, and 2) meet women whose main social life doesn’t center around bars. If you are a more serious, intellectual type, meeting lesbians and getting to know them is hard – the kind I like don’t seem to get out to circulate much, and DC is far worse this way than some places, like NYC for this, though it is still hard there.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Phone call from Middle Zelda, who is having a fantastic time on the college visit road trip with her 2 besties.
    ATTN Emily: Based on her reaction to the schools she’s visited so far, I see LSU in her future.
    Rant: Why are my daughters so completely into large state schools? Don’t they want to go to a nice liberal arts college?
    Rave: Making plans for our upcoming vacation. I love western Mass so much, and so many of the people I love are there (or nearby in CT).
    Hopeful: Depending on Eldest Zelda’s work schedule (she starts a new job Sunday), we may be able to go up a couple of days early.
    Meh: It’s time to start doing all those boring back-to-school tasks like eye appointments for the kids, riding herd on the summer work, etc.

    • GEAUX TIGERS! We have an alumni chapter in the area who would be thrilled to meet your family. One of our goals is to be a resource for students in the area who are interested in LSU. LSU DC Alumni . org if you’d like to check it out (no spaces of course).

      • Quotia Zelda

        Thanks! I’ve done some things with the alumni group – mostly the events back when Gaines Foster was HSS Dean and would come to town (I think the world of Gaines).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Do we get to sit around and plot voodoo against Nick Satan? (No, I am still not over that.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I found some lovely LSU themed earrings at Beladora when I couldn’t sleep last night. Sadly they were Grand Dame huge, so not quite perf for the Zelda girls.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Two Zelda’s at LSU would make the grandparents soooo happy too! Zeldas, get your asses to LSU and 1 of you better live in the Pentagon since Crack Palace is gone! *sob*

    • Emmaleigh504

      And I so want to go and see if Herget and Miller still have the same swinging 60s lobbies. So wanted to live in one of them just for that lobby.
      So many memories!
      Do Herget and Miller even still exist? I know the Horseshoe isn’t dorms anymore so they can’t live where Great Aunt Sarah did..
      omg and mignon faget red stick pendants for EVERYONE!

  • Rave: After living around the area for almost 10 years I’m finally moving across the river to Petworth
    Rave: Using professional movers for the first time – I feel so “adult”
    Rant: Packing

  • Accountering

    Rant/Rave: Awesome tree root coffee table showed up from Oregon yesterday. Well, I picked it up in Beltsville. It looks wonderful, but the rant is that a few of the smaller vines broke off. Just little pieces, but a real bummer!
    Rave: Drywall is going up today! They were probably already 20% done when I left for work today at 8:00am.
    Rant: Drywall guys who don’t speak English. Andie let the dogs out the back door today in a state of semi-undress, and they used the lockbox to come in the front door at 7:15am. Upon her saying, I’m not dressed! They just kept walking through to the back of the house. Not cool drywall guys, not cool!
    Semi-serious, somewhat funny question: We have a vertical bookcase in our living room. It is currently about 20% full of books – I want to fill it completely, but two caveats. I want the books to make me look smart, and I don’t think I actually want to read any of said books. Perhaps encyclopedia Britannica haha? Any other ideas? πŸ™‚

    • Check out the library’s used book sales and pick up any that you think might make you look smart. They run about 50-75 cents each!

    • justinbc

      Sometimes I wonder how often people pretend to not speak English in order to just do wtf they want…

      • It was convenient in Israel to not speak any Hebrew (and therefore not get sucked into weird conversations)

        • Emmaleigh504

          didn’t stop my weird convos. Probably b/c of the group I was with. Even the security chick at the airport wanted to have an uncomfortable (for me) convo. Just check my shit for bombs and don’t ask me about my religion. thanks.
          and no German asshat, it was not your tea! you had not pushed the button on the machine yet!! (Nope, no grudges here.)

          • Yeah they all do that at the airport… A long drawn out conversation makes it easier to tell if you’re lying about having a bomb in your suitcase. My friend and I got interrupted by this man speaking Hebrew telling us how we should both stay in Israel permanently and have Jewish babies (Yemenite, Moroccan, every ethnicity but Ashkenazi) so we can outnumber the Arabs. Thankfully I was able to avoid the conversation by having a limited grasp of the language. My friend, on the other hand, was not so lucky..

          • Emmaleigh504

            She was done checking my bag for bombs! She just wanted me to talk about my religion, as it turns out, to tell me I am wrong. She pretended to be all doing her job and then interested and then the sent me on my way saying I was wrong and then something in Hebrew I didn’t understand.
            Man, I always get some sort of lecture from the customs people, except Denmark and Sweden. Fuck a bunch of Belize, Canada, US, and Isreal. I’m done with customs lectures. hurrumph

      • In this case see some boobies before breakfast!!!!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Is this Skins? What’s going on? why are we naked in the window?

          • Not in the window, in the kitchen! He let himself in and then didn’t understand when I said I wasn’t dressed so he just walked right on past the staircase that was blocking me from any view of the front and right on by. I was literally in just a pair of underwear and the dog was going bananas. Not a great start to the day. I literally feel like I cannot complain to the contractor though because AT LEAST THEY ARE WORKING!

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol I’m sorry, I find that sort of hilarious. You should do it again tomorrow and see what happens!

          • Yikes!

          • Maybe it’s because you said you’re not dressed

    • Second story books always has books sitting outside for $1-3. All sorts from the smart to silly. Maybe if you’re buying a bunch, they’d give you a discount.

    • emvee

      Drive up to Baltimore and go to The Book Thing in Charles Village. Free books!

      • Yes! I loved the book thing when we used to live there. You can find some really old books there and encyclopedias too

    • Check out Carpe Librum at 17th & L st.
      Random but good selection of books

      • Oh man, my boss keeps telling me about this place. It sounds awesome, but it would be so bad if my wife steps foot in that store.

  • Rave: Gave a well-received presentation at a large conference yesterday
    Rave: Good accupuncture session that included cupping which was… different
    Rave: Went to an excellent workshop on vertical gardening which was also about food security both overseas and at home.
    Rant: Went back for second mammogram and ultrasound – now I need to go back for a third ultrasound. I’m confident that that little bit of density is normal, and I appreciate GCM’s thououghness in wanting to make extra sure. Still, third time?
    Rant: My neighbor hired an extra-zealous gardener to take care of their front yard. In the process he dug up some of my grasses and pruned my shrub. Do not touch my shrub unless you have permission!!
    Rave-ish: I found the dug up grasses in the pile of plant debris and will be replanting them right back where they belong. For anyone who might be vaguely interested, the grasses are called Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blonde Ambition’ and they are very cool looking!
    Off to the farm for a few days πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay good presentation!
      I have dense and “beady” breast tissue. I”m optimistic you are fine and healthy. I quit the mammograms b/c ouch! And the doc said they were “beady” not cancer seeking. I guess one day I will start them up again bc I have to, but not any year soon! damn it.
      Have fun at the farm!

    • Third? Ugh. I’m sorry. My wife has had a couple of yucky experiences with sonographers/etc because of family history and overzealous & pushy providers. Fortunately, she’s finally found someone she likes working with. Good luck.

    • GiantSquid

      I get sooooo angry when there’s unauthorized gardening of my plants.

    • Overzealous gardener also pruned my tree !!!! GRRRRR

    • GCM may have saved my life….they are unbelievably thorough, which is what you want in this case. Good luck and I hope it’s nothing.

  • Revel: Danke sehr, Tonyr and OPAnon, fur deine excellent advice regarding Berlin nightclubbing. We will be there the 28-31st.
    Rant: Have not been listening to me “try to remember some of your College German CDs.”
    Rant: Despite the heat and humidity, if you stand outside about 6AM you can feel another summer starting to die.

    • 95% of people under the age of 50 speak nearly flawless English in Berlin. Still, knowing a bit will help.
      A few random ideas:
      Aug 28: Berghain is hosting the PoP Kultur festival for 3 nights (Aug 26 to 28), celebrating a bunch of avant garde artists (performance art, dance, different types of music). All the events are ticketed, so this would certainly be a more interesting and mature night than the typical *untz*untz* club crowd. Plus, no door drama. Your lady would certainly appreciate it as a foray into the Berlin nightlife scene.
      residentadvisor. net/news.aspx?id=29341
      Aug 28-30: Suicide Circus 36 hour outdoor party, door policy is lax
      residentadvisor. net/event.aspx?735957
      Berghain (go in the early evening of Sunday the 29th)
      Katerblau – go there anytime, great riverside/outdoor club that feels like a German summer camp for lost souls. Should update the event page later this month.
      residentadvisor. net/club.aspx?id=99161

      • What about those over 50? My peer group?
        Berghain has a Prince of Petworth Party? Should I wear my t-shirt? πŸ™‚
        Thanks for all the Tips!

        • Hahaha, I still think you should be fine. Frankly, you’ll be interacting more with younger people since you’ll be frequently tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. Young people are the ones mostly staffing them!
          Where are you staying? Hotel? AirBnB?

          • We’ll be in a “boutique” hotel (Monbijou) “in the heart of Berlin-Mitte” which appears to be kind of in the middle of things. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s the Times Square of Berlin.

          • Alexanderplatz is more of the Berlin version of Times Square (a bit east of your location). You’re in a great location. Lots of lovely mid- to high-end boutiques featuring local designers in the side streets just north of your hotel. Your lady friend will love it, if she’s a shopper.
            Berlin, particularly Mitte and Prenzlauerberg, actually has amazing clothing shopping. Much cheaper than London and Paris, and everything is made by edgy local designers and craftsmen. You can pick up a lot of really nice leather goods for fair prices. Shopping gets cheaper (and more avant garde) in Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg.

        • tonyr

          Bit late I know, but a few things:

          Your hotel looks to be pretty close to the 5/7/75 S-bahn line(s) which go pretty much everywhere you could want to go to. Hyperbole, I know, but not much.

          Berlin is surprisingly cheap for pretty much everything: transport, food, booze, hotels, shopping etc. etc. Obviously not a budget destination, but certainly compared to, say, London/Paris/New York.

          We also went to the aforementioned Suicide Circus and the beer garden next to it was featuring a spoken word performance by Lydia Lunch accompanied by improvised clarinet. Just like being in Sprockets.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oy your Deutsch hurts, I hear it with a Dixie Deutsch accent.

    • Lies! I’ve been out running every morning, it is thick and disgusting out there. You know it’s a crazy day when your knees are sweating. Summer is alive and well. Although if you’re talking about the light then yes, I hate that it’s almost dark again when I start running.

  • Rant/rave: I’m thinking about a last minute, 3 day weekend trip to Montreal, my favorite North American city to escape the heat, dating, and whatever else I feel like escaping. The only problem is that I’m so booked up I’d have to blow off plans to do it and it would have me traveling three 3 day weekends in a row, which I know would start to annoy me. Oh, but the thought of les boules rose (image search it, it’s magical), dumplings, less humidity, and Django and wine in the park.
    Rave: meeting new and interesting people, like friend people, not dating prospects.

    • How’s your bestie’s baby doing?

    • Oooh… pretty pictures of les boules rose….

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve been wanting to do exactly the same thing; I’ve never been to Montreal and I think it would make a nice weekend excursion. But I’ve only been home 4 days this summer, and I’m going to India for a month in the fall, so maybe I should just stay put for a bit.

    • although I love to travel and do it far too often, especially in the summer, weekends at home can be a great change of pace!

  • Important book recommendation: Marc Goodman’s Future Crimes book, which is a very interesting and valuable book on how the more connected we are on the Internet, the more vulnerable we are. I saw SinSA’s comment on OkCupid and immediately thought about Goodman’s scary info on how people willingly provide a lot of private info to OkCupid and other sites, which then promptly (as in, immediately) sell that info to data brokers. Strongly recommend this book!! Good stuff to know if you ever wondered why your facebook or gmail was free. Hint: it isn’t free at all!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave?: If possible, I saw the oddest thing on Metro yesterday. A guy was sitting there counting out cash and stacking it on the seat adjacent to him. From my eyesdropping, the bills all appeared to be 5s, 10s and 20s. He was stacking them into piles of a hundred and it looked like he had about $635 on the seat.

    Rave: I’m rocking my crotchless Zubaz today!

    • Wow, I’m not sure flaunting hundreds of dollars on the Metro is the smartest idea. Hope he made it home with all his cash.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Should I ask or google “crotchless Zubaz”? Is it like the assless jeans guy? do I really want to know?….are they red or read? cuz there’s a themed HH coming up…

    • Possibly a panhandler. I’ve seen this before (as in, seen someone panhandling, then spotted the same person later counting the day’s haul.) They can bring in significant cash.

      • Accountering

        Uhhh, not if they are all 5s, 10s, and 20s. Very possible he was one of the douchebags partly responsible for our increase in crime by selling synthetic drugs? What else brings in tons of $5s $10s etc?

    • Well that beats my Metro(bus) experience yesterday – woman and man sitting in the seat directly in front of me – she was digging in his ear with a bobby pin. Lost my appetite.

  • Revel: It worked! I’m actually pregnant. Assuming everything goes well, Baby Rabbit is due around our 5th wedding anniversary.

  • palisades

    Rave: Mr. Robot.

    • skj84

      I watched the pilot, but haven’t had a chance to catch up with the rest of the series. I need to catch up. Plus the marketing is done by ISL here in DC. Gotta support local!

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      I really enjoyed the pilot. The other episodes have been as engaging, but I’m sticking with it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      poop I forgot to set up the DVR. I need you to start doing that for me.
      How do you like Human??

      • palisades

        Haven’t started Humans yet. I am currently watching four shows (Mr Robot, True Detective, Hannibal and Mad Men rereuns) so once they end I can start up Humans.

        • ditch true detective it’s horrible – as you probably already know. You gotta check out sense8, so good! but I do hear I need to give Mr. Robot a go.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You have to give Sense8 at least 3 episodes tho. It’s a slow burn.
            I’m loving Humans b/c it has a chick from Doc Martin I love in such a completely different roll. It’s pretty cool. The oldest daughter sort of reminds me of oldest Zelda too. It’s the eyeliner.

          • palisades

            Oh I know how awful True Detective is. I’ve already invested this much time into it though, so I feel obligated.

          • so true, sense8 took me an episode or two to get into but now I’ve got to get to Iceland. Oh man. And all of it is shot on location which is pretty cool. True Detective – I just can’t believe after making the first one they could make a second season so bad. VV is quite possibly the worst actor ever.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sense8 took me 3 episodes. Thanks to it I have to stop in Iceland on my next trip to Sweden. Or maybe just go to that German (?) spa…

  • Rant: Roomie robbed last night, so I got no sleep helping her deal with it.
    Rave: Cops were very quick to respond and took it seriously.

  • Rave: No one I work for is in the office today. Wearing my favorite casual outfit of skinny jeans and an Oxford shirt.
    Rave: Painted my nails with Essie Bikini So Teeny last night and I feel much more like myself. I learned that I am NOT a light pink nail person.
    Rave: Second to last day of work!
    Rant: It’s a good thing I changed my life plans in college and decided not to be a teacher. I’m transitioning a lot of work over to other colleagues and wow, I’m horrible at explaining things that don’t have step by step instructions.

    • I love an oxford shirt, but I have the hardest time finding one to fit my body. Long enough, fitted, but loose enough that the ladies don’t pull apart the buttons. any recommendations? love that nail color!

  • skj84

    Rant: opened today at work. I was up at 4:30 to ensure I’d get in by 6. I think I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep.

    Rave: I actually don’t mind opening. Its easier to open the shop rather than close, it goes by quicker, I have more time after my shift to do things. Also I get to control the radio. And create the chalkboard message.

    • Bear

      Do you work in a coffee shop? My dream is to one day open one in my neighborhood. The thing that keeps me from doing it is thinking about the early mornings…

      • skj84

        I do! It’s part time, and very chill. I’m running on a quadruple shot iced latte though.

      • Owning a coffee shop is one of those things where the fantasy is probably much better than the reality. Same goes for a bakery, as well.
        My fantasy is owning a bar. The money is good, but 18 hour days, dealing with degenerates, and regulatory/liability headaches would ruin it for me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I hated working in a coffee shop. But it was in South Dakota and had crap coffee…It was also the only coffee shop in town. I got yelled at for my bad cappicinos and so wanted to yell back that the esspresso was crap, so my bad frothing technique didn’t really matter. Don’t even get me started on the “iced coffee”.

        • skj84

          For the most part my customers have been cool. I think my drinks come out well.We have a small menu which may help.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I was just terrible at it, just don’t have the skills to froth milk (but I can make coffee that isn’t clear!). It was a terrible fit for me. My customers were mostly nice, but not like Louisiana nice. South Dakota nice is different. And they don’t speak real English. South Dakota is just weird.

          • Emmaleigh504

            (I also had problems at my library job b/c of the language issue. Me the now librarian. smh)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Some jobs are way better in the morning. Have a fab day!

    • I always liked opening more than closing. The day went by much more quickly.

  • Bear

    Rave: Second interview today, and hearing that I made a good impression in my first interview. If I get the offer, I really hope they’ll work with my schedule and let me take leave for my wedding/honeymoon in October. I’ve been a little on the fence about this job, but I think it would be amazing experience and I’m getting more excited about it the closer I get to the interview.
    Rant: Excitement meant little sleep. Also, I woke up yesterday with stye in my eye. So that’s awesome. It’s not too swollen so I’m hoping my glasses will cover it up enough that people aren’t looking at me funny.

  • Rant: This heat! It is definitely had ice to your water bottle weather.
    Rant: My office is so quiet because everyone is on vacation.
    Rave: Everyone one is on vacation, and my office is quiet.
    Rave: Lovely weekend plans with friends. I also hope to get in some naps and catch up on some housework. But really, I am more focused on the naps.

  • Rave: Feel pretty good about the bar.
    Rave: Treating myself to bought lunch today.
    Mini rave: Looks like refinancing my rental won’t be a problem.
    Rave: Tenants are renewing for another year.
    Rave: Meeting up with strangers for fancy drinks on Saturday. Woot!

  • Rave: Almost the weekend, and I’m looking forward to a little pre-brunch private shopping Sephora party. Will try not to buy anything. It will be the challenge of the decade πŸ™‚
    Rant: I still can’t kill that lone little fruit fly. I’m starting to wonder if he’s an early-morning hallucination.
    Rave/Rant: I was looking at my closet the other day and loved seeing a bunch of cute dresses and stuff I have, but I’m bummed because I have no where to wear it currently. It made me think (again) that I should try to actually do some dating, if for nothing other than to wear the clothes that make me happy! I need someone to take me to fancy dinners! πŸ™‚

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Great photo session with friend last night
    Rave: Some people can’t help but being incredibly beautiful and natural
    Rave: Being able to do the photos in a small space

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: spayed Donna is/was in heat. Someone gets to have surgery on Tuesday! (Don’t tell her or she will kill me in my sleep.)
    Rave: Donna LOVED the vet, the vet tech, and the vet in training. Loved them so much as they poked and prodded,
    Rant: Donna won’t even look at me. I’m the evil one.
    Rave? Still thinking about those earrings at Tiny Jewel Box

    • Who is your vet? (I’m keeping a list of PoPville-recommended providers, and so far I’ve heart Atlas Vets and CityPaws)

      • Emmaleigh504

        Adams Morgan Animal Hospital. I’ve had Dr Boone Sr & hear there is a Jr who has got to be cute since Sr is for an older guy (not that old!). Today I saw some other person whose name I forgot, but he was really nice. They also has a super nice training vet named….I don’t know. She had red hair and was all happy when Donna gave her kisses. (I had to go to my own Dr yesterday where there were also Drs in training so all the names are mixed up.)

    • FtLincolnLove

      I don’t know what the earrings look like, but I vote if you’re still thinking about them, buy them!!

      Also LOVE “the enabler” nickname bahahaha

      • Emmaleigh504

        The earrings are gorgeous and have just enough movement to make me happy and almost match the Safe Necklace, but I really need to wear the Safe Necklace over to be sure, since the whole point is earrings to go with the necklace.

      • Emmaleigh504

        They are drop diamond with 2 stones per ear that dangle. They are white metal and almost .5 carats per earring, I think the lady said. I don’t know. They are just pretty.

    • That happened to a friend’s WHS dog. Paperwork said she was spayed. She totally wasn’t spayed. It was a very expensive paperwork error for my friend, and WHS just shrugged.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Mine was, at least mostly spayed. She had the scar and everything when I got her. I’ve had her a year and a 1/2 and this is the first problem. Seems like all the women in my family have crazy lady parts!

  • Rave: Had a crazy dream that I hadn’t packed for long trip starting Saturday and was just tossing things in a bag – woke up and realized it was Thursday and I have tons of time.
    Rant: Still haven’t unpacked from last trip.
    Rave: Have a few free days on this work trip…definitely going to treat yo’self.
    Rant: Can’t upgrade code share flights…pray to god I’m not sat next to screaming children, obnoxious adult travelers, or anyone with BO…14hrs is too much for that.

  • Rave: Awesome bike commute since they’ve repaved two of the three worst sections of Mass Ave.
    Rant: Left hand turners who don’t respect bikers – especially people who turn even when they’re three cars behind the intersection.
    Rave: Asked to be godmother to new niece/nephew!!
    Rant: Won’t be in the country when the child is born πŸ™
    Rant: Sore throat and frog voice. Want to hang with friend who is in throes of chemo but thinking it might not be a good idea when she’s immune-suppressed.

  • Rave: SO got an awesome, really competitive offer for the high-level position in NYC. He so deserves it and I’m so proud.
    Rave: Boss is supportive of telecommute for me of around 2 days.
    Rant: Means if I want to see the husband, it’ll be 3 days DC, four days NYC for the foreseeable future.
    Where would you live in NYC? We’re looking at the Village due to a host of factors.
    Any tips of apartment searching? The market is so different up there!

    • Tips:
      Have all paperwork lined up and be ready to sign for an apartment immediately, on the spot. Bring your checkbook everywhere.
      Husband’s new employer should be paying for a broker. That will make your lives 10x easier than shlepping to Craigslist showings. If not paying for a broker, demand one ASAP.
      Be prepared to be VERY underwhelmed by the quality of apartments & amenities compared to DC. And prices are astronomical. Financial District and Hells Kitchen gives you a good bang for your buck, IMHO. HK is also close to the train and bus stations, so that may be something to consider.

      • Good tips. I’d also add: East Village is cheaper than West, and LES is cheaper still, though a little grungier and the gas explosion last year was likely due to a slumlord gas rig, so caveat emptor. Brooklyn can be just as expensive, but also may be more familiar coming from DC (rowhouses in some areas). The UES is not hip any more, but therefore deals can be had in some spots. Brokers are idiots, but thanks to the kickback economy, sometimes have lockdowns on certain buildings. It is possible to work around them, but might not be worth the hassle.

      • There are some HUGE very inexpensive, nice elevator buildings in Inwood (so jealous of my friend’s kitchen!), which is the last stop on the A train (30 minutes and you’re in Midtown). There’s lots of great things up there. I used to live in Astoria when I lived there – I was from my front door to 59th and Lexington Avenue in 9 minutes. Everyone’s right – be ready to sign on the dotted line *immediately* if you like a place.

    • Accountering

      This doesn’t feel like long distance, more like you live together in NY, and you are a consultant that travels to DC every week. TONS of people do this. I don’t think it would be a huge issue.

    • Yes, older rental housing stock in NYC is much worse, less renovated (some not in 50 years.) But if it is a high-profile job, it should pay well enough to get something nice, with two working people. There are a whole lot of new buildings in NYC that didn’t exist 15 years ago, so they should be in much better shape since I last rented there before the current building boom, if you like that new building look. I prefer the old building look. I have rented old building condos since I moved to DC – I get much better places than many rentals (no ugly carpeting! but you will never see that in NYC – I never did), and the rent increases I’ve faced have been smaller. There are less condos for rent in NYC, because so many old buildings are coops with restrictions on renting, but there are more that are condos now, as all the new buildings built are condos (or you can find some coops in older buildings that do allow longer-term rentals – i.e, not limited to two years), so you may do well finding a coop or condo to rent. Know that if it is coop, you likely will have to provide every piece of financial data about yourselves to the board and then wait for them to approve you – so condos are faster. And, just like here, you may be kicked out if the landlord decides to sell. Unlike DC, you don’t have the right to stay in a place forever once you rent it as long as you pay the rent – landlord can decide not to renew your lease for no reason, and you have to go – unless the apartment is rent-stablized – but those won’t be in good shape at all, and you likely won’t find one in the Village.

      The West Village is great – I walked home from everywhere when I lived there, from Wall St to the Upper East Side. You don’t want a car there, unless you are driving back and forth – I had one, and finding street parking can take a long, long time (up to an hour late at night.) If no car, I presume you will be bussing or training to DC, and that is a very convenient neighborhood for that. I lived by Hudson St – I like the far west part of the Village better, west of 7th ave, as the housing stock is row house, save for the new high buildings, so you see more sky there than most places in Manhattan, which is one thing I like about DC – the low building height and seeing the sky.

      The key thing is to rent smaller there. You can do this, as you will have another place to stay here. You don’t need as big a place in NYC, the city is your living room in many ways. You socialize only in restaurants. You may want to downsize here, too.

      Do use a broker – saves you time, even though expensive, and even if you have to pay for it. It is hard otherwise to not wast a whole lot of time, unless you hear of something by word of mouth – that’s how I got my best NYC rental, I knew someone who knew someone moving out of it. Should be easier now in social media days to spread the word than it was back then pre-internet. You may pass the financial screening better if you pretend you are both moving from DC (not keeping a place here.)

      I lived much longer in brownstone Brooklyn – you see more sky, and have cooler temperature with the trees – you’d feel it every day in the summer when you got out of the subway after working in Manhattan. But Brooklyn was cheap then. If I move back, I’d consider NJ now instead of Brooklyn. Close in, it is faster on the PATH train to Manhattan than the subway to Brooklyn, you get a lot more for your money but are still close in, and you save a lot on income tax – which can be significant when your salary is high. Also good for commuting to DC.

      Other Manhattan neighborhoods to consider if the Village proves too pricy for the amount of space you want that are still fairly convenient to a lot of places are Hell’s kitchen (and Chelsea in-between, obviously), and Gramercy Park and north that neighborhood – you can get some great deals over there, and still walk to everything. It can be boring like the Upper East Side in many places, but also cheaper for what you get. And you walk a few blocks west for everything you need in more exciting neighborhoods. I’d live in Brooklyn or NJ before I’d go far north in Manhattan, but many love Harlem, Inwood, and Washington Heights – you just have to commit to spending a lot of time on the subway. I assume you want the Village because it is so walkable and makes commuting to DC easier. The East Village is not so walkable or good for the commute. Good luck!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Additional Rave: Telling Auntie all the hijinks my grandpa and my other grandpa, Kurt Vonnegut got into while in high school and just after. (Kurt was a bad influence.) It seemed she didn’t know all the stories or maybe all the details (it took decades for Grandpa to admit to some of it) or maybe she forgot b/c she’s sick.

  • Rant: A three year old was shot and killed by a seven year old. But, a lion was killed, so let’s just focus on that. Jesus.

  • Rant: Looking to replace 7 windows, but prices range from $3K to $4K, with varying promises of warranty and quality. What’s the average in DC per window that folks are seeing?

    • That’s cheap.

    • Accountering

      Those are competitive bids. Keep in mind stock windows from HD are about $150 each. They are cheap, and doesn’t include removal of old or installation of new. Do not go cheap, and make sure you get something with Argon or whatever in between the panes. They kill a LOT of sound, and are worth it. I used Long Windows, and was quite pleased with them. Typical sales guy thing, but they are negotiable. They measure to 1/8 of an inch and build them custom. I have been very happy with them.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We have bids from Thompson Creek and a smaller company that I got a bad vibe from the rep, but a third has refused to send me the bid/respond to my calls?? Didn’t know that it was up to me to chase down contractors. Anyway, really liked Thompson Creek, but would like to have two good bids. Leaning toward Thompson Creek because of their warranty.

      • This comment wasn’t there when I posted. Now my comment above (awaiting moderation due to link) is even more relevant. We went with Thompson Creek and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend them.

        • +1. We worked with them and thought they did a fabulous job.

          • Great feedback on Thompson Creek – feel much more at ease moving forward with them. I know I should probably get another estimate, but I honestly wanted to sign with them on the spot (the rep was fantastic), but knew I should at least get a second opinion before making any decisions (which was terrible and confirmed my gut). Thanks so much, all!

      • Accountering

        I would give Long Windows a call though, they came out quickly, fabrication/install was quick. They are a big company, and if you get them, Thompson, and a couple other companies you can feel confident you got the full picture.

      • No experience with Thompson Creek, but we loved Washington Windows.

  • Rave: ultrasound went smoothly, placenta is firmly out of the way, baby looks good.
    Rant: While would not prefer a c-section per se, trying for VBAC means there’s still a possibility for another emergency c, which makes me anxious.
    Rave: Surprisingly smooth process of getting everything packed up this morning for our mini-trip.
    Rave: beach this weekend! Woot!
    Rave: My parents’ moving process is going smoothly; movers are at their house packing up the remaining stuff of theirs today.

    • Oh–and I forgot–crazy story from this morning. A$$hole cyclist (many are not, this one was), weaving between lanes and then coming up right behind a truck & honking his little bicycle horn and banging on the back of the truck because it wasn’t going on a green light. I couldn’t see ahead of the truck, but I am 99.99% sure that the truck wasn’t moving because of traffic ahead of it. What a nimrod.

      • A crazy mo’-fo’ clipped-in cyclist blatantly ran through a red light yesterday evening (easily 10 seconds after the light turned red at Euclid & 14th). He was blowing his stupid whistle, thinking that would stop all traffic. Traffic, of course, started and then he wove through perpendicular on-coming traffic.
        Such a douchebag of epic proportions. I yelled at him as a car screeched on its brakes to avoid crashing.

    • What beach are you going to?

      • Virginia Beach. Haven’t been in years, so I’m excited. Also planning a trip to the VA aquarium, which should be lots of fun.

    • Emmaleigh504

      3 words: Emilie Hebert Melancon. πŸ˜€ I will teach you how to pronounce it properly when you name your baby πŸ˜€

    • The worst is laboring for hours and then getting a c-section. It’s like getting major surgery right after an iron man triathlon. No one would choose that recovery. I wouldn’t even try for VBAC, because of the risk of it happening again. (And I do mean *I*. Not telling you what to do!)

      • Totally understood. First time around, I was only in labor for around 12 hours but was dealing with fetal decels (several interventions & position changing to try to alleviate that along the way). Got an epidural “just in case” c-section was needed, bad HR drop half-hour after the epidural kicked in, quick check found I was only 7cm dilated so they rushed me down the hall to the OR for surgery. Kiddo came out fast and was in GREAT shape–totally healthy with awesome apgar scores. Rest of surgery wasn’t so fun, but my recovery was actually pretty easy all considered.
        I’m absolutely planning on discussing the odds of a repeat occurrence next time around. I’m supposedly an excellent vbac candidate because the issues were related to my daughter rather than to my anatomy, but there’s always a risk. Might see if it’s possible to make the call a little more conservatively next time so it’s not such a shocking/rushed experience, but we’ll see. I really like the model of care with the midwives, so I didn’t want to plan on c-section if I don’t need to.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Signing lease for house in Herndon
    Rant: Leaving DC
    Rave: Job search forcing me out of my comfort zone, pitching myself to people
    Rave: Cape Cod vacation in a little over a week
    Rant: The weather today. Super gross.

    • Oh, where are you going on Cape Cod? I miss our family vacations there, it’s where I honed my killer mini golf skills. We used to go to Chatham or West Yarmouth.

  • Rave: finalized our New England beach vacation – two nights in Barnstable for my buddy’s massive clambake (theme this year: Clamchella), one day/night in Truro for Pride in Provincetown, three nights at a massive Rockefeller-style beachfront stone mansion that I found on AirBnB, and a few more nights in Rhode Island at my GF’s friend’s house
    Associated rave: not paying for flights, since we are both in Boston for work that week πŸ™‚
    RANT: Need costume ideas for the “Clamchella” there. HALP??? Need for both male and female.

  • Last minute question – need a restaurant rec for downtown Seattle – early dinner for 1. Help?

    • Purple Cafe on 4th Ave. Had an awesome meal there last month and a really entertaining/generous sommelier.

  • Rave: going to tell low match that I actually like him…like like him and would like to keep dating. not exactly exclusively depending on how he reacts. check back in next week.
    Rant: fairly certain he does not share my feelings/level of interest. he mentioned a few weeks ago how he’s still not sure about dating me 😐
    Rave: i have feelings for a person! this feels nice and scary. even if it doesn’t work out, at least i know i can feel nice things about a person.

    • Fingers crossed that it goes well and whatever the outcome may be, kudos to you to stepping up and letting him know!

    • Props to all of PoPville for not piling on to say “I called this.” I’m not as mature as all of you are.

      • yeah you did call it. i hope i’m not too late in expressing my interest. 2 months is good enough time to admit that you really really like a person.

        • I don’t think it’s too late at all. In fact, I think it’s sort of lovely that you’ve taken the time to get to know him and only then decided how much you really like him. I hope this all works out well for you two!

      • I’m not that mature either. Although i did call marriage, so I’ve got a ways to go.

        • Placing bets on my romantic misadventures. I see how it goes PoP. Happy to provide some entertainment.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I bet after you say you like him like him he will say it too, you’ve been all “low match” “not exclusive” for weeks and weeks, he’s just trying to protect his fee fees too. Good luck!

      • thanks for the support! unfortunately my life isn’t a romantic comedy. doing this for my sanity because trying to appear mildly interested has been draining and stressful.

      • I think Very Good Things will happen πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for the support! I do not expect a positive response, but I really just need him to know this. If it doesn’t go well, at least I didn’t leave anything on the table so to speak.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I so feel you about him needing to know. That way you don’t have to worry about what if he felt the same way but didn’t say. You will know one way or the other. I’m optimistic, so I think it will go well.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I can also beat him up for you if you want. And that other weirdo guy, I think beef kidneys on his door step would be fun. Just thoughts… πŸ˜‰

          • I would much rather you beat up the ghost who just won’t go away.

  • Rave: Can’t wait to see friends coming from out of town this weekend!
    Rant: Another friend is leaving DC and her goodbye party will be this Sunday. I feel like all of our friends are dispersed across the country and it makes me sad.
    Rant: My kitten has taken to going on these biting sprees where he will bite anything and everything he can get his little teeth on. He is especially fond of any exposed fingers, arms, or toes when you are trying to sleep. Anyone have ideas on how to deal with crazy tyrannosaurus kitten?

  • justinbc

    Rave: Got bumped to “referred” for a position that would actually be an upgrade, rather than lateral, for me and just a few blocks from my house. And it includes 20% travel, something I really miss from my previous employer.
    Rant: Currently 6 jobs sitting in “referred” status. Hurry up already and make some decisions people!
    Rave: At least 6 is better than 0.

    • Wow … I wonder what you do that you get so many. Mine “referreds” are always few and far in-between. So much so that I’ve decided it may not make sense to keep trying for the federal jobs, though it makes sense for me for other reasons.

  • Rant: bored to death watching the Lego movie with the 7 year old.
    Rave: I’m getting paid to watch kids movies and play on my phone

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