“Page, a new eatery developed with The District’s own Chef Carla Hall opened at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport”

Rendering courtesy OTG

From a press release:

“Page, a new eatery developed with The District’s own Chef Carla Hall opened at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s Terminal A. Hall, best known for her vibrant personality on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ and ABC’s ‘The Chew,’ partnered with airport hospitality group OTG to bring local flair and fare to the comfort food menu.

The 110-seat restaurant serves up an assortment of locally inspired favorites, including a Pimento Cheese Dip, Cured Ham and Biscuits, Virginia She Crab Soup, Chesapeake Oysters, Vegetarian Quinoa Burger, Lobster Roll and BBQ Cobb Salad.

“As a proud resident of D.C. and a frequent business traveler at DCA it is so exciting for me to be a part of this project. Whether you are making a flight connection, or spending time in the city, you have the opportunity to taste local food right at the airport,” said Carla Hall. “There are so many amazing culinary influencers with D.C. roots it’s fabulous that diversity and a celebration of local fare is making its way to our airport. I love the people here, I love cooking here, I love calling this home.”

Conveniently located in the center of the boarding gates, travelers can pull up to this new outpost, charge up their devices thanks to outlets at each seat, and order food from a visual menu off an iPad. The iPads also enable travelers to check the status of their flight, complimentary browse the web, or enjoy a number of pre-loaded apps. The 75-plus tablets situated throughout the restaurant seamlessly integrate into the guest experience, operating off of OTG’s award-winning software platform floTM.

The design of Page brings a bold and modern update to the iconic terminal, while preserving its historic and unique architecture. OTG’s partners in this venture Pleasant News and Baldi Management Group (BMG) will soon add to the eclectic dining options in Terminal A. Pleasant News will operate Custom Burger, Tagliare and Boars Head Deli and Baldi Management will operate Dunkin Donuts.

The opening of Page is part of a larger initiative to transform Terminal A. In the coming months, OTG in conjunction with The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and Marketplace Development will continue to introduce new dining and retail offerings.”

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  • DC1

    Amazing! A much needed improvement to the once depressing terminal A.

  • justinbc

    Eatery…can we get rid of this word?
    “Hall, best known for her vibrant personality on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ and ABC’s ‘The Chew,’” Personally I would rather my chef be best known for their food, but I guess we’re all interested in different things.

  • That terminal is the worst. I don’t see how they made this fit into that tiny terminal without further crowding the gate areas. That said, the new place looks clean and modern. They have a similar “order from an ipad” restaurant at LaGuardia in NYC. I look forward to trying it.

    • I was there over the weekend and it’s actually pretty amazing. In addition to all the iPads, there are now charging stations for personal devices and plenty of room for people to circulate. I didn’t try the food, but it’s quite a change. The other restaurants in the area have moved to the side, in the corridor by where the bathrooms are.

  • Accountering

    This looked quite close last time I was in terminal A about a week and a half ago. The construction fences made the terminal even more cramped. This will be a very nice addition, and stop Terminal A from feeling so much like a third world airport terminal.

    • I understand where you and TX2DC are coming from. But, some say “third world.” Others say “retro.” It’s a crowded mess, but I really like the round gate area. And that ceiling. More action, more to see, more fun than the endless hallway style of airport gate areas.

      • Accountering

        It was not retro in the least. It was WAY overcrowded, with construction fences everywhere, and super long lines at the stand to buy pre-made pre-wrapped sandwiches for $9.
        Take a look at the picture above, and put a huge fence around the entire restaurant and remove all of the seating. That is what it was like last time I was there. I am guessing with this restaurant (and all the additional seating/lunch options) it will be a big improvement.

      • Like a lot of modernist designs, it makes for great pictures, but it’s horribly inefficient. When multiple flights arrive, there are massive bottlenecks in Terminal A that make it very difficult to get from point A to point B.

  • She-crab soup is a no no.

    • True that! It’s a big no-no to target the lady crabs. Actually, not serving crabs would be the most conscientious thing to do right now.

  • I just flew out of terminal A. While nice, this hasn’t made the seating area any less crowded. Perhaps when the construction walls in the walkway to the round terminal area come down, it will be better.

  • Touch screen ordering, makes sense in the context of an airport, where people may be pressed for time and not able to wait for a waiter to take their order.
    How long though until we are seeing this in more normal restaurants? I believe Chili’s was trying it at some locations. If the wait staff only have to bring things to people instead of also checking the table and taking orders you can probably have fewer people working each shift. You could get 30 iPads for the cost of 1 years salary for a minimum wage worker.

    • The way those work in Chilis and Fridays doesn’t replace a server, though. You can pay your bill through it at the end, and you can put in a request for another drink or appetizer, but you can’t order your full meal through it or anything like that. At least, that’s how it was last time I was at one (maybe a year ago?)

    • I have mixed feelings about tablet ordering. For every nine people who find it quick and efficient, there’s a tenth that just can’t make it work (like self-checkout lines). I sure hope there’s a big, obvious “I need human help, please!” button.

    • justinbc

      Do you also have to tip the tablet 20%?

  • This looks great! I haven’t been in that terminal since Northwest Airlines had some gates there. It was so run down and poorly designed. You could never hear the announcements coming from the PA system. And Jerry’s was pretty much the only hot food available.

  • Just think of all the people touching those screens with their grubby, greasy fingers. This is horrifically unappetizing.

  • I love Carla. Looking forward to flying on Southwest soon.

    • maxwell smart

      “Looking forward to flying on Southwest soon” I did not know this was possible

      • Really? I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with Southwest. And I LOVE their boarding process (and I say this as someone that used to fly every week for work). Guess I’ve just been lucky.

        • Accountering

          Perhaps *** is saying he didn’t know it was possible that an adult had not flown on Southwest, at this point in their life? I agree, Southwest is spot on. I am a big fan.

          • Same here. I love Southwest but might be biased since I grew up flying them in the south, long before they entered the eastern US market. Their customer service reps, and particularly the flight crews, generally are more pleasant than other carriers.

  • iPads at every seat is terrible. Newark Airport has a similar setup with iPads at ever seat and it was the worst experience. You have to sit there with this tablet staring you in the face, flashing advertisements and offering you extra jalapeño popper appetizers or specialty cocktails. You generally could not turn them off completely or lower them so you can have a conversation across the table. Do we really need an iPad to order a beer from a bartender? I really hope these go out of fashion as fast as they arrived.

    • Agree completely. There is nothing appetizing about having a dirty iPad half an inch from your food, and in general that design is too cold. Without a description I would have thought it was a Mac store designed for an airport, not a place to enjoy food.

  • When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a picture of Vegas airport or basically any bar/restaurant in any casino in Vegas. Why couldn’t they go off of Charlotte’s airport with nice trees and rocking chairs and fast casual restaurants?

    • I was going to say the exact same thing! I can’t look at it and not think “It’s time to hit the slots at McCarran!”

  • Please just all it National. Please.

  • Red Panda

    I saw this over the weekend and thought it looked awful. Especially in the area where people were seated across from each other, trying to have a conversation, but there were two tablets in between them, flashing advertisements.

  • Instead of pouring lots of money to improve the terminal, from the new and much needed security check expansion to this new eatery, we should just gut this whole terminal and start anew. Perhaps after the new Southwest terminal gets built?

  • Ugh, this is super wasted in Terminal A. Seems like the kind of thing that would appeal more to business travelers, who don’t usually take those airlines.

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