Olivia’s Diner Now Open on 19th Street (not open 24 hours)

1120 19th Street, NW

Olivia’s Diner opens on 19th Street today in the former G Street Food space just south of Dupont. Definitely looking forward to checking them out but note – at the moment they won’t be open 24 hours/day:


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  • west_egg

    Seems more reasonable. I wish them luck with the crowds of brown flip-flopped dudebros from East Falls Church. on the weekends.

    • Anonomnom

      I like the use of “dudebros” and am going to steal it as part of my vocabulary from now on. Thank you, Egg.

  • I’m skeptical about a 24hr restaurant in that part of town. But, hopefully they will push the hours out until midnight on weekdays and 3 am on Fri and Saturday night.

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