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  • DC CapHill

    “Definitely better” is subjective, but at least the other way the patron had some separation/obstacle between them and the passers-by. Personally, I would not be super excited to dine anywhere presenting such a snatch-and-dash opportunity, and considering the location, I’ll double down on my initial thought.

    • Yeah, not sure I would want to sit outside in such a busy (and loud!) area. Too many pedestrians, busy sidewalks, too many car horns. Maybe I’m just old and I don’t go out to see and be seen!

  • I like the yellow

  • Seems more color-coordinated with the door to AUP next door than to the bar itself.

  • justinbc

    Marginally better than the wooden fence, but a downgrade from the old metal Polly’s fence. I agree with the other commenter that this is not a location where I would want to sidewalk dine, especially given how close it is to the very busy street.

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